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  1. Here is the what led up to the problem: First I had drove the car 25 miles to work, during the drive everything was working perfectly. Then after a long day at work I jumped in the car and started it up. It was the middle of the night so the engine was cold probaly around 20 degrees F. I let the engine warm up to defrost the window, everything seem to be running fine from what I recall, At operating tempatures I shifted into D and pushed on the accelerator, Engine started Stuttering (almost like it was not getting gas) pushing farther down on the accelerator caused the stuttering to increase and then eventually caused the engine to stall. It took 2 trys to start the engine back up again, but I had the same problem again; engine would stutter and then stall while in gear and accelerator pressed down. I had the car towed home not wanting to cause any additional damage if it was serious. When I got the car home, I tried to start the car again, and it wouldn't start at all. Additionally it would sometimes fire for a sec when I switched the ignition to its off position right after cranking. I checked the fuel system in case it was not getting fuel to the engine. Both the fuel filter and fuel pump check out as being fully operational. Next I ran a compression test onto all cylinders and these are the results. (I ran two compression checks on each clinder and took the avg for each test, making a total of 4 compression checks on each cylinder). Cyl# Test1(Psi) Test2(Psi) 1 110 100 2 100 105 3 090 100 4 085 080 Radiator is not contaminated and still shows a green fluid color. Oil is dirty, but has no milky coloring. It did need a oil change before this problem and the engine oil levels are well within required specs. At this point I checked with a mechanic and he said it could be any of the following: Clogged EGR, Vacuum leak, damaged intake manifold, or blown head gasket Supplementary Information: Coolant Sensor is working; Alternator is working, Battery is working All I need is validation of this information and any recommendations on how to follow up on this problem. I have not checked any of the things the mechanic said as of yet but plan to. Any help would be appreciated.