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  1. Happy Birthday Titto!

  2. Mate, im both iam advanced for cars and bikes; but if you're doing it to lower your insurance premiums then you're doing it for the wrong reasons...its all about becoming a more aware and defensive driver/rider and constantly improving your skills as a motorist; ultimately becoming a more safer one. Id thoroughly recommend the courses to anyone.
  3. Its crap that the fox is killed instantly and there are many many cases of badly injured foxes being found which havent been killed properly in a fox 'hunt'...
  4. Hi all, just a reminder: - my car is still for sale at £2000 if you know anyone thats interested!!! Just passed its mot and i have recently spent another small fortune getting new brake discs, pads, handbrake cables, windscreen wipers etc etc.... http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18812 Cheers Adam
  5. Still for sale everyone at £2000!!!! Its now had new windscreen wipers; new EBC BRAKE DISCS AND PADS all round!!!; New handbrake cables; new front nearside lower arm and a brand new MOT for another year!!! Come on its a steal!!!!
  6. Whats the differences in models from an L reg onwards??? I've seen that red one Rash is selling in the For sale section - my Mr2 is worth about that so i was wondering about a possible deal with him over that celica....any thoughts on this model??? http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=22808
  7. Hi all, at the mo i've got an MR2, which i do love - but i could do with more room and a 4 seater - and i've always loved the Celica too. Can any of you give me some blasts of information about what kind of model is the best to go for? (by the way im after the model with the 4 round headlights) - are there differences between imports and uk spec celicas? Is the GT-four the only turbo model ? - basically ANYTHING you can tell me i need to know!!!! Thanks all, Adam
  8. im still tryin to figure out if mines got those 'rings' mentioned further up the post - i dont think it has.....where do i get them from???? mines still on stock 15" wheels.
  9. As per page 1 of this thread, you do have to report this kind of stuff to the police; DOG falls into the Animal category of what can be involved into an RTC. At least if you do report it you have an Injury RTC reference number to put on any insurance claim you make. AND should the idiot who drove off come forward it can all be cross matched (although liklihood of this is about 0.01%.....). As for the dog on a lead thing; im not so sure but Byelaws are specific to each town/county area (for anyone thats interested !!!) Cheers Adam :-)
  10. Jim, if its wearing unevenly id be concerned. Get some decent tyres, i prefer to stick to the same make all round. Then get it 4 wheel aligned - it'll show up what part of your car isnt correctly aligned and then you can get that sorted - nice even tyre wear then!!!
  11. I got EBC turbo grooved discs and ebc green stuff pads (fronts) EBC rear kevlar pads - all for £257 from 'Romac'. My mate fitted them for £45. I bed them in driving really really 'to the book' and i cant believe the difference - absolutely phenomenal (if thats how you spell it)...Would thoroughly recommend EBC all round to anyone for a very noticable improvement in feel, braking power etc. Well impressed.
  12. Johns right, the driver HAS been involved in a Non stop Injury road traffic accident; as such he/should have stopped and at least made enquiries into trying to find out who the dog belongs to - also they should have reported this to the police - no doubt that hasnt happened... You have to report all injury road traffic collisions and a road traffic collision involves PROPERTY, ANIMALS, HUMANS. For the ANIMALS bit tho; they are defined as; 1) Pig 2) Cow 3) Goat 4) (Im trying to put in A.S.S but it wont let me...) 5) Sheep 6) Horse 7) Mule 8) Dog PROPERTY is obvioulsy anything that belongs to somebody or some authority, and i think we know what HUMANS are!
  13. Titto

    I Love My Car

    So wee wee Debz, you go topless drivin too???
  14. Titto

    Boy Racers

    ...i've witnessed my mate 'mad ted' on his ZX6R (600cc Kawasaki) kill a GT3000 that was tuned beyond belief....Reason for me witnessing it???....I was behind him when one of his soft luggage panniers came off at some crazy speed and i had to take serious evasive action to avoid death by a pannier coming straight at me!!! We went and had a pint with the owner of the Mitsubishi after and he was some loaded mid 40 bloke who reckoned he had tuned the car to its max potential and was blown away when he new it was a 600 kwaker!!!
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