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  1. id say just go for a 4age engine... 120 odd bhp standard, and can be bought for peanuts nowadays. you could get a rusted ae92 and gut it for parts (engine, ancillaries, ecu ect) for next to nothing. a mate of mine got a complete mk1 mr2 for £100, ripped the engine out and sold it on for £100 again!
  2. haha. yea still kickin about... dont come on here much though. stick to the retro toyota forum as i spend most of my time working on the 86!
  3. Hey guys, Been a while since I posted here last, but Ive ended up buying another T Sport as a daily driver while my AE86 will be purely for track and weekend use. The issue Im having is that its either the door speaker or the wiring to the speaker which has ceased to function. I've replaced the head unit and checked the connections at the back of the head unit and they are all fine. So Im after a standard door speaker in the hope that it will solve the problem. I'm sure theres a few people on here that have replaced the stock speakers with uprated ones and wouldnt mind parting with the old speaker for the cost of postage? If so, please drop me a PM. Many thanks, Chay
  4. cost I guess... a pair of brides with bride rails will run you from about £1200 upwards :(
  5. i fitted one when i had my t sport... but like ricc said, i binned all the piping up to the airbox and replaced it with a cold air feed. nice cheap airfilter if you dont want to fork out for an induction kit.
  6. ill be there! my white ae86 corolla's on the club jdm display for the event, so if you see me come say hi, would be good to meet some people off here!
  7. search for cold air feed on ebay, theres plenty of different piping.. measure the diameter of the inlet in your airbox (there is a size that fits snug, just cant remember it off the top of my head). youll need about 1.3m worth to route it down to the lower grill. gaz should have some pics of his, or search for older posts and it should come up. hope that helps! chay
  8. autosol would work nicely.. but you might need to sand and wetsand the surface before to give it a decent surface to work with :)
  9. nope.. theyve been rounded, just did it by hand with a hammer and dolly. but because of the mounts on the back, it was incredibly hard to get a complete round curve...
  10. Seeing as I haven't put up a build thread on TOC, only on 86irl and driftworks, thought I'd put a quick few pics up of how its gone so far. Day I bought it: Bought some 14" SSR mesh wheels Bought some new parts... Kakimoto R exhaust, 4 branch manifold, levin grill with foglights and front + rear bumpers Then bought some new wheels, only to sell them 2 days later... bought my current wheels: started the bodywork. from this: to this: arches: bought a mk1 mr2 spoiler to adapt to the front bumper for £20.. .way cheaper than a new splitter from toyota for £600! bumpers sprayed: and how it looks now: getting sprayed this coming saturday (13th) then having the TRD 2way LSD serviced, then Im good to go!
  11. car looks awesome, seen some vids of it before and its beasty! 6th of march, ae86 owners meet in london, let me know if you want to come along man!
  12. doh! not sure which club im going with for now, so count me out :(
  13. as ricc said, a subtle pull and roll of the arches with a slightly stretched tyre should fit them easily! esp if the car isnt lowered too much!
  14. if you search there should be a few threads detailing what to look out for on them.. might be worth a mod making one a sticky (Gaz?) basic things to look for are squeaky clutch (master cylinder), the 2nd cam kicking in at 6200rpm as strongly as it should (worn lift bolts). dont think theres many more, they are fairly reliable cars!
  15. if youre looking to go the turbo route, try get hold of the agze (supercharged) engine. far stronger internals than the standard 4age, think they can take up to about 240bhp on stock internals and already have a lower compression ratio so it saves you spending money on all the internal upgrades on a 4age. it should fit in without much bother, seen a couple of gti-16s that have been converted. could run omex, motec, megasquirt or possibly just a piggyback chip, depends what your budget is :)
  16. Course you can mate, just put £10 on the side each week from now and you will have enough dolla to go to both! dawsey- you could always bring your sr180 lol, i need £800 for coilovers and £500 for a diff rebuild before then too :( will see what i can organise but its not looking good atm
  17. same month as japfest.. cant afford to go to two events in one month :(
  18. i found on my 4age, it was the idle up valve which stayed open which caused the over revving, cured it completely. what do you mean by warm heating?
  19. 1. Msprince 2. Farhanali89 3.10 ft man 4. ae111sr 5. T-sport786 6. Chaycore
  20. im going but with the same club as last year :)
  21. anyone had experience with Gaz coilovers? went to the autosport show today and had a look at them and they look pretty good
  22. isnt the bodykit on it all carbon? saw one at a recent show which was.. might partially explain the price :|
  23. is this for an e12 shape corolla? best bet is to rip the existing piping out and get a length of induction piping and routing it to the lower front bumper, it will increase the noise a bit as well as throttle response. if you get an airfilter itll be prone to heatsoak and most engines without other existing mods work better with a closed induction box as opposed to an exposed airfiler
  24. quoted from the japfest facebook page: BOOKING INFORMATION UPDATE! Trade and Club stand booking is available now, just call our sales team on 01225 788167 or email ian.cruickshank@futurenet.com. Public ticket and track time sales will be opened in the next couple of weeks. Stay in touch by signing up to our FREE newsletter and be the first to get all the latest event news and offers.
  25. booking for clubstands is open now so worth getting in early!
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