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  1. ujamil


    I had the K&N filter on mine and it mad a MASSIVE difference to the sound the car produced, especially when flooring it. I'm actually selling mine because I'm selling the Auris so I've got a few parts I'm selling. PM me if you would be interested.
  2. I got quoted £5200 for mine by we buy any car and sellcar-uk. But I would rather sell it private even if I can get £6500 I'd be chuffed. £7000 would ofcourse just be the advertised price. 4 years old and 5k. Damn.
  3. I've been doing research since a year almost as I couldn't get insured on the car I wanted before as I was 20. Now I'm 21 and can get insured on the Honda Integra DC5. =] My car is pretty clean as it is, but even then I shall get it cleaned within this week and put it up for sale. Needs to go! Its a shame how much the value decreases. Pretty sad.
  4. So I'm looking to sell my Auris in the coming few weeks. However I'm Slightly unsure whether it is worth selling or not. I got it brand new in 2008 (dad got it for me when I passed). 4 years down the line the value it JUST ABOUT £7k. Only done 27k miles with full service history and well maintained as I am a car freak and I want a Japanese import now :) But the value has dropped so much I feel as if il feel bad if I sell it :/ Opinions needed guys. What to dooo :'(
  5. Bye Bye Auris.. '08-'12

  6. does anyone use 99ron or 97ron fuel in a 1.6 auris? or has any1 used it b4? can you feel any difference in the drive and MPG?
  7. ujamil

    My Auris

    Bored of a 1.6. Bored of Toyota. Time for a Honda. Time for a Honda Integra Type-R DC5!!
  8. ujamil

    My Auris

    I was thinking to use the film to do it. I've watched some tutorials and it doesn't seem too difficult.
  9. ujamil

    My Auris

    I was having a look at smoking the tail lights. Do you think one can do it themselves? It didn't look too hard, not as hard as window tinting anyway.
  10. ujamil

    My Auris

    Air Filter - K&N 57i Kit Headlights - Xenon 6000K Sidelights - R8 Sidelights DVD Player - Kenwood DDX7036BTM (with ipod connection) Rear Windows Tinted Exhaust - Remus Exhaust Alloys - Fox Racing RS-GT Tyres - Continental ContiSport Contact 3 225/40/18ZR Subwoofer - Vibe CBR12 EVO Active V2 These are the main mods. =]
  11. ujamil

    My Auris

    Thank you very much. Well at the moment the car is running fine with the new ECU and K&N filter. Let't just hope it stays this way. Do you think if I got my brake callipers painted red it would suit the car? Its another mod I was considering. Not too sure though.
  12. ujamil

    My Auris

    Hey guys; this is my Auris. Have a look and tell me what you think. Any ideas for future mods will be appreciated. Enjoy.
  13. ujamil

    Service Cost

  14. I was wondering if anyone had a sprint booster fitted to their auris or if anyone knew what it actually does.. does it make a difference to the performance??
  15. my exhaust starts to rattle when the car is stationary and the revs drop below 800ish, and the muffler i have fitted on starts to hit against the rear bumper. it never use to happen but recently started happening. does anyone have any idea why this happens?
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