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  1. I think all the notices in the handbook are plain and simple Health & safty...(back side covering) I used 'Discount Autopars' in Cambridge - but look at Witter website and phone the fitter nearest. They had a special offer exactely when I wanted to fit the bar. As for the argument for and against... I used to take four bikes, and there was no way I was going to put this on the rear door, as I do not think it can carry the load safly. I wouldn't even put 3 bikes there, towbar is much safer, but that is my personal opinion. I have both roof mounted bike rack, and tow bar (and I use both, once even together :-) 8 bikes!) - the big advantage of the tow bar one is that once you have a towbar, the rack is fitted in 5sec! while the roof mounted one takes longer. Also, no need for steps to put on the roof. I use the roof one when I tow (caravan...). Witter also has a removable flange mount (expensive). They do not use Toyota electrics, but a specially made one for the car (it has its own control box). I do not have the details with me at the moment who it is from, but can find out if you want.
  2. Hi there, I have fitted a Witter tow bar to my 4.4, as I tow and also have a Pendle-bike carrier (I needed a 'flange mount' tow bar for that, which Toyota do not do). If you contact a Witter fitter - they usualy give a better price then Witter web site. Also note, that you MUST NOT use any 'displacement' connection as it invalidates the warrenty (stated in the manual!). If I remember correctly, it was something around the £400 mark. Good luck!
  3. Thanks Pete! I know they are like gold dust, as it took me about six month to find one! I am surprised no one is interested. Just to clearfy - do not mind to sell wheel and rack separately, as I think it will be even more rare that someone will want those. I do not remember the feet number,as I am sure it will fit other cares as well. Will do some digging. Regards TwoT
  4. Hi Pete, Yes, I know they are rare, but it seem that everyone in the forum already have them, or not interested. I think it will go Ebay shortly . It does not fit new car... (Rav4) TwoT
  5. Thanks Heidfirst, :D Car (was) T spirit 2.2 D4D, Estate.
  6. As my Avensis is now sold, I have a full size spare (17', T-Spirit, tyre size 215X50R17). I bought it as I was towing and wanted a full size spare but it never came to use. Alloy in good condition, and tyre is a bonus (it has about 5mm thread) as I do not think I want to be responsible for its use. I also do not want to take it off. Idealy, buyer collects - somewhere between NW London and Cambridge. Looking for £100. Also have roof bars for the Avensis (estate - to fit on side rails). The end cups are missing (I gave up on them, and taped it), but it comes with locks and keys. collection as above. Looking for £20. Please PM if interested Two-T
  7. Hi all, Change of neighbourhood... PX my Avensis to a RAV4. looks nice, and drive very nice. Hope to enjoy many miles! Two T
  8. Twot

    Byebye Avensis...

    Thanks - Will do that. only will take a picture of it first
  9. Hi all, That it. Avensis is gone. we (me and Avensis...) did together almost 160K miles (got it wit 10K). which brings the total to ~170K. And very nice 170K they were. Been quite a few times in Europe, with a fully loaded car - roofbox+4people+4bikes on the back, and also a couple of times towing the residence behind. The Avensis perfored without missing a bit. Add to that the big daily commute, and you get the above numbers. Did not have problems - the few that I had were done under extended warranty, and mostley promped by the garage rather braking down (biggest was turbo at 90K). All in all, good experience. now need to figure out what to do with leftovers (full size wheel). I am not abandoning the Toyota world (nor TOC), as I have now got a RAV4. I hope he wil serve me as good as the Avensis. See you around the neighbourhood Two T
  10. 2007, Tspirit estate. ~170000 Turbo changed @90000 (under warranty) Break calipper @90000 (under warranty) Water pump circa 70000 (under warranty) Still going strong and also towing from time to time.
  11. Instead of a solid flywheel, much more complex:
  12. 2007 2.2 d4d Avensis ~170000miles (and counting) , still original clutch. If you dig around in the forum, I think replacing it is in the region of £1200+, but do not quote me on that. TwoT
  13. Not ALL engines suffer. I have ~170K, no problems so far... Cheers TwoT
  14. Thankyou of the warning on Ford and Vauxhall. I got my current Avensis after a year lease, aparantely to a toyota dealer. It was a good deal then, and the car is very nice (even 160000 miles after). I think the demonstartor appear on the 'for sale' just in case someon is willing to pay the price. As I am doing high milage, I do not see any advantage in getting a new car, as the 10000 miles is about 6 month for me... so I would at least like someone else to take the hit of the first year depritiation. I was willing to add a bit to have the new car, but it seem too much at the moment, so will probably wait for March, and hope I will not have an ex-learner car (does anyone teach driving on a Rav4? ) Thanks for all the inside info! TwoT