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  1. Toyo proxes t1r if you like the straight line grip. but they definately suffer on hard cornering, they just roll onto the sidewalls. im on t1rs 205/45/17 but def gona change, maybe back to pirelli pzero neros. i think they have more road noise but will be sharper. gona also change to 215/40/17 profile. will let you know v soon!
  2. dont put in lowering springs! as far as i know Tein make coilovers for it. good quality. height adjustable. sexy ;)
  3. steel wire brush and/or sandpaper. take off the rust and paint!
  4. Im currently running (very worn, to be replaced this weekend!) toyo proxes t1r 205/45/17 and they have great grip in the dry and wet, as said above they are a great all rounder and not very expensive but the sidewall seems quite soft when cornering so they are not very sharp as far as steering goes in my experience. I used to have a gsi corsa and put pirelli pzeros on it which handled really well on the car but seemed to lack some traction off the line in the damp because you could spin in 3rd gear even! I'm still not sure what tyres i'll be getting this time and have been searching around for recommendations. A friend of mine seems to like continental sports contact 3 however they cost quite a bit more than the toyos and wear fast. Another friend who has an evo 9 gt uses dunlop sp sport 9000 and says theyre great but they are more expensive again. Generally you get what you pay for! Edit: Just found a good site Tyrereviews.co.uk This rates the cheaper pzero nero tyres i talked about better than the t1rs. So there you go! Also, if you want ANY tyre related info, or want to know ANYTHING about tyres, i highly recommend Car bibles and go to the (suprise suprise) wheel and tyre section. That site makes for good reading in any of those sections though, and has been very helpful to me for a long time.
  5. hey! is it a rough sort of scraping noise? Coming from the front or rear? My gen7, not so long ago, was making that sort of noise from the rear brakes and i think it may have been the brake shoes (handbrake) It also stopped if i applied the brakes. The last couple of weeks it has stopped thoe. Maybe the shoes have wore down that bit to allow it to stop rubbing im not too sure. Just like many things with it that have fixed themselves - good old japanese black magic!
  6. Hi! I've had my gen 7 celica 140 for about 8 months now and love it! Having changed car I obviously knew the feel of everything would change, pedals etc. Recently i've been able to take my hands off the wheel and allow my sister to drive it when she was home just to see what it was like and she commented on the brake pedal feeling soft. Another person said the same. Bearing this in mind, i have started compairing to any other car/van i drive and it does feel a bit on the soft side so i've decided to give its braking system a good overhaul! I'm sure that simply bleeding the system could probably cure most of this problem, or replacing the brake fluid altogether. However, having upgraded brakes on my last car with ebc grooved discs/greenstuff pads combo and felt the difference, i'd like to maybe change the discs and possibly calipers. I have researched into it a bit and to my current knowledge my pre-facelift celica has 255mm diameter discs and the facelift 140/190 have 275mm on the front and the rear discs are common to both 140/190 pre and post facelift? I then thought that it would be good to get a set of larger discs and calipers from the facelift 140 or 190 as a direct replacement and i am wondering if everthing else regarding the braking system is the same i.e. mounting points for caliper and master brake cylinder, so that it will operate as intended and not mess it up! I thought about changing the fronts to larger discs may upset the brake balance aswell but surely if that happened on the facelift anyway it wont be a problem? If it is a straight swap then i think ill get on the phone to the breakers for calipers and get some new grooved discs and ebc redstuff pads and some dot5.1 fluid and if i've got cash left i might get some steel braided brake hoses as that will sharpen everything up that bit more! In my search on the topic i came across this article that uses the existing calipers mounted further out and larger discs. However i think the company that made them (AEM) no longer produce them, or have shutdown altogether! I must admit, they certainly do look the part in the last pic at the bottom! AEM big brake upgrade I'll stop ranting on now! Thanks alot!
  7. JonnyA


    ........them discs fitted on the wrong side??
  8. was wondering, what does the vvti sound like with the induction kit? been thinkin bout gettin one for mine lately
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