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  1. Bought these cheap direct replacement horns for my Hilux, not bad at all
  3. Haha yeah probably, still grafting my friend, keeping ok ?
  4. Thanks Fb and Kingo, puts my mind at rest cos I`ve bought 10 😅 The only thing is they only weigh a fraction of the equivalent Blue Print ones 😟
  5. Are oil filters made in china genuine Toyota parts ?
  6. Australia and New Zealand have had them a while
  7. Stick to the Toyota service schedule Sammy which will be in the vehicles handbook ;)
  8. Use the best diesel fuel available Sammy.......Shell V-Power nitro+, its worth the extra if you care for your car and plan on keeping her :)
  9. dervdave

    Dpf Problem

    My 2013 Hilux regens every 200 miles or thereabouts
  10. Why was the original turbo replaced ? if it went bang it sounds like everything wasn`t cleaned out properly inc the oil feed pipe