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  1. Bought these cheap direct replacement horns for my Hilux, not bad at all https://www.ebay.co.uk/ipp/164167568475?transactionId=2022137409006&_trksid=p2047675.l48352
  2. https://techxplore.com/news/2019-10-diesel-humble.html
  3. Haha yeah probably, still grafting my friend, keeping ok ?
  4. Thanks Fb and Kingo, puts my mind at rest cos I`ve bought 10 😅 The only thing is they only weigh a fraction of the equivalent Blue Print ones 😟
  5. Are oil filters made in china genuine Toyota parts ?
  6. Stick to the Toyota service schedule Sammy which will be in the vehicles handbook ;)
  7. Use the best diesel fuel available Sammy.......Shell V-Power nitro+, its worth the extra if you care for your car and plan on keeping her :)
  8. My 2013 Hilux regens every 200 miles or thereabouts
  9. Why was the original turbo replaced ? if it went bang it sounds like everything wasn`t cleaned out properly inc the oil feed pipe
  10. dervdave


    I think your logic is just about spot on and could the car probably do with another BG244 to help get all the filth out the system, it won`t do much for your turbo issues though so would better off using a couple of bottles of Forte turbo cleaner or the better but more expensive Archoil AR6600 and continued use of Shell V-Power
  11. dervdave


    There won`t be much difference if the fuel system is already clean, how can you clean something thats already clean ?
  12. Just wanted to check you do know about all the other issues with this engine before you start throwing money at it
  13. Yep the Hilux `Injector` issue only affected the 3.0d 2007 models, the OPs will have a different injector problem
  14. By gum your on the boil Kingo... the new Hilux is not even on sale yet :)
  15. Mines only done 15k and being a manual has a no chrome gear knob and the steering wheel trim is unmarked.
  16. dervdave


    I do feel a difference using them but my findings are subjective, theres not a massive difference with using any additive in either my Hilux or A6 1.9 tdi but not expecting there to be either. I feel better using using them and the cost is worth it to me for peace of mind but if I was to be totally honest the use of Shell V-Power diesel just about covers most things. Slightly off topic but worth a mention for anyone who cares for their motor and keen on additives is the engine oil Lube Gard http://www.lubegard.com/C-208/LUBEGARD+BIO-TECH+Engine+Oil+Protectant. I`ve used many many over the years but this is my favourite of all, it really smooths and quietens the engines cold starts, my previous go to was ZX1 which I religiously put in every vehicle new and old.
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