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  1. Hey That sounds pretty good.. Will you keep me updated ? I havent looked more into it regarding pricces from germany due to holidays. You are more than welcome to send me a pm with the specs and price from that new box kit you will get - Jesper Hallenborg
  2. Thanks for replyes I can get the original TTE box from sweden for a price of £884, so the UK price could might be cheaper. I only want the original box, I have heard several storyes about some copy boxes and engine faults. Could any give me a mail adress to a dealer in UK ? - Jesper H
  3. JesperH

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    2004 rav4
  4. Hello all How much does a Diesel perfomancebox TTE cost in the UK ? http://www.tte.de/popup/TTE/cm_rav4_A2_performancekit.htm And possible a link to where I can buy it ? and it should ofcourse fit my car which is a Rav4 2004 model, D4-D engine with 116hp and 250 Torque Merry Christmas.. And thank you in advance Jesper Hallenborg
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