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  1. Hi All, My old girl (1996) KZN 130 auto seem to be Over revving before changing gear. This is not happening all the time so it has got me puzzled. Any ideas?
  2. Happy Birthday Ferret Man!

  3. Hi all, I have a 1994 Surf and have a problem that I hope someone out there can help me with. When I turn the ignition key to start there is no power getting to the starter motor, I have cleaned all terminals to no avail, also there is no light on the dash to say the engine heater is working, any ideas chaps? Keith
  4. Hi bud, you could try thin draught excluder, the sticky backed type.
  5. Hi Paul thanks for answering, I will give them a go. Hi Ferret Man I have used OSK filters in the past,they are ok in my opinion although having said that you can get the filter kit-oil,air and fuel from Milners.co.uk for £10 plus postage and get a next day delivery, Also roughtrax.co.uk do a similar kit but i'm not sure of the price Hope this helps Cheers Paul
  6. Hi all, Have any of you guys used OSK filters, just wondering as there is a filter kit going for about £25-00 on e-bay including postage, hope you can point me in the right direction. thanks ;)
  7. We sell a Surf Workshop Manual for the 2.4 LN130 Here http://www.roughtrax4x4.com/?doc=16&cid=231&vid=758 This manual will also cover the KZN130 but obviously not the engine. All your brakes, axles, steering, CV joints, gearbox repairs, various bodywork, certain electrical diagrams and specifications will be covered. As far as we know there is not a manual available at the moment for the KZN130 engine. RoughTrax Thanks all I am most greatful.
  8. Hi all surf lovers, can anyone please tell me where I can get hold of a workshop manual in English for a 1994 surf, tried Halfords and e-bay, no luck. Thanks.
  9. Thanks mate, will do a search.
  10. Thanks Andy, thought there must be a way, All the best for 2009.
  11. Hi all, Just a quick one, is it possible to put the sliding window into the shut position with the tailgate level with the floor, the reason I ask is because I have a couple of stickers to display and need to peel off a little of the window tint, life would be a lot easier if it didn't mean a scramble into the back ? Whilst one the sticker thingy, does anyone know where Surf side flashes can be obtained from, mine are looking a little tatty ? Happy New Year To You All.