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  1. The original turbo started blue smoking and rattling like mad.

    So Toyota replaced it with a genuine one.

    I hoped they would do a top notch job for what i paid.

    I'm visiting Jrm motorsport in Colchester tomorrow, they are jap performance specialist.

    Hoping for guidance there... .possibly even a report or statement as whats happened with it.

    My Rav4 bodywork is unmarked, the interior like new and it drives lovely.

    So its a trade in dream.

    So..I'm hoping to either fix turbo or take it further with the statement to Toyota.

  2. Hi all.

    Haven't been on here for ages I'm afraid.

    My 2002 d4d Pride and joy Rav4 has a problem.

    Its just clocked 146'000 miles.

    Its dent free , lovely interior and gets loads of compliments.

    Its got full Toyota service history and maintenance.

    Back at 119'000 miles ( April /may 2013) had Toyota supply and fit a Genuine Toyota Turbo.

    That new turbo is now howling quite badly

    It performs ok ,no smoke....it just howls.

    Ive also mentioned this on another forum, hopefully getting help there from a member to whom i have the upmost respect.

    Just though id mention it on here too.

    Lancaster Colchester Toyota did the work in 2013 ,but will not admit its faulty.

    It cost £1500...so a quality job was done...i hope.

    They along with Toyota GB customer Relations will not back down from their 1 yr only guarantee.

    I'm trying to find a Turbo specialist somewhere in north Essex who can test the turbo and actually find

    what is causing the howling.

    Then get a professional statement to that effect.

    Only i think spending that sort of money on a Toyota product should last longer than this before developing any kind of fault.

  3. I've had mine 10 years now and covered 100,000 miles in it.

    Over the years. ....

    New clutch & flywheel, new suction control valves , new starter motor & turbo.

    plus a replacement rear wheel bearing recently.

    Spent about £4k but it's cheaper than another vehicle and now set up for 200'000 miles.

    I wouldn't change it for the world , as it's still lovely to drive and in great condition.

    It's now covered 140'000 miles.

  4. Sorry to go off topic.

    How did you clean the headlights with toothpaste? What type of cloth or scotchbrite did you use?

    Just starting to look into the same problem on my girlfriends sisters Rav 4, not liking the though of it tbh.

    But it started after installing a new DMF clutch (a garage done this btw)

    Hi.....re cleaning headlights.

    Just literally put any toothpaste on a clean lens..a decent finger sized amount , swirl round and with a circular motion....firmly all over.

    Use a smooth cloth , or sponge.

    If you want to really do it well , use an old toothbrush and really rub it in.

    Then just rinse off completely.

    More or less crystal clear lenses should appear.

    So simple.

  5. Mines still running great since battery and turbo done, mpg is now at 45.3 and climbing on motorway journeys and it pulls better than it ever has before.... Now on about 135,000 miles...

    Yes their great vehicles Mike , i'm outstanded that its possible they can do 200'000 miles provided they're looked after.

    Yours on 135'000 , mine on 130'000. I smile each time I jump in mine , I've also just cleaned my yellow headlights with toothpaste , amazing !!!

  6. Well, no more hot starting issue for me. What fixed it for us is that the turbo gave up the ghost and dumped a slew of oil down the intake, probably bent a rod as well, great!! So, that'll be a new thread for some opinions, etc... Best of luck, and maybe I'll be back on this thread if we fix the Rav.

    Oh crikey !!!

    So very sorry to hear that news , when my turbo blew last may I had to make a horrible 11 mile drive to local Toyota to get it replaced.

    It was the worst 11 miles I had ever driven , literally 10 to 15 mph at best , with smoke pouring out of the exhaust and keeping the revs as low as possible. ...took about an hour to drive there.

    I dreaded the turbo disintegrating into the engine.

    What ever you do , I truly wish you all the very best.

  7. The cars sound, solid bodywork and comfortable and with the amount of stuff I've done it's smooth as can be for its mileage. We just need to pinpoint the problem area. I was just interested to see if yours started first time with more battery power behind it.

    Ide get an injector leak back test kit but chances are ide use it once and never again so will give my local diesel centre a call to see what they can do, will report back again on next steps for me

    Ok dokey Mike

    Ive always liked cars , so am very envious of what you are able to do.

    But modern vehicles are just too complicated for me , I do what I can though.

    I will research as bigger ampage Yuassa Battery as I am able & maybe get one in next week or two...see what happens.

  8. Yes its tricky , re mileage & age but I like my Rav4 , it is easily the best vehicle ive ever had.

    Ive been warned re jump leads about destroying ecu on other vehicle.

    As you say , when its running well its a dream to drive , just a shame for this issue.

    My point is I know several Toyota vehicle owners who's vehicles are near 200'000 and kept , maintained well.

    I really dont want to sell mine & see someone else with the pleasure of it...as mines dent free , very clean inside & out.

    I like doing maintenance on it to look after it , but I'm no mechanic I'm afraid.

  9. Well... I've managed to make it start when hot and playing up by hooking up the other car battery to mine to give it some extra grunt... It made it start first time absolutely perfectly. At this point I'm either thinking about masking the issue by fitting a monster battery, or getting the injectors tested. There's obviously a lack of power somewhere when hot causing something not to operate properly, have read about injectors leaking back doing the same thing mine does

    Mike , you mention the ' extra ' Battery , when I had my worn out Halfords Battery replaced last year , it was replaced by a Yuassa professional one....but I noticed very slightly less cca on the label.

    Think from memory it was about 20 amps less powerful.

    Could this really make all the difference ???? If it does ill invest in a more powerful Yuassa one , just for peace of mind.

  10. We have an Egr valve which I've cleaned completely, aswell as throttle body. I read there was a Toyota bulletin thing for 2 models of car with the 1CD-ftv engine, don't think it was the rav, but that mentioned hard warm start or slower cranking when hot on the 2.0 d4d.... There was a revised starter motor, just trying to find out if they used the same starter motor or not.....

    Edit - I'll try bypassing the fuel filter housing for a hot run and see if it could be that going a bit faulty...

    Ok dokey Mike ....

    Over the years I've had the VSV , EGR valves both cleaned and one more but can't remember what its called.

    A customer / mechanic said to me last week that it could well be the two rubber O rings on this DPF valve have worn out ?

    He's a citroen , Peugeot specialist really but he runs a very small garage in Colchester.

  11. WOW !!!

    Did all that , well done Mike.

    Unfortunately no , Colchester Toyota came up with nothing, apparently they tried hot starting it on numerous occasions during its 2 1/2 week stay with them.

    And it started every time .

    Ive had it back from them for 4 days now , haven't had need to try it , but it will be tried tomorrow.

    It didn't cost me anything whilst they had it and they even filled it with fuel for me.

    So.....we are all awaiting your further work with baited breath.

    Incidentley do ours have Dpf valves ?

  12. O m g.

    Well , I for one will very much miss his highly informative input.

    He is the only member ive met in person since joining the club, and a very nice chap indeed.

    Don if you read this, good luck my good man.I wish you all the very best.

  13. Thanks Mike, mine has been with Colchester Toyota for two weeks now.

    Hav'nt heard from them since Tues evening unfortunately, so my Rav's either sitting there in their compound doing nothing or they are working on it whenever they get time.

    Ive heard they are very very booked up at the moment , as my mother has her tried booking her Yaris in for a service shortly.

    I'm tempted to give them a ring to chase them up, but I was reassured by their aftersales manager that they would solv this once and for all.

    So whilst I drive around in a 13 plate Aygo FO C , i can only await contact from them to see what they find.

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