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  1. Hi Dodo´s There is nothing else that fits other then a corolla 4wd! I have had these subframes rust away many times, one time i just welded new pipe material into the existing subframe that holds all the drivetrain up in the car, i did not unbolt anything exept the bolt that just hung there in rust it took a weekend to do it and after that time i would had changed to another better one but these 4wd corollas are going out of stock i hardly see them on the streets anymore, my last 4wd parts corolla I found on a farm been sitting for 8years rusting away in the grass... but you can order that subframe at the Toyota Dealer but its costly!
  2. First drive Im mocking up for turbo on my second 7age engine in the garage that blew a rod bearring. Thinking i will fix that engine with another crank i have and swap engines in the car and see how far i can get with stock 4age/7afe parts.
  3. Thanks I already been driving it for maybe two days now to work and home. But here is two videos the first testdrive and the first drive with registrasion and over the night a 30cm of snow fell on the ground so driving a open diff rwd corolla is extremely tuff.
  4. Finally finished the rebuild on my 3rd 7age 16v engine. Took me about 8 hours from start to finish. I destroid two 7age's with in a month, first one i ran for two wheeks and fried piston ring, second went on rod bearing... Video:
  5. It has been a long time since i posted so long that i forgot i had this thread. I was google-ing to see if i could find any other 4wd G6 and my g6 was the only one that came up. I have started another build. Going on almoast 4years now. An AE111 Rwd drift corolla with a 7age engine. Hope you enjoy
  6. Thanks man It's been done. In poland. My diff came from an ae101 or ae111 body same drivetrain! Diff size is 6.5" same as ae86 zenki so you could buy a lsd from an zenki ae86.
  7. sonur

    My E11

    Nice work! Nice to see that people like G6 corollas, in my country everybody hates them becouse of the front end bugeye, fisheye, anteye people call them :D I love them, I love that front end especially when lowered and with a low front splitter or bumper just makes me smile all around
  8. Do the diagnostic your self.. cost cero! Edit: just saw that you car is 2003 so that "do it your self" dosent cover your model but the codes do The exhaust should be like this-> hedders- y pipe - exhaust sensor - springbung under the oilpan then the catalytic converter then what ever you want (exception after what country you live in) If the catalytic converter is in front of the exhaust sensor then thats the problem..
  9. Rwd Tercel stuff Love those summer rims Winter mode, exept the winter never came really Standing on the roof of my new house, making plans on how the driveway should be Steep hill Then plans for the summer is to look for rust that needs care, powerfull engine swap and rear drivetrain rebuilt with a Mitsubishi 8.5" LSD differential with shorter housing to fit the body, lug pattern change the rear to fit 4x100 rims, new drivehaft. Powerplans that I can choose from are these: 1. 20v Blacktop engine and T-50 ae86 box 2. 16v Bluetop engine with home made bolt on turbo and k-50 stock Tercel box or T-50 ae86. 3. And the newest one is a ka24 engine from a nissan with a good Rwd gearbox that holds up to 500hp and to top that a Garrett turbine with home made bolt ons stock hp/Nm ratings 20v Blacktop 165hp/162nm 16v Bluetop 124hp/132nm - with turbo about 160-180hp ka24 155hp/206nm - with turbo about 180-220hp with tonn af torque! Cant wait to start on the Tercel!!
  10. I can smell the summer!! Making room to unbolt the oilpressure sensor There was not enaugh room for a spanner but I got it out Going to the fittings store My intercooler stuff colection Downpipe and hedders ready for alignment therapy Yea I got a set of 310 Supra injectors Got a hold of some of my gauges and bought two new Trying to fit two 90° 63mm pipes togeather Getting the feeling on how I want to have it Not shore, I dont like the looks of it, to mush room ont the intake side of the engine bay Found a blow off in the shelfs burried in a box The intercooler I was planing og using, now I dont know... Because I found this in my shelf Big differens, but Im still making up my mind who to use, dont want a Turbo lag Went on with bussiness Drilling away Making a intake adapter plate Then 50mm pipe will be welded on there to bolt the cone airfilter Did some shopping Vecum hoses, oil to turbine with T-bung adapter Hope it fits the block remember no room some water inputs from engine to turbine and back Water flange thingee, need to face the one on the right to align like the one on the left Hope someone likee?
  11. Spent some time in the garage last night Finished grinding the drilleholes out and making it look smooth then had to buy a new grinder blade (whats it called?) to make the downpipe First two bids Then some hour later after carefully thinking how to lign everything It just misses the waterhose, have to wrap both the downpipe and the hose into some headsheald thingee This will hopefully let the turbine reach maximum flow littlebit faster TRD boy is out...
  12. Wow time has a rocketship motors in my life, I cant belive it sometimes I lost my job at the boneyard company, got a new one the same day at the Toyota dealership painting cars I was so happy like a bird finding out why he could only sing when he talked, lost that said job two months later and have been searching for a job since, it has been four weeks now and I´ve been to 50 places and I can tell you that I thing God or his son Jebus are trying to make me feel bad but Im super awesome and I cant make this small !Removed! be in my way... So to make up for the monney issue ive been buying cars, fix and selling them to buy other cars and so on and so north But Ive also been doing some turbo stuff in the G6, I want to get it on the street so I can use it to pick up cars around my country because its so good to drive for a long period of time. Picture time, cleaning the turbo inside and out Finding out where to lign the plate to bolt the turbo on Test fitted Completed the welding Have to grind the welds and paint Turbo back on Checking out the lignment for the intercooler input Starting on the downpipe flange Bought the downpipe material Made some parts that bolt on the turbo, oil in and out, air in and out Perfect fit, now just to buy some fittings And Ive already started it to hear the turbo wine little bit, love that no-downpipe sound Then found this picture taken Mars 24. 2012 making me want to finish this Turbo stuff and go dive it!! more to come
  13. Human crap I just spent 3 evenings editing page 1-10 and added all the missing pictures and edited some of the long texts Now eveyone can enjoy full picture quality with a brusky and soma snack Edit: for got to say, Merry christmas everybody and a happy new year!
  14. Well... I don´t know if these ones came in your country og the countrys near by AE10 4wd my friends old car With my old silvertop rebuilt with stock 4wd trans Came orginal with 7afe engine all "A" blocks have same pattern Finished and sold to his brother AE11 4wd facelift my old one, has the same stuff but tranny is little bit different dosent have a center vacum difflocker controle so its always open diffed The 4wd tranny with vacum difflock age from 1988-1997 Floor from a AE10 body wider then any other Fwd corollas but you can fit the driveshaft in a Fwd floor 4wd tranny being fitted to a 4afe 1600cc engine same block as 7afe and 4age 20v exept the 7afe already comes with the center diff already grinded out of the block The spot you have to grind out Test fitting Almoas there Done grinding, the oil pan has a shape just for the center diff to fit so no altering there, same shaped oilpan in 4afe, 7afe and 4age 20v My old AE10 wich I made 4afe 1600cc because I blew up the 7afe drifting it, yes its RWD because of the center vacum diff possibility you can lock it up and take the front axles out but keep the CV joints bolted in the hubs and in the tranny so you wont brake the front bearring and the gearoil wont leak out. Lowering it just to make it drift more Added 17" rims 215/40r17" tires to make it slide longer and easyer I miss that toy This AE95 uses same tranny but I think it is some stronger then age 1993-2000 type that one was also Rwd had it for a year like that and so much fun with it, oh god I love Toyotas So safe to say what is the best model of 4wd corolla to use to make your car 4wd is to find the same body as your car or take the one closest to your age, I used 1998 bygeye front end AE11 drivetrain and had three AE95 trannys laiing around but used the 1998 4wd first but blew it and then put in the AE95 one age 1988 and it has been trough alot but nothing has come up. use the harness and ECU that goes with the engine your going to use in your car!! have more questions just ask buddy Now for the continue of my G6 4wd Turbo project on a 7afe stock engine and 7afe harness and ecu. Completed the flange that welds to the hedders to connect the turbo and hedders Cut new matterial for the hedders 3mm thick Cut the hedders open and made this ring to lign right, havent welded anything yet have to find the perfect alignment Step by step... More to come..