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  1. I have FALKEN FK451 Very good grip on dry and wet surface. 215/40/17" Normally this month, i'm going to change to 215/35/18" , but still with the Falken FK451
  2. Nice. A lions Roar. Do you have a sound file of the roar.
  3. I've changed the front seats. But they are not from another Toyota. The new seats are from Raceland. The S-GTB-II Mine are without the leather
  4. A single wiper conversion is done in about 5 to 10 minutes. You remove both the wiper arms. You take the wiper blade from the driver's side and put it on the wiper arm from the passenger's side. Then you put this wiper arm on the rotator from the passenger side in about the same position that my blade is on the picture above. Then when you activate it, it wil clean the window far enough at the driver's side.
  5. About 2 minutes to change it, with the normal fitted lights With the J. Morette lights (double round headlights) about 3 minutes
  6. The color is Black Metallic 205 from toyota.
  7. That's correct. Look at my Xenon Bulbs. You can see the Blue color, but the light is White. And they are approved
  8. hmmm Maybe NOT :D :D Going to mod him some more
  9. My Carina E http://www.dragon-racing.be/members/vico/vico.html (pics are not up-to-date) It's a shame that you can't find a lot of stuff for the Carina E
  10. Naaaa, its just an old car... I have one, but it called Corona here... Cheers Coyote from BA Argentina Does the corona have a full closed rear? I mean, if you see the rear of my car http://www.dragon-racing.be/members/vico/vico.html You see the license plate om my trunk. I have seen that the corona's from japan have a full RED rear or in the color of the car on the same place as my license plate.
  11. Thanx. I know it that the scene in Denmark is Bigger. I get a lot of e-mails from there, how i modified my car and if i could come to a gathering there.
  12. I noticed on this board, that there are not a lot of Carina E drivers. why is that? Here in Belgium it's just the same. A Carina E, is just a car for OLD people :ffs:
  13. Actually these filters are NO NAME K&N Brand filters. K&N made some filters with no name on them and sold them to other company's. These company's gave a name at these filters. Therefore, you can find the same looking filters with different brand names. You can clean them with fluid from K&N. And they work perfect
  14. I also have this economy light Carina E from '94. But i removed the bulb. I hated tthat he light switched.