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  1. I'm sorry I made a mistake, this is not a poll; however my yaris car radio can go to mute step, I've read 'MUTE' on the front display, I'm sure! I don't know how, maybe by pressing one o more keys, in particular the power ON button +...... I don't know. If I haven't read "MUTE" I never ask this ! Bye
  2. hello to all, sometime MUTE appears on my Yaris radio display. I'm not able to repeat that operation when I want. What is the correct procedure to switch mute on/off ? Thanks !
  3. Hello to all. Maybe Yaris cars sold in Italy have silght diffetent from the rest of Europe ! If you want swicth on of the the front fog lamps , you have to turn the switch on the left knob ( this is wrote on the Italian Yaris manual ), and a Lamp indicator will'be aroud the digital spedoometer. Really is different . There is a switch on the left knob only for the rear fog lamp, for the front fog lamps , here in Italy, he have an extra swicth on the dashboard close to the morrors joystick without any fog lamp indicator close to the digital spedoometer. My question ...... I have sow the lamp indicator ( close to the digital spedoometer ) is present also on the Yaris Italian version , is it possibe to connect a wire to this lamp , and turn it on when the front fog lamps are on ? Sorry for my bad English !! Bye Bye.
  4. Don't worry, I love improve my English . Bye
  5. What do you mean for " a mute cos " ? and for " incar kits " ? Bye
  6. Hello to all , I have a new '03 yaris D4D . May I use my GPS receiver ( NMEA ouput by RS232 ) connect to yaris radio, and use it as the ORIGINAL TOYOTA turn by turn GPS receiver ( show maps on LCD display) ? Bye Bye. :hokus-pokus:
  7. A four relay chanels ? Maybe yes maybe not . A single relay to swicth off the radio ? For Italian friend .. Non sono inscritto al sito italiano perchè quando mi collego puntualmente mi sbatte fuori . Bye !
  8. :D Ok thanks to all ! Yesterday evening after dinner I've started remove the radio from my yasis dashboard following your instructions . To be honest my yaris it's a '03 type , the last one , so the proceduring to remove the radio it's slight different; there is an extra screw just on the top of the centre console below the plastic collar around the display . After that all operations are the same . Yes it's possible to mute the radio by a relay , Grazie anche all'amico Italiano . Bye Bye.
  9. Hello to all , I have a new yaris d4d and 2 questions for you . 1) what is the procedure to remove the radio? ( I need to connect the mute wire of my hand-free cellular phone to the yaris's radio) 2) where is located the buzzer that play sound when open the door with the light on ? ( I want to improve the volume ) By to all Thanks ! :hokus-pokus: