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  1. The only time I got my fingers burnt is when I did not sell in Feb , offered 9.5k I paid 11k for it 3 years prior. New car will be need 5k more to the pot but will be 3-4 year old car and a 45k car , if you buy well you can keep swapping cars quite cheaply.
  2. who knows but what i do know is i never had problems selling cars before. until i bought the rav. i thought may as well cut my losses, the last straw was the fixed price servicing that was £140 more than i used to pay with the same dealer and i could use my own oil before , now the price is fixed you cant change anything. £340 for service brake fluid , new discs pads all round , 4 new tyres . 1k bill may aswell sell it
  3. sold the car in the end to a dealer for cash 7.7k for a 2006 xt5 with 55k on the clock , last toyota i will buy i had the car for sale for 6 months with one offer of 9.5k which i stupidly did not take february. then after that nothing until a dealer wanted one and had to push them hard to get 7.7k , least if the engine does blow up it wont be my problem anymore. hardest car ever to shift
  4. is there a problem with these cars ? does nobody want them anymore ?
  5. cheers dropped mine to 9k to sell lets see whats happens
  6. had my xt5 for sale not even one viewing so far reduced it down to £9500 anyone else trying to sell one ? had any interest ?
  7. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-RAV-4-D4D-DIESEL-XT-5-2006-56-PLATE-BLACK-/150797517325?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item231c3b820d is this cheap or what ?
  8. Hi thinking about selling my 2006 xt5 2.2 in grey what`s the going rate for these ?
  9. well as previous thead i am selling or p/x ing my rav against another car. whats is the going rate for my car as i am getting confusing results regarding it`s value. parkers says 12.7k glass`s says 11.1k cap says 11.4 to to 12.9 for a p/x anyone sold one recently.
  10. lol yes will miss not having 4x4 in the snow but couple of weeks a year is hard to justify. only thing worring me is xt5 used prices i maybe be better selling the car off direct to a toyoyta dealer judging by what they are asking for them !Removed! rip off
  11. ah yes owners assure me 40mpg + is the norm though even for the big diesel. best i get in the rav is 38mpg though.
  12. Thanks for all the advice received on these forums over the past couple of years even if i have not posted much . just p/x my xt5 for a mercedes e320cdi v6 , i love the rav and it`s reliablity only had one problem in 25k miles, it it`s great for the snow but the thrust of a v6 for the same mpg is just too much temptation although i will be house bound if it snows again . so good luck if my car end`s in the hands of anyone on here.
  13. cheers for that ! tightening the lock nut just by hand has made it 90% better it still feels a bit tight but it`s not too bad now. i guess i may tighten with a wrench if it happens again.
  14. pdf would be great thanks , no warranty