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  1. Regarding this query, the other distinguishing feature is the completely clear rear tail lights. Those prior to the facelift have a tinted band across the brake light at the top of the cluster; on later models, the brake light is totally clear. I also believe the facelift introduced the soft-touch dashboard which is also a clue. Other than that, there's virtually no differences between the two - other than tweaks to the rear suspension - because the the Prius specification remained pretty constant through out its life.
  2. Cheers Darren - I read your post when you joined when you were looking for a T-Spirit, but decided not to get in touch when you mentioned your budget. I also had some nice comments from other viewers on eBay, so if anyone is thinking of doing the same as me, go mad on the listing detail! It sounds like you got a great deal, too. For every depreciation loser there is always a winner and you can't go wrong at that price. I've also read of several owners on who have gone well over 150,000 miles with no problems, so there's every reason to be confident in the technology. It's just a shame that the general public and the car trade don't seem to share that view.
  3. LOL - nice post. I don't have anything to hide about selling the car! What I've learnt most about selling the Prius is that its value is very sensitive to mileage. I saw a 2006 Prius with 60k on the clock (20k more than mine) listed at an independent dealer for £2k less. Despite the reliability and build of the cars, clearly some are worried about what happens to the battery and technology later in the car's life. While I think this is unfounded, I didn't want to risk losing a whole heap of cash on the car - particularly since the Gen 3 model is out - so decided to sell.
  4. After almost 17 months of ownership, I finally sold my 2006 T-Spirit yesterday after two stints on eBay. I really loved the Prius but an increasing annual mileage due to changes in my job made me rethink the kind of car I need to drive, and I decided I didn't want to wake up one morning and find a car with 100,000 miles sitting on my driveway! Selling via eBay meant that I reached out to a big audience (and thus generated a lot of interest), but for every genuine message from a buyer there was a silly one too making low offers. Showed the car to three people and in the end the winner's bid happened without them seeing the car - I had really gone to town with the listing and description to sell it hard. Drove over to them the next day and did the payment using cash at the bank and came home on the train - very painless. My ownership experience has been extremely positive. The car had absolutely no faults in the 20,000 miles I added to it and regularly returned an indicated 55-60mpg driving in and out of London (50mpg in winter). Mine had the leather and with the T-Spirit spec, inside was a nice place to be. Now using my wife's Audi A3 and will probably source a cheap diesel hatch in the New Year. Just wanted to add that I've always found this forum very interesting and am pleased to see how much busier it has got since the Gen III car has been launched. Lots of good advice and interesting experiences - will drop by from time to time!
  5. Wow, that is unusual. I think you'd have had a case against them even if you were out of warranty since the car was fine before the service. If you could prove it, of course!
  6. Still haven't seen a Gen 3 yet! Looks awesome in white though, very tempted...
  7. True but in my experience you can work against this simply by playing dealers off each other, particularly if you're buying new. Years ago I was looking to buy a Focus ST170 and had a 2-year-old Ford Puma to go in part exchange, which was initially valued at £8300. This was around book price. I spent most of a Saturday visiting 10 Ford dealers in my county, playing them all off each other to find who wanted to deal the most. By the end of the day the offer increased to £8800, way more than the "clean" figure. It can be done.
  8. Congratulations new owners! Lucky people indeed. Can I ask what MPG you've seen? Early days of course but it would be interesting to see.
  9. There was a story in the papers a few years back of a guy who did something very similar. He wired up the door handles on his car to the battery with thick cable to get plenty of amps through. A security guard in the car park checked the car was locked one night by pulling at the handle and got electrocuted. The case went to court and he was awarded damages. I like your idea but it ain't worth it!
  10. Isn't the current model 9,000 miles or 12 months? Oddly, at the last service the dealer set the servicing reminder to 10,000 miles. Maybe it's because I brought it in early. Our other car in our household is also an A3 and I can vouch for the variable servicing. We've owned it for almost 5 years since new and it's had just two services in 39,000 miles.
  11. A 24 hour drive would appeal to me too - would be great to try it out on the commute! It goes without saying that if you do go ahead with a drive, please post back your thoughts here. I have a feeling this section of the forum will get busier in the coming weeks...
  12. The problem with ordering now is that with high demand and limited availability, discounts are going to be non-existent. If I was going to buy the Gen 3 I'd definitely hold off until the dealers can give some firm dates.
  13. Good point Timberwolf. If you look at AutoTrader, Prius values are heavily affected by mileage. While the cars are generally proven, I think most buyers are worried about inheriting some big hybrid bills later down the line - this almost certainly affects values.
  14. Unfortunately I didn't! The T-Spirit comes with nice 17" wheels which actually knock the economy down to 70mpg from 72.4mpg. Note that the T3 and T4 models have smaller 15" wheels from the current model - they don't look great to be honest.
  15. To be fair to Toyota, they had a lot crammed in and the event was only two hours long. It would have been nice to have more time driving but I didn't feel short-changed either. I meant to add that all visitors got a canvas "bag for life" with lots of leave pieces in it, including an extremely detailed book on the new car.