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  1. Cheers guys i didnt think it would be a good idea or do much just herd a few of my mates that had type r's talking about it. and sorry about the typeing was im work and in a hurry. Thanx guys
  2. Hi guys been finking, my air-con dont work needs re filling but i dont eva use it anyway. But i no on civic type r's they take the air-con off to add bhp would this work on our celica vvti's? well i have orderd a belt for my car obviously a none air-con belt and im going to fit it 2nite so i will post late and let you no what i fink. But just wonderd if any1 else has done this or any experience in this? Cheers Craigy
  3. ahh rite thats what it is then as easy and as simple as that haha
  4. hi guys no it a full on beep beep beep it comes from the rear of the car sounds like its in the boot? and yes the reverse beeping is pretty funny and pointless lol
  5. HI guys from my previous post of doing my engine swap i have quite a few parts for sale. Intake manifold,injectors,alternator ect ect and need authority to put a post in the for sale link how do i go about this as i might have a few parts that can save or help people out. cheers
  6. hi guys had a fault with my celica vvti and had to fit a new engine. on limited funds i found a toyota avensis 1.8 vvti engine which i bought. striped both engines used all the parts from my old celica engine and just the block off the avensis. But looking up at the specs the avensis is a e1z engine and the celica was a 1zz what is the difference and also the spec is saying an avensis is 127bhp where as a celica is 140? so with a avensis block but celica manifold injectors ect what bhp is my car now then? cheers
  7. Hi guys why when i switch the ignition off i get a beeping noise from the rear off my celica? it doesnt usualy happen just now and again, mainly when the car is slightly rolling and i pull the handbrake up or thats just a coinsidence.
  8. Its a W plate 2000 in year. I just got told by a mechanic that only listend to the engine that its my big end bearings and if im lucky i might get away with just geting new ones if i have caught it early enough. Does anyone suggest this? cheers. it only makes a knocking sound from 2500 rpm and has lost about 40% power.
  9. :( hi guys not in a happy mood at the moment. My celica vvti is knocking its !Removed! off, and has lost power. i started smelling a burning smell a few days ago but everything seemed fine and car was running smoothly. was just driving home and it just seemed to lose power and start knocking. i have checked the oil and it was low so i toped it up and its still the same. it doesnt sound good at all. i havent had anywarning lights come up or anything. hopefully some one will have a better knockledge of this and help me out. cheers craig
  10. Hi guys any1 have any good alloy wheel recomendation for a gen 7? want to keep to 17s and prefer wheels with abit ov a dish or lip. im very stuck on what to buy. cheers
  11. Hi guys has anyone de-cated there gen 7 celica 140. Does de-cating actualy make any noticable power? also on giving my celica abit of stick changing gear at hi revs there is a slight delay when changing up a gear any1 else have this on theres? cheers
  12. craigycakes

    my ride

    here is my new celica i purchased on in january 2009
  13. hey i will come down then!! remind me closer to the date tho bcoz i will 4get!! cheers
  14. hi guys ye that helped me out cheers. 1 more question is i seen a clip on you tube of a gen 7 reving past 7000 rpm is this correct. as mine limits out when it hits the red? cheers craig
  15. :) hi guys new 2 the site and i have always wonderd wat is the difference betwwen the 2 engines? and can u make a 140 in to a 190? sorry if its a silly question just sumfing i would like to no. cheers