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  1. alan333

    every morning starting problem

    Check the glow plugs
  2. alan333

    Exhaust modification

    When a head gasket fails there are three things which can mix: coolant, oil and combustion gases. If coolant is going anywhere it shouldn't then the coolant level will drop... unless it's being replaced by oil, in which case the coolant will be oily/dirty. If it's mixing into the oil then the oil level will rise and there's a white smudge residue often evident on the inside of the oil filler cap etc. When lots of coolant mixes with oil it turns a milky grey colour. If it's mixing into the combustion chamber it gets burnt off along with the petrol/air mix but produces steam (appearing like white smoke) from the exhaust. If oil is going anywhere it shouldn't then the oil level will drop...unless it's being replaced by coolant, so the drop in level might not be evident...but the drop in coolant will be. If oil is mixing with combustion gas it gets burnt off along with the petrol/air mix but produces blue smoke from the exhaust. If combustion gas is getting into the coolant it'll bubble/boil it and turn it dirty/smelly (and the gas will show up on a sniff test of the header tank). If combustion gas is mixing with oil there will be pressure when you remove the oil cap, but often not enough to be noticeable.
  3. alan333

    Help! Head gasket gone?

    I'm pretty sure I've read about LPG causing head problems, not necessarily Toyota, but generally.
  4. I fitted them to a 2009 saloon. There are instructions for fitting the genuine Toyota ones on the toyotatech website, but beware my aftermarket ones were deeper so they would have hit the crossmember behind the bumper if located per the instructions - I moved mine slightly so they corresponded with holes in the crossmember. The wiring was picked up from a plug behind the LHS side boot side trim panel, which is probably where you want to fit the controller/beeper anyway.
  5. Personally I'd try to pick up a newer one, maybe an 08 plate, with about 60-70k miles for my £3k or less.
  6. alan333

    Help with kerbing wheel!

    Toyota will say it needs a new wheel. Take it to a decent tyre place.
  7. alan333

    Avensis T27 ride quality

    Both the 59 plate TR diesel and 12 plate TR petrol saloons I owned sat great on the road, including at higher motorway speeds. They could be driven with just light finger pressure on the steering wheel holding them straight - no jiggly feeling whatsoever. I've had weird steering problems on two Toyotas, a 55 plate Avensis and an 11 plate Auris - the Avensis was completely down to cheap tyres causing the steering wheel to be off centre, and the Auris symptoms changed depending on where I fitted the new cheap tyres (although I never actually got to the root problem on that one and it was traded in). I'm a bit stumped about what to suggest, but are the tyre pressures at the 'loaded' weight? - if so try them at the 'light' weight. Also, I notice you have decent tyres but I'd maybe swap them front to back and see if it makes any difference.
  8. alan333

    Woke up to a dead battery

    Plug in something with a light on it (like a phone charger) and see if it goes out with the key removed.
  9. alan333

    2 problems - doors and window

    Do you mean that you can't lock/unlock the car using a mechanical key in a lock? I wonder if your two problems are related. If a door is open I'm pretty sure the locks won't engage (but will probably click) - perhaps the car thinks a door is open. And perhaps it's a wiring problem (or a cable not plugged in properly) which might also explain the faulty window. Do the interior lights work ok with opening/closing the doors?
  10. Usually glow plugs have afterglow ie they continue to heat/glow for a short while even after the engine has started.
  11. alan333

    Pulls to the right

    Check for bulged tyres or buckled wheels first.
  12. alan333

    Fan belt problem?

    If the screeching gets worse it suggests a belt problem, but could also be a siezed pulley or something.
  13. alan333

    Fan belt problem?

    Try switching on some electrics which use lots of power - like the headlights, rear demister and the heater fan - and see if the noise gets worse.
  14. alan333

    Alarm working?

    Lock the car using the remote, then unlock using the key. The alarm should sound when you open the door, and stop when you turn the ignition on or unlock using fob.
  15. alan333

    Parking sensor replacement after ding

    Was that Wullie by any chance? I phoned looking for him a couple of months ago to be told he's no longer there.