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  1. No TPMS on any of the fairly new trucks/trailers at my work.
  2. Not so sure about the speeding part. Even when trucks are 'running on' down hills exceeding their max 56mph limiters, their tyres are made to withstand higher speeds. I’m sure lots of us remember before speed limiters they all used to run along the flat at about 65mph.
  3. Not sure how problematic the battery problem actually is, but personally, I’m not expecting a flat battery at all during my ownership, unless I was doing only a handful of miles ie not enough for the battery to be charged, like in a normal car. IMHO if it goes flat there’s a problem with the car and I’ll get it repaired. Enjoy your new car 🙂
  4. Just missed the 5 year warranty mate, ours are 3 years 😕 (but obviously we can keep it intact for up to 10 years by getting services at Toyota in due course).
  5. Not sure about your car but how to remove the mirror cover is in the handbook of a C-HR since it’s part of changing the side repeated bulb.
  6. The dealer says it had an oil and filter change at the January date, and I have a Hybrid Health Check stamp in the service booklet (which I’d forgotten we even had), so I guess I should be covered for any warranty issues. I think I’ll pop into the dealer and get a printout of what they did just to have belt and braces.
  7. Yes indeed, the service was done 5 months or 2600 miles early. To give them credit tho, if I were to buy that car with a service due in 2600 miles I’d want it was done before I collected it, or want it done free in a couple of months when actually due. Maybe it just saves them hassle to do it when they got the car themselves? Or maybe their workshop was quiet? Also, the dealership, Arnold Clark, lost the Toyota franchise UK wide at the end of March. Maybe they wanted a Toyota service as a good selling point?
  8. Yes mate that’s what I’m trying to figure out. I've now phoned the main dealer who says it had a service in January. It just seems weird that the app doesn’t mention anything under the same 'maintenance' category that yours does, and it also says our next service is due at 20,000 miles where it was serviced at 7427 miles. I think I’ll pop into the dealer (who isn't a Toyota dealer any more) and get a printout confirming it had that service. Thanks for your help 🙂
  9. alan333


    All the foamy pieces sit in place, however there are sort-of screws sticking up from the boot floor at a couple of places, and there are corresponding holes in the bottom of the foamy pieces.
  10. Check out briskoda forums, they were lively when I had occasion to peruse them a while ago.
  11. Wouldn’t that give you the opposite symptoms? If there was air in the system it would compress the air rather than push the fluid through, thus the clutch would fail to disengage properly?
  12. To test for a worn clutch - select a high gear (4th maybe?) with the car stopped and the handbrake on. Attempt to move off using quite high revs as necessary, if you can let the clutch all the way out, or nearly all the way out, then the clutch is on it’s way out.
  13. From a manual I have on pdf... Remove back door trim assy ( I assume this means the internal boot trim assembly?) On a different page it shows unscrewing 2 screws in the grab handles on the internal boot trim, then popping out 12 clips Remove back door garnish sub-assy outside (eh?) Pull the license plate lamp assy to the side as shown and release the claw (it shows a left then outwards motion)
  14. alan333

    Paint Code

    No, not that one. On my car the tyre pressure plate is on the drivers side door ingo, but the same place on the passenger side has the vin plate with the paint code.
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