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  1. yep chassis is the same, you can even get away with putting EP91 coilovers onto an EP82. i will be fitting a set of EP82 coilovers to my Paseo in the future because they all use the same suspension components. brilliant thanks for that and yes i did atchually get a set of discs the paseo ones for my car as halford and autoquip dont even know what car it is as its a import parts can be a nightmare even when you tell them the engine code lol thanks agen.
  2. hi there i have a starlet naturally asprated ep82, which i have been surfing the internet for a set of coilovers and can only seem to find to them for the gt turbo, these are the same fittment arnt they? just wanted a second opinion, thanks luke
  3. hi i have the same problem with putting a turbo on mine i would say the best thing would to get a standard 2ee manifold and manufacture the bottom to bolt the turbo on which is what i am doing i cant seem to find one with separate manifold runners luke
  4. thanks for the help guy now decided to go down the route of a turbo getting a t15 of a transit van :) and running at about 7psi with a front mount mad motoring on a budget. And without the extra weight of a GT Turbo. Thanks luke
  5. hi everyone i have a toyota starlet 1.3 gli n/a ive just resently had a smack init not my fault :( and ive had to get a new passenger rear light to which i couldnt find the orginal so i bought a pair of series one gt turbo light to which i found the bulbs and clips dnt fit into the holes which are a smaller diameter does anyone know whether the rear light loom is the same on a gt turbo to mine i noticed on mine there is a wire not in the plug on the light side which im guessing is for the fog light as they arnt built in on mine thanks luke
  6. Legend thanks alot great help :) just gettin bit noisey thanks again for all the posts luke
  7. i read up and looked for my self and there manual adjusters not hydraulic thanks for the reply tho
  8. hi i wonder if you could help ive looked everywhere on the internet and cant seem to find the tappet clearance sizes exhaust and inlet for my car its a 1994 ep81 toyota starlet 1.3 mpi if anyone could help it would be great and its the 2ee which is the 12v thanks again luke
  9. any meets going on down exeter area any time soon? loads of jap cars down ere so wheres all the jap meets gone :(
  10. yep im runing my car on 185 55 14s lowered on coil overs and had to roll the arches on the back all i done is just took the wheel off with it in the air and tap it with a hammer cafully all the way round painted in red hammerite so it doesnt rust and jobs a gooden :)
  11. and you be even more amazed that it atchuall has a 2ee lump init so its the 1.3 sohc 12v runing 102bhp bairing in mind its a import it is quite mad tho for example it eats saxo vtrs keeps up with the vts's and will have the fiesta zetec s's also had a 2ltr red top cavi at top end! easily goes off the clock no one understands why its soo quick me neither it seems to be all standard aswel its not camed. thanks for the advise but i wana stay n.a really preffer it dnt like the power being in one big lump maybe thottle bodys but then that would give 15 20 bhp if that. just bin reading up they did a 3e which was a 1.5 version anyone a idea if this cam would fit in mine like the 4efe and 5efe does thanks luke.
  12. starlet-na

    1 year lata and what a difference

    1 year lata and the car has changed loads perfomance and looks :)
  13. hiya i have a starlet ep82 1.3 na at the moment i was wondering if anyone had any ideas what i could do to gain abit more performance out of the engine atm all i have done is a decat induction with cold air feed to front bumber advanced the timing 4 degrees and its was runing 102bhp at the flywheel before i altered the timing and that has made the engine a lot more torquey lower down any ideas would be great thanks p.s i was thinking of doing a 4age engine swap to find owt when my friend bought one there was nothing in it wen there aparently surposed to be 136bhp. thanks agen luke
  14. get a n.a more reliable lol i was goin to surjest it could be to do with your dissy timming as i have advanced mine and it has made the idle rise but if u have checked it fair enough i noticed with my car and a friends corrolla gti16 they both wen you pull up to traffic lights or rev it revs drop off quite quick dwn to 400 500 then jump back to the idle position not sure what this is to do with!
  15. hiya ive got a ep81/82 starlet import 1.3 2ee engine and its running 102bhp at the flywheel buts its fuel injection not carb wat ecu do you recon it is runing on if i used the glanza s ecu would it make a improvement thanks luke
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