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  1. Ok so now the wheel balancing is resolved I've discovered a bit more about this vibration which I still have. While stationary I tried different engine revs. At around 1,200rpm the vibration is quite low frequency and sends a shudder through the whole car. The steering wheel visibly moves. At 2,000rpm the vibration is higher frequency, like holding a pair of hair clippers or a power tool. It makes my fingers go tingly after a bit. 3,000rpm higher frequency still and less noticable. And so on. More convinced now it's a clutch problem. I know these cars are 3 cylinder and
  2. Yep, my fan cuts in and out all the time with the a/c on. I can also confirm the car slows down when the compressor kicks in 😄 and the headlights dim too.
  3. This was an interesting post, could be the problem http://www.c1oc.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10244&start=20
  4. And yes I did think of putting the spare on. I might yet do that and then at least that wheel is eliminated. Although it's been kn for a while with no issues
  5. The garage I went back too re checked the wheel balancing. Front wheels were miles out, so much for the first tyre shop. Much better improvement now. Still vibrates though. You know how your hands feel after using a power tool. It feels a bit like that after driving it any distance. So I think wheel balancing was part of it, but there's something else too. I can't see the garage taking it all apart again either. Could be something transmitting engine vibration. Some more investigation needed
  6. Well, the vibration is still there, although it has changed. I no longer get the high frequency vibration through the accelerator pedal. I do still get steering wheel vibration though. Tyre shop have balanced all wheels, the slightly buckled one is on the rear where it was before (and not causing a problem) I did go back to them and say, still got the same problem. They just said all wheels were balanced, it must be the buckled one at fault. It can't be though because it's been like it for ages now, on the rear and no problem. Having it on the front undoubtedly contributed to the v
  7. Ok so I'm at my trusted tyre shop now. The slightly buckled wheel which was on the rear. They found it on the front. So hopefully that is the cause of the problem. They're fitting the balanced wheels to the front and the wonky one at the back where it was before (and not causing a problem) I'll report back tomorrow after my trip to work.
  8. I've been playing around trying different engine rpm 70 in 5th, 70 in 4th etc seeing if it's engine speed or road speed that makes a difference. Difficult to tell really as the roads aren't the best and I think my dampers are past their best too. It's a high frequency sort of vibration tho, like holding a pair of hair clipper or a power tool.
  9. Getting the wheel balancing done now. It's on my way home, and also I bet wheel balancing will be the first thing the garage say when I mention vibration. At least now I can say it's been done. And who knows may fix the problem. I wish I had paid the extra for it to be done at the main dealer now. £850 seemed an awful lot tho. I do wonder if that includes skimming or replacing the flywheel. I suspect probably not. Labour on the clutch is apparantly about 5hrs so at dealer rates. Plus the OEM clutch will be dearer than the LUK one that I have now
  10. Yeah I'll see if I can get that done first. I don't think it is because they were recently balanced, and it was fine before it had the clutch done. I'm a bit reluctant to pay for them to be balanced again when there might be nothing wrong with them. I know one of the wheels isnt quite round any more, but it should be on the rear.
  11. So the clutch pedal in my 2012 Aygo had gone very heavy. Suspect probably the pressure plate. Toyota wanted £850 to put a new clutch in so I tried a local independent who did it for £550. Only now I have some vibration. I notice it around the 70mph mark, I've tried a lower gear, so lower speed but similar revs (between 3-4k) and it doesn't seem as bad. Also seems worse under load. I've also tried dipping the clutch and coasting and that seems to help although I can't be sure. I feel the vibration through the accelerator pedal and steering wheel. I suppose it's possible a wheel
  12. Not strictly the same as I have a facelifted 2012 Aygo with a manual, but. 80,000 miles and the clutch is starting to play up. Heavy clutch pedal, sometimes judders when engaging and a bit of slip. Toyota quoted around £800 for a new clutch !
  13. I wonder if it's some sort of gearbox/engine bearing, grumbles when cold but goes away once the oil warms up. Big end maybe?
  14. I've been happy with Goodyear Efficientgrip
  15. Ben565

    My GT86

    Ah ok , perhaps I should have said fwd car in general rather than specifically hot hatch. It looked pretty damp in those pictures, I thought you might have driven it in the wet. A lot of the reviews say the back end slides at every wet roundabout, so maybe it will surprise you. I'm glad you drive sensibly, the way that's written I could take that the wrong way and think you're implying that I don't? The Hilux I've driven, with no weight in the back, in the wet, even going slowly off a roundabout the back end will sometimes start to go without you intending it too. Esp if there'
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