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  1. Yeah, I tend to go by the 'normal' price because the discount thing is so arbitrary; They give you huge discounts to get you in then renew at the 'full' price and you have to call them up and haggle it down again or threaten to leave if you want to keep the 'introductory' price going. It kinda pisses me off and is why I tend not to have any brand loyalty to companies that do this - Virgin Media is a great example of a company that does this; Stupidly cheap introductory prices but once you're in you get sod-all. If anything, the longer you're with them the worse they treat you! I've f
  2. Ugh, I know, but I just can't *stand* the dumbed down limited and resource gobbling browsers that are now mainstream. You can't even rebind hotkeys or change toolbar buttons in most of them. Hell, Chrome doesn't even *have* a toolbar now, and all its settings and config options are hidden away in the nonsensical 'Advanced' section or the chrome:**** secret hidden config sections! It just sucks that sites like ToC work just fine in Opera, but just because of the SSL protocols being removed I can't access the site with my favourite browser :(
  3. Cyker

    Clean car!

    My car was serviced and cleaned on Tuesday... now it's already got streaks of muck and road dirt on the fenders and doors! There's even some on the top of the door arch! (HOW?!?) What happened to Nissan's super magical hydrophobic coating that is so good it repels mud?! I want that!!
  4. Are you sure the blade is correct? For instance, when I was hunting around for a flip key for my old Mk1 Yaris, I found it had 3 different keyblades and transponder types for it and they all looked very similar but were mutually incompatible! Have another look at your original and the cut ones and make sure the cuts and grooves on both sides of the flat of the keys match, not just the cuts on the edge! If they do, then... I'm stumped. If not, is worth hunting around on eBay for the correct blank and getting that cut! BTW, how much did Toyota quote you for a key? My o
  5. It depends - The single reason I switched to Toyota Insurance is they were the cheapest at the time!!!! (Crazy, I know!) The thing is I don't want to ever have a claim through them because I know they'll just write off the car - Using Toyota parts and workshops for anything but a minor repair will easily exceed the value of the car! That said, I have no loyalty to any insurance company; They only put the prices up every year. The only way to get it down is to hunt around and switch! There are a few I automatically exclude like Direct Line and LV, who I've not heard good things about
  6. If you don't need the full thing then it's worth looking at AA directly as their cheapest package is less than the Toyota Roadside, same with RAC and Greenflag. If you want the full thing tho' it's pretty competitive - It's normally something like £120 last time I looked at the AA and RAC equivs. Greenflag quotes £60 but the small print says "10% of customers achieve these prices" so I'm not sure how that works. The Toyota Roadside price hikes do suck, but they haven't gone over the tipping point for me yet - I'm doing 2 cars and get a (small) discount on one of them, and I'm taking
  7. Could it be the clutch slipping? My dad's Verso's clutch needs changing and we currently can't use more than 50% accelerator or it slips, but when it first started I noticed that at high accelerator inputs it would take a second or so for the clutch to 'grab', and the engine revs would climb but the car wouldn't accelerate as quickly as the revs indicated (Almost exactly like driving a CVT!). Or is your problem that it *isn't* revving up for a second or two when you accelerate, like the engine is lugging, like if you're in too high a gear, only you're not?
  8. Hiii, I haven't been able to connect to the website for the past few days; Assumed server was down but just noticed the error was to do with TLS/SSL handshakes and not just being able to connect! It seems at some point the webserver has dropped all encryption protocols except Elliptical Curve Cryptography ones, which Opera 11 doesn't support :( Is there any chance you could re-enable some of the non-EC encryption methods please?? At the moment toyotaownersclub.com only supports: TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA256 (0xc027) TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA2
  9. Your local dealer can order them for you, or you can message Parts King on this forum - He can usually sell them at a discount; If you leave near the Lindop Wrexham dealership you can probably go see him in person to pick up the parts too and save on the postage!
  10. Yeah, sadly you can only get the parts new from Toyota, and while some other garages may be able to fit them, they won't be able to do all the computery and recalibratory wotsits to make it all work properly once they're in... It may be cheaper to get a new car at this point...
  11. I wonder if the variable vanes on the turbo have gotten stuck open or something? Or the thing that actuates them?
  12. Cyker

    New Member

    Wow, I'd have expected them to last a lot longer for primarily A-road and motorway driving! Either the Aygo has much smaller brakes or mine aren't as bad as I thought!
  13. Well people don't buy Toyotas for their fun factor! Quite the opposite if you think about it - We want cars that WON'T give us the fun of breaking down on a Smart Motorway at rushhour for instance XD Although in its defence the Avensis is a nicer car to be in and drive than a lot of the other models. I think one reason for declining sales is Toyota's USP is hybrid-tech, and the Avensis is one of the only main models that doesn't have a HSD variant. Also, it's a victim of the upsizing I mention in lots of threads - It's basically been usurped by the Prius and Auris which have grown into
  14. Cyker

    New Member

    Yeah, in all my cars the clutch and brakes get shredded because of the constant stop-start crawling up and down hills! My old petrol Fiesta would barely last 20,000 before the clutch needed changing! My old diesel Yaris did better, presumably because the clutch was heavier duty and the engine didn't require so much engagement time because it had so much torque. I have to slip New Yaris' clutch a lot more engaging the clutch when crawling up steep hills and I suspect it will eat the clutch faster again... :S Brakes normally lasted about 20k too; The genuine Toyota Akebono brake pads on
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