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  1. TBH the average age of the members of this forums has climbed over the years and is probably on the higher side so suspect won't be many bites for a modded performance car! No harm in advertising it tho' if you really want to sell it.
  2. You were in D with the handbrake on? Was the car pulling against the handbrake? If you applied the EPB/handbrake manually, I think if you hold it down too long it disables the auto-disengage...? Also, I think if in D with the handbrake on for too long with MG2 pulling against it, MG2 can overheat and may turn off to cool down, but this is mostly speculation - My Yaris has flashed up overheat warnings from being stationary while applying power to MG2 before, when I was queuing on a steep hill and accidentally holding the car on MG2 idle. I rarely use the EPB unless in conjunction with P-mode so haven't discovered all its idiosyncrasies. I tend to use the brake auto-hold rather than the EPB to hold the car still, unless e.g. waiting for a level crossing or motorway closure, then I put it in P and let the EPB auto-engage that way.
  3. Wow that's so much better than what I had! My quotes were over £700 plus shipping with a turnaround of 2 weeks! I did find a second-hand gearbox from a welsh breakers for IIRC £200 tho (Yay for Wales!). The breakers round here wanted £6-700 for one - again, crazy money for an old gearbox!
  4. I believe you can copy the usb stick music to your phone (Or a microsd card if you have one of those increasingly rare phones that has a microsd card slot!) and play it through that when using android auto.
  5. The Mk3 isn't so great for hilly places as it's much more sensitive to load than the Mk4; Most people who had a Mk3 in hilly places didn't find them especially economical - I remember me and madasafish consistently getting better mpgs in our much older Mk1 D4Ds at the time Where the Mk3 does best is a mix of A-roads and urban driving - The drivetrain seems set up to work best in those environments and you can get Mk4-levels of economy. However the more powerful MG2 and reduction gear, allowing the car to run EV-only at much higher speeds, gives the Mk4 a big advantage on hills and motorways over the Mk3. The new engine's ability to switch to Otto-cycle mode under load and combine with the MG2's increased power also makes it feel a lot more powerful - I'd agree with PartsKing's pocket rocket comments (Testing that does hurt the mpg somewhat tho' ) They are really expensive tho' - I think the jump is one of the biggest between generations of Yaris My original plan was to wait 3 years and get one 2nd hand at a lower price, although a combination of Sadiq KHAAAAN!, my Mk2's spectacular lack of reliability, and my local dealer badly dropping the ball forced my hand. It doesn't help that the 0% finance has been discontinued for some reason either On the bright side, so many people seem to have gotten Mk4s I think you'll be able to get one for a lot less money 2nd hand in 3-4 years time (Or at least when the ridiculous hike bubble of 2nd hand cars bursts!)
  6. Ironically it's the other way around! The smaller the hybrid battery the better the mpg will be (For normal hybrids anyway; It's a bit more complicated with PHEVs). The biggest enemy of MPG is weight, and batteries are heavy! But it turns out with a hybrid, you don't need a big battery - The battery is there purely to capture wasted energy from the engine, and as soon as it gets 'full' you can switch off the engine and use up that energy. Case in point - The Mk4 Yaris has the smallest traction battery of any Toyota hybrid sold to date - It's not even 1 kWh: Barely 700watt-hours! Not even enough to run the average kettle for half an hour! Even the Mk3 Yaris hybrid has a bigger battery, at 1300kWh, and I think even the original Prius had a bigger battery! Yet the Mk4 is easily the most efficient hybrid you can buy right now - I don't know any hybrid you can hoon around on country roads and still return over 70mpg, and plenty of people have seen over 80mpg in them driving mostly normally in summer! I think Toyota had a moment of genius and realized that they didn't need a big battery, and that the small battery has a lot of surprise advantages: Aside from being much lighter and cheaper and using less resources than a bigger battery, it also means the engine has to cycle on more often which keeps it at its most efficient operating temperature - If the battery was bigger, the car would run on MG2-power for longer and the engine would cool down too much and loose efficiency. It is slightly dissatisfying, as you can't hold high speeds on MG2 for very long because of the smaller capacity, or even drive in 'EV mode' for any useful length of time like e.g. the Auris hybrid can, but since I'm getting over 400 miles out of about 26 litres of fuel on average I can't really complain!!
  7. The hybrid health check is literally them just plugging it into a computer which just checks the voltages, looks for any historical/stored errors etc. They don't actually do any maintenance on the battery system at all AFAIK unless you count topping up the coolant. I don't think they even clean the fan intake! The rest of the servicing is similar to a normal car - The engine is just a normal engine so needs all the usual normal engine things (Oil, filters, plugs etc.)
  8. You can change this via the dash MFD - It's in settings somewhere (You'll have to explore or check the manual for more detailed steps!). IIRC you can select between Tank average, Trip average and Lifetime average. You can also reset/clear the average via the big infotainment display and it'll start recalculating it - I usually do that every fillup for the tank average.
  9. Well you've got a few things going against you there; The RAV4 is a bit of a brick, aerodynamically speaking, and the SR180 was Toyota's attempt at a 'performance diesel' so it tends to sacrifice a lot of economy for a more sporty/responsive feel. 40-ish seems to be the general average mpg I see people get with them (Although usually on the Auris, so that'd be pretty good on the RAV4!), but yeah unless you drive slower it's not likely to go up. There aren't many cars that can keep high mpgs at 80mph!
  10. I think you made the right choice - The Mk4 is harder to place than the earlier Yarisususuesus because the car is lower and you're sat lower too, plus it's longer than the Mk1 and Mk2 so those parking sensors really help squeezing it into tight gaps!! And I'd echo it's worth the wait! It's such a good car! Fun and economical, fast when you want it to be, sedate when you want it to be! I just love that I can drive it the way I do ("enthusiastically" ) and still get higher tank-average mpgs than even my Mk1 diesel (Which set a very high bar to begin with!) It does have flaws (Poor general visibility compared to the old ones being one of may main bugbears) but it's just so nice to drive it's easy to ignore them!
  11. Looking gooood! On a slight tangent, has anyone here actually ever replaced their traction battery due to age?? The only posts I've ever seen about battery replacement were in the very early days with the Mk2 Prius, but those were due to manufacturing faults so it was done under warranty. Never seen anyone post about a battery replacement on here in the past decade or so, which is funny when compared to EVs as I've seen loads of battery replacements for e.g. Leafs, Zoes, Teslas, Bolts/Volts, etc...!
  12. If you do, prepare yourself - I was getting some stupidly high quotes plus a 2 week turnaround and I'd have to pay to have it shipped to them! It might be better where you are as it seems like most of the competent mechanics are up north whereas down here everything seems to be more of a throwaway culture!
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