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  1. Yeah it's pretty shocking - One story I remember in the local paper mentioned how one group literally just stopped their car in the middle of the road in slow moving traffic, with cars behind them, jumped out and cut the cat off of the target car, then continued on their way in the log jam of traffic! There's several videos on YouTube showing the thefts and they are literally in and out in a couple minutes, and really brazenly too! I'm hoping it's just a few groups that were just hitting lots of places as it seems to have died down a bit since the police have finally managed to catch some of them! It's the copycat ones that I'm worried about - There have been a small number reports of people having their resonators nicked as the thieves mistake them for cats!
  2. Have they changed how it works in the Mk3 and Mk4 then? For the Mk1 and Mk2, we were always told there is no official way to code a new key without at least one master. The official dealer fix was a new ECU and locks, although we did a have a guy on here who claimed he could code a key but you had to send him the ECU (I assume he was able to program the flash chip directly to either inject a code or put it in Factory Blank mode where it will accept a code) I know I never found a way to program a new key without a master for my Mk1 or Mk2, but with newer Toyotas you get a metal tag with a code which supposedly allows a dealer to code a new key without needing one of the old ones, so I guess they've added a backdoor what isn't present in the older ones...?
  3. I suspect you could add it after the fact, as there is an unused plug attached to the lighter which I suspect would plug into the wireless charger, but you'd have to go through the fun of trying to find out the part number. However, none of the UK specs gets it, even as an option - I have a fully loaded Excel and it has no wireless charging I was nagging Toyota GB about spec options so you never know, they may add it in a future refresh.
  4. Hmm, not sure about the steering wheel and steer by wire thing... I'm already not a huge fan of the brake by wire in the Mk4 as it's really hard to stop smoothly with it and it really doesn't transition well during gentle braking, although partly this is because MG2 pushes against the brakes below certain speeds (Why Toyota whyyy?!)
  5. Yeah the TNGA cars seem to have much more compromised interior space than the previous gens cars - Going from the Mk2 to the Mk4 was a bit of a shock in terms of interior space! I figured it'd be similar since the Mk4 is longer and wider than the Mk2, but everything is more cramped - Despite losing the handbrake the front seat space is narrower due to a wider centre shifter tunnel, and there is much much less rear leg room, mostly because you can't slide the rear seats back any more...
  6. For my Type A and Type B thing? I wouldn't have thought so - It's more common to have runflat tyres in larger rim sizes than smaller ones! I suspect it's some variation of the car that doesn't apply here since we don't officially get 15" rims in the UK - If anyone in Ireland or Europe who has a Mk4 Yaris on 15" rims is reading this maybe they can shed some light!
  7. Wow, that's very strict! We in the UK can basically put on any wheel we like here as long as we can get someone to insure the car with them on and the speedo doesn't underread!
  8. I've just noticed you can't browse the forum anymore when not logged in! The search sometimes works or sometimes displays a page titled "Sorry you don't have permission for that" containing ---------- Whoops!... an error has occurred! Hey, We hope you like the Toyota Owners Club? To view more Toyota goodness, please register (IT'S FREE! and takes 30 secs ) for loads more unrestricted Toyota content. Fewer adverts, more content and you'll be part of the UK's leading Toyota community! Register (Error code: DP45GVLM001/1 ) The content is either unavailable or you need to be logged in to view the content. Sign in now or Register to the club. ---------- and none of the forums are accessible!
  9. No the Burnaston Factory you goof!! Although if they paid for us to fly out to japan I wouldn't say no...
  10. TBH I'd take the tracker with a pinch of salt... According to the tracker my car arrived in Hull from France 2 days after ordering, then took a month to get from Hull to Burnaston Actually has anyone ever been to the Toyota factory? I wonder if they would take a ToC tour group?
  11. @TonyHSD - I'm sure your part of the country looks just as nice on a sunny day! @flash22 - For a Mk3 that's still !Removed! good at this time of year!
  12. Sadly no, the 16" and 17" rims only have the one set of pressures - Only the 15" section differentiates between type A and B!! It's a bit of a mystery, and because Toyota don't officially support 15" in the UK, despite it being in the manual, they couldn't offer any insight either...
  13. I depends if you think you can sell it and get a better car or not - I stuck with my Mk1 Yaris D4D for aaaages, as there was (And IMHO still is) no better car for me in existence, so to me it was worth me keeping it going as long as possible, although to be fair I never had anything so structural go on it. I only got rid of it because of KHAAAAAAN! and his stupid ULEZ I 'upgraded' to a Mk2 and it had far worse build quality than the Mk1 did... TBH £4-500 isn't too bad for something like that so if it were me I'd repair it. This is not a fantastic time to buy a new car as well, as the prices are just getting silly!
  14. It's not an 'option' like going from 16" to 17" rims is - It's literally them selling you a whole new set of rims and tyres like what I did to get the 15's, so he would get both sets. It still annoys me that you can go from 16" to 17" but not the other way around - Surely homologation doesn't work like that!? I'm curious - How does that work in Europe, if you buy a car from a different euro country - Does it still count as an import? Over here, if I'd bought my ultimate Mk4 Yaris (The Japanese one - Everything my one has plus it's narrower! Has a real hand brake! 360 degree camera! Auto-parking! eAWD! 15" rims! Heated wheel! Heated seats! Wireless charging!), the local Toyota dealers would NOT service it as a Toyota, but would treat it as a 'third-party' car like if you'd asked them to service a Ford or Honda - No recalls, no firmware updates, no Techstream customization, no hybrid battery check, no Relax extended warranty etc.
  15. Ah ha! I have also seen the video now! Interestingly, this is on 16" rims with Continental EcoContact 6 tyres - The last time he did a similar journey and only ("only") got 84mpg, but that was with 17" rims and the OEM Bridgestone Ecopia tyres...
  16. So far it seems E10 vs E5 makes little to no difference in mpg with the Toyota hybrids - At least, so far any differences are far outweighed by the lower temperatures of approaching winter!
  17. Unfortunately those list tyre pressures for the 17" rims the car came with, not the 15" rims I switched to!
  18. I would have assumed a full-sized spare meant an actual 5th wheel that was identical to the other wheels, like you used to get in cars before space-savers (or nothing) became a thing...! Also can't shed light on why the spare would make a difference with the tyre pressures... I have a similar quandary with the tyre chart for 15's on my Mk4 - It says type A needs 41 PSI and type B only needs 33, but I've yet to find in the manual what Type A or Type B actually means or how to tell whether my car is Type A or Type B!
  19. It's nice to know that good Toyota dealers exist, if only 'up North' Alas me and flash and other southerners seem to be stuck down here with all the bad ones!!
  20. I have seen a reduction too, but it's been gradual since summer so I figured it was more likely just the reducing temperatures. I don't think E10 should affect the Mk4's noticeably as they would have been tuned to run primarily on E10 unlike older cars.
  21. You'd be better off sticking with the normal size and looking at different types of tyre - If snow and ice are common where you are I'm guessing you're in a country that normally runs winter and summer tyre sets. Rain isn't a problem for any half-decent summer tyre, but for the winter set maybe some Nokian Snowproof or even Hakkapeliittas - My scandinavian friends swear by them. We don't get much snow and ice in the UK so a milder all-season like the Michelin Cross Climate is more suitable here, although more northern people often get proper winter tyres. I don't even bother with a winter set as this far south I almost never see snow anyway!
  22. Depends what you want out of it - It might give slightly better cornering grip, but also worse aquaplaning, fuel consumption, acceleration and tyre cost.
  23. For me the motorway surface makes the biggest difference - Old worn asphalt and those sand-coloured concrete slabs are the worse (Just lots of noise, with the joins on the concrete slabs adding a DUHDUM DUHDUM DUHDUM the whole time. Maddening!) I literally sigh with relief every time I hit some new tarmac - So smooth! So quiet! It's just bliss!
  24. I just filled up so that's good timing! Tank average indicated is 77mpg, calculated 74mpg. Still don't know how that's happening as that's with me lugging a boot full of tools all week, and includes a weekend trip to Milton Keynes and back with some fairly weighty friends! The twisty bits of A5 are such a joy to drive on in this car compared to the old one! Total 427 miles covered, 26 litres to fill.
  25. Hey Dan, out of curiosity, what extra driving qualifications does AF take into account? e.g. Pass Plus, IAM, ARDS etc.?
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