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  1. Eh? When, what happened, missed all that!? Must have been last month while I was away.
  2. 27k miles in on my 62 plate 4.3.5 and I believe that my brakes have never been quite as good as my 57 plate 4.3 Rav4. Upon checking last week that the original pads were getting low I went to order up some Mintex pads and discs off eBay - these are the ones I put on my 4.3 before and very good, more initial bite, less fade than OEM but I will say more brake dust than OEM. This time I went one step further (and think I had a flashback to youthful boy racer days) and went for Black Diamond 6 groove disks with matching Predator pads. Fitted them on my tod a few days ago, spend a good 3/4 an hour
  3. Cheers very much all. Yep, another year older, wiser, balder!!?? Work email: "Birthday today, butteries and fancy pieces in the kitchen for tea break". Ive never understood, when its your birthday, you have to buy the cakes!!??
  4. A Rav 4.4.5, "SR220" model would grab my attention. I could then maybe forgive the interior.
  5. Looks spot on. I ran 30mm spaces on my old Rav to fill out the arches too. I'm running a set of T180 alloys on current Rav but it's a non wheel arch model and the 18's sit just in from the body.
  6. Just a half load to see how we got on towing. Rav pulled the trailer well, no issues at all.
  7. Hi Dan, will do, il get details to you. Cheers
  8. Cross bars slide in the channel so you can remove them, have them both at back or I'm happy to leave them in place, tighten up with a 8mm nut / socket. Both the rails and cross bars were cheaper than OEM rails on their own. Worth noting that the OEM rails don't have a channel to accommodate cross rails.
  9. No, I've upgraded from the homemade Sunday trailer to an Ifor Wiliams electric tipping trailer with mesh. It's kept in locked garage too but I would be happier if insured. Il try current car insurance and home insurance first, then NFU.I get free wood from my work, off cuts, perfect for fire at home, use one load, sell next two.
  10. Anyone recommend good companies to go with for trailer insurance? New "big boy toy" for behind the Rav.
  11. Sorry, I know its a bit late, I bought aftermarket rails that had a channel on the inside face to allow me to fit cross bars too. Fitment was exactly the same as OEM and the cross bars are flush with the rails too, il be making full use of them with the snowboard carrier bracket shortly (I hope). I also had silver ones on my previous Rav4 too.
  12. Not sure how to get link from gumtree, but a black 2007 T180 has appeared for 2.5k , 74k miles, London. Bargain or risk?
  13. Ive seen them on some European Rav4.3's..... they do exist. Id probably paint them to match body first, buts looks smart.
  14. Im loving my new Hankook Ventus S/T;s, cheaper than big brand names, nice looking tyre and wear well, just got them on my 4.3 and had them on my 4.1 too, lasted ages.
  15. The T180's certainly seem to pop up with a lot of issues. I had a 136bhp model, the XT5 - had just the same internal trim (leather, elec heated seats, sat nav, voice control, sunroof), externally it didn't have the dreaded (and expensive) run flat system or the flared arches. I put 50k miles on my XT5 and never needed a thing apart from usual service items. I could be wrong in saying this, but the T180's seem to "thrive" better if they are doing good trips / miles to keep DPF clear and not just tooting about town. I also had a tuning box fitted to it which would have brought it up to around 1
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