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  1. Just fill it up with oil. Im sure there would be some oil in the engine. Was the oil light on? If the light was not on don't worry about it. Just check it the oil level weekly. The aygo engine does make some noise on acceleration mainly from the exhaust. You wouldn't be able to see engine damage without doing a engine strip down.
  2. You will be fine. I drive over 500miles a week in my aygo on the M3 M25 M40 75mph. The only thing I would take is oil as it might use a bit.
  3. It's either from the high level brake light or radio aerial
  4. I thought I better wash my car it's been a while!
  5. Make the windscreen fitter a cup of tea and I'm sure they will stick the aerial on the glass for you.
  6. I have had 3 windscreen replaced in my aygo's last one was fitted in October 2018. All of these have been fitted by Autoglass without any problems. They all have black round the edge of the the window it's a standard aygo windscreen. You have nothing to worry about.
  7. I think the main reason for the good mpg is the variable speed limits on the M3/M25/M40 a40 a406 I always seem to be at a speed between 40/60 and if I stop I turn the engine off. It's serviced regularly it all helps. It's my 3rd aygo. My first was 08 aygo platinum I could only get 410/430 miles per tank. The next aygo was a aygo go it was a bit better. 450/480 miles. This aygo has been the best. Hopefully soon I'll try thre new shape aygo. I did have a Yaris hybrid for a couple of weeks when my can was in for repair at toyota last December. It didn't have as good mpg as the aygo.
  8. Good question I travel from Surrey to north London so mainly motorway but I do tend to get stuck in a lot of traffic. I turn the engine off when stationery. I have the ac on all the time to try and stop exhaust fumes coming in the cabin.
  9. My aygo move with style was served at toyota in June they used 0w20 I drive about 510 miles a week. The service I had in January at toyota they used 5w30 I still got 510 miles from a tank. I cannot see any difference. I can notice when my tyre pressures need to be checked mpg drops off slowly over the month. After the they are inflated it goes back up.
  10. 👍Sounds like you should visit toyota then. Part exchange you old one.
  11. Sell it and get a newer one. Is it worth all the hassle.
  12. Typical toyota sheering the retaing screws and fitting the disks. I would recommend replacing the retaing screws. I know they just hold the disk in place when you remove the wheel nuts but they make it easier to change the wheel at the side of the road at night in the rain.
  13. Give it a good thrashing on the motorway.
  14. I can only afford the supermarket value petrol it's not bad got 490 miles out this weeks tank. Your car might just need a service. My car feels better after a service.
  15. When I'm not using my 2014 aygo move with style I use this..