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  1. I just press the auto button and let it get on with it.
  2. I had just the same problem, only in my case it was a roaring noise between 1500 and 2000 rpm. Mr T told me it was a standard issue with the Verso. He fixed it by replacing the foam seal.
  3. Bluetooth 5 was introduced in 2016, I believe. However, BT5 is backwards compatible so that shouldn't be the problem.
  4. I'm sorry, but my car's seat side cover doesn't seem to want to come off and I'm afraid of breaking it. The tab definitely connects to the same mechanism as the top lever as I can feel one move if I operate the other. Do you have the handbook for your car? What does it say? Seat adjustment is around page 50 in my copy.
  5. The 2nd row seats in my 2008 SR fold flat, but I have to take the headrests off otherwise they get caught on the front seat backs. There's a latch on the top of the seat backs and a tab on the side of each seat. Lifting the latch results in what I think you're getting - the seat back only goes forward a little way. Pulling the tab does the job.
  6. Peterkin

    Verso Buyer

    Business users tend to do fewer, longer trips than private users. More motorway runs, fewer school drops. Their mileage is kinder on the car, so the extended service interval makes sense. All the same, I've never seen it either.
  7. Sounds like a glow-plug problem to me.
  8. The tide is turning against diesel. You may find that in a few years there will be towns and cities that will ban diesel traffic.
  9. It does seem to be typical of that engine. Both my present car and the car I drove on test did it. I've got used to it over the past 8 years.
  10. If it's a D-CAT model there'll be a badge on the tailgate.
  11. Danny, it's good practice to run the a/c continuously as it keeps the seals in good nick and prevents the system leaking. Pressing the auto button on my 2008 D4D SR's climate control panel enables the a/c. I only hear the engine fans start up if I'm stuck in traffic on a hot day, or doing an awkward parking manoeuvre. 10 minutes until the blue light on the dash goes out is what mine does, so seems normal. I've never seen my temp light go red, so if yours doesn't either then I think you're probably OK.
  12. I'd check the fusebox. The fuse for the front foglights is likely to be missing as the the lamps were originally not installed.
  13. As this guy discovered:
  14. Mid-Berkshire to the Suffolk coast and back. M4, M25, A12. Observing speed limits (according to my satnav, not the speedo), using cruise when possible. Average MPG as indicated by the trip computer was 64.2 going and 62.2 coming back. I'm chuffed with these numbers. Previously, travelling to Leeds and back I got 56 MPG, but I wasn't keeping the speed down, Are my figures credible? I really don't know how trustworthy the on-board computer is and I won't get the chance to do a fair brim-to-brim test. Does the computer over-estimate MPG the way the speedo overestimates speed? And do later diesel Versos give noticeably better MPG?
  15. My Verso is being little used at the moment and there's a risk that the battery may discharge to the point that the car won't start when I need it. I have a solar charging panel that - in good sunlight - can deliver 0.5A, which is plenty enough to keep the battery topped up. I'd like to put it on the dashboard (the car is parked facing south) and feed it to the battery. And there's the problem. I know that the cigarette lighter socket is only connected when the ignition is on, so it's no good plugging the solar panel into it. I need to connect it directly to the battery. But I park on the street, so routing the cable through a window and into the bonnet - i.e. going outside the car - feels like asking for trouble, even though I live in a relatively low-crime area. So, is there any point inside the cabin that I could connect the panel to, or any possible route through the firewall? I don't want to remove the battery from the car if I can possibly help it.