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  1. Life's to short to be faffing with additional steering locks etc imo, which then pose a significant danger in the event of a crash, unless in the boot. Far better to have a decent insurance policy in place. If it get nicked then claim and job done.
  2. From memory this is normal.
  3. Interesting - seeings as they normally have very similar light output levels.
  4. You're comparing a power consumption, not light output. Take into account that brake lights are normally headlight, and when stopped behind a car they're directly in front within 10 meters, when driving they're a lot further away - no different to how an oncoming car with main beams on will cause little or no dazzle when a mile away, but at 100 meters will be very uncomfortable.
  5. And needlessly dazzle the driver sitting behind you at night :( I can understand leaving foot on the brake until the car behind has pulled up, but there really is no reason to continue to do this after they've stopped. At this point I always put it into park. If someone hits you from behind and damaged the transmission then its not your problem, thats what insurance is for.
  6. With the original gen3 PiP the Li-Ion battery resulted in better MPG over the standard Prius if used as a conventional hybrid without plugging it. My PiP used to do 70mpg real world with ease at motorway speeds without plugging in on long journeys.
  7. Wouldn't be feasible. A kWh battery will not get you 8 miles. For starters it'll only have about 1.2 kWh of useable power (the original PiP has a 4.4 kWh battery with only 3 of those being available for use. The Yaris (certainly in its current form) simply isn't big enough unfortunately to house a battery big enough to make a plug in viable.
  8. How much?!? 1600 miles in my gen3 PiP would be about £60 of petrol and electric. Seems these new PiP's are costing a lot more to run!
  9. Confirmation on the service document - I got this when the charcoal canister recall was completed on my PiP.
  10. Join Fuelly.com and track your MPG manually to be able to see what your real world MPG is.
  11. So you don't have a documented paper copy of each service and whats been done for the cars service history?
  12. Have you checked what was listed on the paperwork when you paid for the completed service?
  13. Not even when servicing under Toyota UK's very own 'Fixed Price Servicing' Scheme? If so thats every poor, as its supposed to provide clarity that you're getting the same from what ever deal you visit in the UK for the same price, which clearly isn't the case if they can use what ever oil they wish.
  14. On my most recent PiP service the dealer had used 0w30 - luckily I noticed this on the paperwork before leaving. They promptly changed it to 0w20 after they realised I wasn't going to leave until they had done. Upon checking the previous services where 0w20 had been used, it saves them £10 a time (although you're still charged the same price as its under their fixed pricing servicing scheme), soon adds up over a few hundred cars. Out of 6 services they've made errors on 3 - not very good for a franchised main dealer. My only saving grace is they've always gone out of their way to rectify the issues.
  15. So they've confirmed there is nothing wrong with the car and you're still not happy.... I can't see the issue here myself but each to their own.
  16. Actually Li-Ion stores best at around 30% SOC, not 70!
  17. Likewise. Typical as it was only in for a service about 6 weeks ago where they done the charcoal canister recall.
  18. Well the results are in, I asked "For those that purchased their leaf new or used from a Nissan dealership. Was your leaf fully charged (lets say 90%+ SOC) for you upon collection?" Yes - 94 vs No - 26 So nearly 20% wern't!
  19. True, I wonder what Nissan dealers do for new buyers of Leaf's. I'll ask the question on the FB page I'm a member on.
  20. Because that wastes energy and fuel needlessly. I'd rather have a slight noise personally.
  21. I beg to differ, from experience the brakes are only engaged if you've maxed out the regen bar, brake harshly or are coming to a complete stop and traveling below 7-8mph.
  22. Prevents battery degradation - charging it and leaving it sitting for extended periods of time at a high SOC will stress Li-ion cells. TBH I always ask my Norwich dealer to charge mine for me when serviced, and they always do - although it didn't stop them using the wrong oil last month (0w30) which I made them change to 0w20 before I left.
  23. Well I've just tried it in my PiP in EV mode. In my opinion no benefit to using it over the regen braking with the pedal, and it'll actually be less efficient than leaving it in D and coasting with no power use or regen, as every time to draw from the battery, or put back, you'll be getting energy losses ultimatly.
  24. Nope, main dealer confirmed, and I've seen it repeated online also. Its only a 1.4ish KWh (can't remember the exact size) unit. He was saying how it was nearer £6-7k for the traction battery on the mk1 Prius originally! :O
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