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  1. Hi, does anyone know how to switch off the terribly annoying buzzers for unfastened safety belt and the key in when opening doors? Not that I don't wear my seat belt, but sometimes I just want to move my car a bit on the car park and it starts to go louder and louder...Also, the key in buzzer is really irritating and makes me mad! So help! My car is Avensis D4D 2003 (new model). Peter
  2. Have you tried engaging the gears with the engine stopped. If they engage easily then the problem is likely to be the clutch. This could be a problem of adjustment or a worn thrust bearing. If the gear is hard to engage then the problem will be the gearbox or linkage. Fitter It is sometimes stuck even with the engine stopped! What can I expect- gearbox failure? Peter
  3. Hi, I'm having difficulties putting the car in reverse, I really have to depress the clutch pedal fully (and I mean fully) and even then it sometimes sticks and have to try several times- any ideas where might be the problem? There are no signs on clutch being worn (like slipping uphill). 132.000 KM on the meter. Thanks! Peter
  4. There is a new product that I found, the GROM adapter; anyone having experience with that? Peter
  5. Thanks for your thoughts on that. I'm not really looking for audiophile quality in my car, it's just that I have some quite bad experience with such china made additions. Remember the cassete type adapter- that was really really bad sound quality. You said you reecoded your mp3s to compensate- how did you do that? Thanks for your answer . PS I dont find xcar link terribly expensive- mp3 CD changer costs much more (and takes up some space)- but if I tear up the car to install and then find that it is really dodgy would not be nice.
  6. How about the sound quality? There's rumours about high noise levels... cheers peter
  7. Hi, does anyone have experience with XCAR link mp3 interface on Avensis? It is connected as a CD changer and can be fixed inside the glove compartment and is supposed to work normally with the steering wheel commands just as a regular CD changer. However, I heard that the sound quality is not really great- lots of noise. I am thinking about getting something as the missing of possibility to listen to mp3 files is really bugging me. Anyone with the experience of other products? Grateful for advice! Cheers, Peter
  8. Hi, an update on state of affairs; the car still doesn't work well, sometimes starts OK , sometimes not (all 4 glow plugs were replaced by Bosch ones). I have noticed one other symptom: idle revs, normally at around 850, go up to 1250, if I turn on the fan (just the fan, not the AC) until the car is warmed up (some 15 minutes of driving)- this is strange as this little fan shouldn't be such a burdon to the car, so I thought this must be something with the software. Reseted the ECU (unpluged the battery for 10 minutes) and this symptom was gone. Strangely enough, the next day it was back!! What's going on- could there be a fault sensor of some sort or something wrong with the ECU or software? I'm getting desperate... Regards, Peter.
  9. Hi, do you think apart from glow plugs (assuming Bosch are OK) there could be other things wrong- what about the solenoid valve- I heard quite a lot about it here on the forum. Thanks, Peter
  10. Hi, thanks, Beagh. Didnt know plugs HAVE to be Denso- do you think Bosch arent doing the job correctly? The mechanic said the Bosch are perfectly OK. Will see what happens tomorrow (it will be -10 degrees and my car is at a Toyota service center). Will let you know. Cheers, Peter
  11. hi Peter in case all the above is correct then check with air presence belong to filter case and fuel pump. what bangiing sound you are referiing to? is that looks like a metal sound? cheers/Igor Hi Igor, yes it sounds like metal sound. cheers Peter Ok Peter -- the metal sound is an indicator of a bad performance of fuel injectors -- in other words they pour diesel when injected but not spray as designed. it's common issue with injectors. have them checked first. Cheers/Igor For information to everyone- took the car to a general mechanic who changed the glow plugs-said two were faulty. Now the car is better, starts down to minus 5 degrees but still problematic with colder weather. Tomorrow I will bring it to another Toyota service for a chechup. Will let you know... Peter
  12. hi Peter in case all the above is correct then check with air presence belong to filter case and fuel pump. what bangiing sound you are referiing to? is that looks like a metal sound? cheers/Igor Hi Igor, yes it sounds like metal sound. cheers Peter
  13. Hi, everyone, have a 2003 d4d 2.0, bought it in october. Now at cold days I have to use a bit of gas pedal to start the engine and in colder than -5 centigrade it wont start at all. The engine crancks and the light for heating coils go off after 10 seconds or so but the engine wont start. How do I know it is not the batterry? At toyota service they said the baterry and the heating coil is OK (the tester shows OK) and I already replaced the fuel filter. The fuel I use is said to be OK until -20 degrees so it is not the fuel. Also, there is some banging sound when I start the engine and until it is warmed up (a couple of minutes). Anyone with similar problem? Please help! Peter
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