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  1. when is the meet? sorry if it says in the topic i just clicked on reply without going back up to read..... craig
  2. have u got an piccies with them on the car? if i had a buyer for my speedlines i would have them straight away. INTERESTED ANY1? Craig
  3. too right! pm me when ur out...or 07840053429
  4. ye over on it's robh you want to speak to,he knows his stuff!
  5. nice,,i reckon a glanza spoiler would go well.i have the part number if you want it.
  6. personally would be expecting to pay £2500 up to around £3500...
  7. ey up toffee crisp! where bouts u from in barnsley? and bout your problem has your car been serviced recently/ i.e plugs and filters,coolant change? craig
  8. think i have asked b4 but where have the tte springs gone off the sr? also are they glanza skirts
  9. Welcome back from where ever ya been! :D
  10. if its what i think your talkin bout it's plugged into the top of the air box.
  11. looks very nice,, p.s what's happened to its tte springs.....
  12. ye he got them off syawal from there's a few guys gettin lightweight racing wheels from him.
  13. exhaust?? if i were you it would be PATTISSSH!!!! ;)