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  1. Or try a silicon spray..
  2. David, have a look at this site where you can find lots of info and advice from EV owners. http://speakev.com/
  3. Fitted on different car, but in both cases it sat almost behind the mirror where there is no black dots.
  4. Got one fitted to my present car and had it on the previous one, both hybrids. Just set the voltage to cut off at the level you feel OK with. I tried both settings and the only difference it made was that the camera switched off after a couple of hours. Never had any trouble with flat batteries.
  5. Should be O.K. To drive for a while until it's repaired, all it does is shield the bottom of the car from the exhaust heat.
  6. Unfortunately I've no idea, but it might be worthwhile comparing the likes of Kwik Fit, 😱 and independents as Toyota will probably be quite dear unless they are in a festive mood.
  7. Rear number plate is squint as well !!!.
  8. Heat shield for the exhaust, shouldn't be a too serious fix.
  9. If you have a premium membership of this forum, you may be entitled to a discount on the service plan which may be more that the cost of the upgraded membership.
  10. They use pressure washers to clean the cars and it wouldn't take much to get a shed load of water past the light seals.
  11. The scratched trim parts can be removed fairly easily according to previous posts on removing the radio. Once they are off you should be able to get them repainted to match.
  12. This was even an issue way back in 2008, dealer said it was normal.
  13. Had a 2008 one for 5 years and didn't have any problems with it except as mentioned before, the ride is on the firm side. Gearbox was the plain old 5 speed manual with normal clutch..
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