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  1. Hi, An update of my earlier problem, after about a week of running the car with a can of BG244 and BP ultimate diesel, she starts first go and straight to 1000 revs, i think the previous owner must have used supermarket fuel, and Toyota diesels dont like it. Tried Tesco diesel in the car before this, an 04 Avensis 2.0 and it ran crap.
  2. Thanks for the reply's Guys, Looks like a visit to Mr T for a plug in
  3. Wonder if the 2.2 is different to the 2.0?
  4. My 2.0 D4D auris idles at approx 800 when the weather is reasonable, however if its cold it climbs to 1000 - has your area been going through a cold snap recently? Thanks for the reply, Since I bought my Auris the temp has varied between -2 and +5 in the morning, but still starts at 800 then takes a few seconds before it climbs to 1000, maybe a temp sensor playing up?
  5. Further from last post, cleaned the EGR out it was fairly clogged, ran some BG244 through it, and using BP Diesel, still the same. Looking through other threads seems to point to the suction control valve ?
  6. Hi. Just bought an 09 Auris 2.0 D4D TR, 46000 miles. does anyone know what RPM the car should sit at on cold start, mine sometimes takes 3 goes to start and i think it's not getting enough revs, when it does start it sits at 800 for about 5 seconds then climbs to 1000, i just think it should start at 1000 revs. Just sold a 2.0 D4D Avensis and that sat at 1200 revs from cold until it warmed up, had that car 5 years and it was the most reliable car i have owned. just hope the Auris is a simple fix. Had 40000 mile service at Toyota york at 45000 bit late i know, all filters changed. the wife did'nt tell me about this problem until after the service. Ta.
  7. Hi Guys I have had the same problem for the last few weeks, losing power for no apparent reason, I realized Leading up to the start of the problems I had been using diesel from Tesco. For two to three months I had only used diesel from Tesco, losing power, black smoke, generally running crap. By chance I filled up at BP, problem solved runs like it's new. Could be coincidence you choose.