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  1. Hi Kev. Hope you are ok now. Does the Avensis tick the boxes ?. My answer is yes, go for it !!!.
  2. Hi mate, if you can get the pipe off take it to a local hydraulic hose/steel pipe repairer, Pirtek is a national company who may help. What you need them to do is cut the pipe where it is leaking and put in a coupling, making sure it remains the exact length and shape of the original, they will be used to making pipes that stand a lot more pressure than your aircon system. Then refit it yourself (or they may help) and then pop along to Kwik Fit to have the system re-gassed, yes i know some on here don't like Kwik fit but you did ask for the cheapest option.. Hope this helps, regards ..... Pete. Kwik Fit are not, by a long way the cheapest option !!!!!!!. Ask me nicely, and i could tell you a story that would make your blood clot in a nano-second concerning them.
  3. Hi Buzby. I too, am driving the same car. I have no complaint over the road noise. You say there is plenty grip, i agree. Do not forget that the road surface that you are travelling over, also comes into the equation. Roads such as motorways and A roads use a lot more stone in their construction for wear attributes, this creates more noise than pure tarmac roads,that make up B roads and side roads. This will make it noisy.I have found the road noise of my Toyota to be the same OR less than my previous cars.
  4. hi mark i found a web site on the subject of duel mass flywheel (cant find it now) that was dscussing them. it seems most including ford that are made by the same companies that supply clutches to them. one person on there stated that toyota has the most failures of the flywheels. i beleaved he works for a firm tat specialises in clutch and brake repairs, and has worked om many different models. i had two mark3 mondeo tdci ghia and st and the build quality is if far superior than my auris t sport 1.6 vvti the whole car seems what i call flimsy compared the mondeos. even my wife 8 year old hyundai has better quality materals in the cabin than the auris, that plastic scratch if you look at it sideways and it sems the car is held together with plastic clips. i brought the auris to down size as i dont do more than 4000 a year now and wanted something with a timing chain and not a belt, as the mondeos. the auris drives very well, handles well ( but not up to the mondeo which are a bench mark in handling ) it has a nice gearbox but could do with a 6TH gear. its very smooth and quiet runningbut very short on toys against the fords.why do they put the cruise control behind the steering wheel?. the buttons for getting read outs for average speed/consumption etc are only reachable buy putting yor hand behind the steering wheel a bit dangerous. i had mk 1 & mk 11 cortinas, capri, and mk3 cortina, and i can only problems i had with any of them was a shock absorber leak on the cortina replaced under warranty. in 1986 i purchased a new vw turbo diesel jetta, a great car and the engine was indirect injection and seemed bomb proof, the only reason i sold it cos someone ran into the side of it in a car park.though the vw body shop made a great job repairing it, i never felt the same about it. traded it in for td golf, it had same engine as the jetta that also had a inter cooler. that car was a load of rubbish,both drive shaft oil seal failed,water pump leaked,alternator gave up the ghost roof lining fell down on my head,the drivers door was aterrible fit, to shut without slamming very hard buy adjusting the stiker plate left the door an eigth of an inch further out than the body. the vw body shop could not cure it as it was the bodywork that was the problem. anyway they gave me back all my money i paid for it including the road tax, so brought passat at a discount they had in the showroom it had same engine as the golf. kept that car for 15 years of trouble free motoring (140000 miles). then only sold it because the wife wanted a bigger caravan and as the engine was only 1600 cc i very reluctently let her go i had brought new as i did with the jetta and the golf. when i purchased the ghia i was amased how good the build quality was and every extras you could want (no satnav though but i have a tomtom 910 and satnav in car do not have the features this have. in the magazine DIESEL CAR the mondeo is a better buy than the series 3 BMW according to them. the tdci st was lot harsher ride with low profile tyres than either the ghia or auris. both the ford were purchased fom a low miliage specialist. as i am an old git i dont now why brought the st must have thought i was a born again boyracer but frightened the wife and had to go. one more thing before signing off,the radio in the auris is cheap an nasty compared to the SONY in the fords the auris has a lot going for it, but let down being built down to price. it has non of the problems with brake noises or rattles or anything that others seem to have except loads of scratches in the cabin and the boot that i did not notice when first looking it over . i found that the width of the car including mirrors ( dont electric fold like the ford )is wider than the mondeos. which is surprising. i had mk 1 & mk 11 cortinas, capri, and mk3 cortina, and i can only problems i had with any of them was a shock absorber leak on the cortina replaced under warranty. You had a capri and a Cortina mk 3 without any camshaft or oil problems ? !!!. The early pinto engines were horrendous for these problems.I well remember hearing these cars before i saw them, with the clacking camshaft going. I had 3 mk 3 cortina's, all ghia models,i also had 2 Capri's,a gl,and a 3000s all went this way. The mk4 i then had rusted away in no time. Only my mk5 was a car that was i was proud of, apart from the Ford locks, that could be opened at will with any other key !!. The only reason i bought them that at the time to me they were better than all the rest. Which says alot for the other cars that were about at the time.
  5. In my case, i have owned a 53 plate 1.8 vvt-i t3x for 17 months now, and i have not had any problems at all. It has been a brilliant motor. I have since joining the Toyota owners club, read about the oil problems that could occur, but i have not had any, i am not saying that others have not. There will be problems with any make of car, if it is not looked after. . Check the levels regularly, and keep it serviced, and you should be ok. The drawback with this model, is that is does not have a low oil warning light, which can have a most serious effect if the oil problem occurs. This omission by Toyota was incredible, but it can give you a powerful leverage tool if you get the dreaded oil starvation problem.
  6. Totally agree. Yes it is a basic system, but it does work ok.
  7. Using the wife could be very expensive in payment of her services !!. You have been warned !!!.
  8. Could this help you http://www.toyota-europe.com/own/accessories/ipod.aspx ?.
  9. Just highlight the part number PZ473-00265-00, and search google. The first entry should be Toyota Publications, click on it, and find your model. You will find fittings and using instructions.Hope this helps.
  10. You could listen to the radio with the door closed, and the window open. As for the cigar lighter not being live without the ignition on, you have a point if you need to use a vac or anything else that uses the lighter socket for power. If it is not an option to use mains power, could the socket be changed to a direct feed from the battery ?. I do not know if it is safe or wise to do so though.
  11. You could take the key out of the ignition.
  12. Do not discount Mr T so easily!. I had reason to visit recently my local dealer to buy something for mine, and as the occasion went on, it turned to how and where do i have my car serviced. I explained that i would be wary of my local Mr T doing the service, due to the probable high cost. It would be good to use them (properly trained, and correct parts, etc), but the price!!. I was then explained a service plan that may suit me. I could sign up for a 2 year service schedule, and pay monthly £22.75. Right now i have done that,the car will be serviced in January 2011, and January 2012. So at this moment i am paying £22.75 per month, and when January 2011, and 2012 comes, i will have my car serviced by Mr T. I never thought that i would be able to afford that. Oh by the way, They will pick up the car, and give me use of another car whilst mine is being serviced.Job done!!!.
  13. Mine is just coming up to 90000. Have not had any oil problems, but i do make sure to check every week, or when on long trip, i will check mid journey.
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