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    I see he has gone... Mod Edit Advertising and Soliciting We have very strict rules about advertising on our message-boards. All unauthorised advertising or soliciting will be removed without explanation and without notice.
  2. kencat


    Wears anchorman gone used 2 like reading his comments ?
  3. The compensation codes r on the top off the injector ! , thay r entered using the Toyota computer thing ! There r Modified injectors the old 1s had 1 dot on the top the new 1s got two ! Try and find a denco Diesel stockest or dealer May be ?
  4. Yea just see that ! Said 4 a rav 4 2005 on ! Yea 17 inch ? May be worth calling them tho ?
  5. Have a look on Milner 4x4 ! Steel wheel £36 ???
  6. Think a lot off it stems from excessive backpressure in the engine ! The 150 bhp is redesigned ( less backpressure , it's also got new pistons , injectors , egr )
  7. If you got indicator lights in the mirrors it's the newer engine 150bhp ! Sad 2 think thay may have problems with this engine 2 ( coz I got 1) hope you get it sorted !
  8. Is it a 150bhp ? Never thort thay had problems with these engines ? If its the older ending yes big problems thay sould be changing the engine ?
  9. kencat

    Egr Blanking

    Will this be picked up in the mot ? Not so clean runing ?
  10. Unfortunate the soot gets hammered into the head and pushes the head gasket out off place , so driving it Hard maybe worse 4 it , sorry thay do seam 2 have big problems with the older 2.2 d4d ,( if any of you got indicators in the mirrors your ok, later engine )
  11. He will have 2 warm it up like a old deisel ! Mine start very quick every moring first turn nearly and no smoke but if I start it then switch it of and re start it it turns over a few time starts and a puff of smoke , may be the computers geting confused ! ( I would off Thort if it the injector were leaking fuel it would smoke a lot wen it starts 4'a few seconds )
  12. Try looking at the injectors ! There r modified injectors , thay have 2 marking on the old 1 only have 1 ! Toyota can check the injector on there computer ! Thay r probly leaking fuel
  13. Check with Toyota if the enging been done ?. Maybe ?.
  14. kencat

    New Rav Out

    New rav 2.0 d4d all wheel drive , and a spare wheel standard ( finally ) 53 mpg £125 tax a year ! Sounds very good , Only down Side 150bhp down to 122bhp
  15. The date codes wear only two and half years old ! I sent them back 2 Yokohama and had half the tyre value back was very happy , yoko wear very helpful ! ( Iv seen similar cracking on a few tyres now is the Quality dropping )
  16. My Yokoharma tyres cracked after 2 years from new so Iv fitted continental cross contact lx2 they seam very good
  17. Think Charlie helped a lot out over the years , clutch sound a good idea , and the engine don't seam 2 give much trouble after ( reading on here ) , good luck !
  18. Strange very quiet on here , hope it's just Xmass realy enjoy looking in most days , shame there's so many problems with this engine and it's not going 2 get better !
  19. Dont realy know u may be lucky it will run 4 a few miles ! Good luck
  20. Normally if it's a battery it won't start in the morning , if it plays up Whilst driving it's normally the alternator if u get wot I mean
  21. Anchorman posted sum thing about the compensation codes 4 the injectors and checking them a long time back !
  22. Toyota can check the injectors using there computer thing ! Think it test the compensation codes
  23. kencat

    New Wipers

    Change the rubbers only ! Much better
  24. Yea only about 4000miles ! Most Diesel oils turn very black very quickly just stayed very clean in mine must be a very clean running engine , ( it's had 3 Services )
  25. Yea red is stop Yellow is low level warning Which dealer did the diagnostic checks may be try another ? Pistons won't cause low oil Pressure only the crank shaft and bearings really , and pump Wot colour is the oil mine is still very clean 4 a Diesel with 26000 miles
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