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  1. hey mike have the same thing with my t3-s and iv found that thge noise is coming from the air box, it only start after i had cut off a cable tie that was holding one ov the latches while removing a phone kit that was in the car iv replaced the tie and it helped abit but i must get a better quality tie to do the job. now the tie was holding the latch nearest the cabin and was secured to the box mount on the fender(with in 4" to the right of the latch) try it and let me know how you get on. mike v
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  3. hey guys, new to the club, will totaly be interested in an irish meet, id say dublin would be about as central as you can get. 3 fairy lines come here from a few parts of the uk and you can be here in up to 3hrs from anywhere in ther country
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