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  1. That looks a very nice car, I hope you sell it for the price it deserves but I would be tempted to keep it. Better the devil you know..... and no depreciation. Best of luck whatever you decide.
  2. Yes it is, I haven't got round to eBay it yet.
  3. Interesting, how do you access TT? Concerning the other matter of frozen music from USB and Bluetooth. I have been having this problem as well. I picked the car up new from the dealer to find I had the old software installed. My music played fine on this version but when it was eventually updated to the infamous 6.7 it started freezing as described in the earlier posts. This was with the same USB stick that had worked with the old software. It will sometimes last a 2 hour or more journey but at other times it will only last 2 or 3 tracks. Incidentally, I have noticed a significant dr
  4. I want to attach a camera ( z-edge model Z3) to the windscreen but the supplied rubber sucker, although it appears to be good quality, will not stick to the shady dotted area behind the interior mirror. I have temporarily suckered it to the plain area alongside but it is a bit obvious there. If I could get it closer and behind the mirror it would be much better. The sucker attachment is good and has the adjustment in the fixed bracket to align the camera therefore I have to use it. I am thinking of glueing or using double sided tape. The tape option may make it too wobbly though.
  5. I have had my RAV4 Hybrid now for 3 weeks including a 100 plus mile trip into the centre of London and back. I am very pleased with it so far. I need to get used to maximising the fuel consumption benefits by changing my driving tactics so that they become autonomous but that will come with time. i changed from my 2.2 diesel 4.4 RAV auto wth a little tear in my eye as I loved the drive train (especially as I had a Lindop chip working it's magic, see for sale section 😉). It was very smooth and powerful combined with the auto box but the Hybrid is smooth too. It delivers it's power diff
  6. I have a genuine LINDOP TOYOTA chip kit for sale because I have now gone to the dark side and bought a RAV4 Hybrid. This kit was purchased by me from Lindop in April 2014 and was fitted to my May 2013 RAV4.4 with the 2.2 diesel engine. The car was an Invincible All Wheel Drive with the 6 speed Automatic gearbox. The chip kit has wiring loom, all instructions, receipt from Lindop and blanking plug. When bought it just had the latest software update, (these chips can be updated at Lindop at anytime just by sending the chip box to them and the car can still be use by inserting the blanking p
  7. I have found mine to be reasonably accurate but brim to brim is the only accurate way. Out of interest, if you press the "Car" button on the Sat Nav/Audio unit you should get a trip by trip record of your mpg. This seems to be triggered automatically when you start/stop the engine.. Also, you can force the average mpg display to reset by holding down the display button on the steering wheel at any time.
  8. It is illegal to have a fixed speed camera data base and thus be warned that you are approaching a camera. In practice you appear to get away with switching the warning off. It is also illegal to have a radar type snooper warning device. Mr French Plod just love catching us Brits whichever way they can. A tip, don't speed anywhere near the tunnel or ferry ports. And.... Don't forget your two breathalyser kits, you need to carry them in La Belle France. (although according to the AA they are not fining you, at present, if you don't) AA website is good for this type of info. Andy
  9. Hi Sue I have done this a couple of times and assuming you have the same Sat Nav as me then proceed as follows..... Tap "options" button bottom right of "map view" screen Scroll down using the arrow bottom right of screen to last item " show safety cameras" Uncheck the box and return to map Switching them back on again is the same process Additionally, pages 28 and 67 in the second half of the Touch Screen manual refer to this We must keep or French neighbours happy mustn't we! Have a good trip Andy
  10. Would Sonax Detailing Spray on your windscreen be ok as a rain repellant instead of Rain X or other such product? A
  11. Yep, it is. There are many more fish in this sea. No I have not taken it personally, just wanted others to know , so they don't waste their time on phone, A
  12. Was that a Lindop chip or any chip in general ? I did mention "Lindop Chip" as it is supplied by a Toyota dealer and therefore a known item. I would assume, from the conversation I had, the attitude will remain the same for any tuning chip. If a client of my age and no-claim record (I have never claimed during my driving career of 44 years) can't be quoted, then I think it is their policy for this type of modification. I posted this mainly to alert members they might be wasting their time with Toyota Insurance with this type of proposal. A
  13. Toyota Insurance would not accept a Lindop Chip being fitted to my RAV4.4. Had to go elsewhere.
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