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  1. Happy Birthday jacob.collins!

  2. The little spoiler is fitted to stop the bonnet flexing, it was for the ST205 WRC which comes with an Aluminium bonnet as standard (Not as sturdy as the steel)
  3. I want to get a Blow Off Valve for my ST205, I'm looking at Blitz or HKS, seen a few on ebay but I'm not sure if they will fit. most of them have come off skylines and RX7's, are they all standard valves with bolt on adaptors or do you have to get one for your car. I can make a flange with a pipe on the end if thats all an adaptor is, I'm a fabricator/welder so shouldn't be too hard. Also what cars take the same design valve as the ST205 just in case I see any more going Any comments will help
  4. I'm 23 with an ST205 import, fully comp is just over £900, I'm quite happy paying that for the performance I get. There are alot of cars with alot less power that sting you for more than the ST205
  5. I'm looking for a dump valve but I dont know what to get, I dont want it to sound too loud. I've heard that the Blitz is proper loud, may be too loud. Wondered about the HKS but havent found anyone with one fitted, any input would be grateful, as I dont want to waste me money
  6. Right I've removed the insulation and the rain guard, broke a few clips in the process, and have now fitted the rubber duct and small plate back into position to direct air to the timing belt. But it seems a bit to slack without the insulation behind it, what if anything have you done to stop the movement? <_<
  7. Cheers boys I'll get right to it, need to keep her cool with summer coming
  8. I've thought about removing that, do you remove the metal grill as well? I haven't done it yet cos I was worried about rain constantly pouring straight onto the engine, does this have any effect or is it nothing to worry about
  9. When I've been out in my car then park up and get out my engine bay smells very hot for about 10-15 seconds, I dont have to pop the bonnet you can smell when your just near it. My temp gauge inside never goes above halfway, infact I'm lucky to see it near the halfway point. Just wondered if this was a common thing with the ST205 and is it designed to run hot? Any input would help cheers
  10. I'm looking at getting some new alloys on my Silver ST205 but cant decide what to get, I've been scanning the net to try and find silver celica's with different wheels but cant see much I like. I'm considering Compomotive's in White but I'd really like to see them on a car to make sure they look the nuts. If you've got any pics of a silver celica with different alloys please let me know, or if you have any suggestions
  11. Just wondered if you can get mudflaps for the ST205, I've seen those big red ones but I think there a bit over the top, I'm looking for something a bit more discreet. If you know where I can get some please let me know.
  12. Thanks alot boys I'll start shopping around, think I'll concentrate on getting my gauges in first, the boost controller can wait until my brain stops hurting
  13. Finally got my penny's together to buy a boost controller and a couple of gauges, think I'm going to buy the blitz electronic boost controller Spec-S, but I'm not sure what gauges. Think I'll stick with blitz unless anyone has good recommendations, but I'm not sure of the differences between Vacuum, electronic, or mechanical. Do I need electronic because the boost controller is? Any info would be a great help, also I'm going to get the A-pillar that will hold two gauges, can anyone recommend a helpful second gauge? I was thinking oil pressure or may be exhaust?
  14. I've got an ST205, when I go over bumps the rear left suspension sqeeks, not sure if something just needs greasing up, or weather its a common problem
  15. Cheers boss I'll get bidding, hopefully they will fit a japanese car,
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