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  1. the batteries fine, ive gone through 2 since iva had the car, and i havent even had it a year...... the only time mine works is when the battery is new, ive even had the battery thats in it atm tested cus i thought it was flat and needed replacing, but they have said there more then enough power in it. i would use a spare fob if i had one, but this is the only key i have for the car :( is there any other way of doing it, as i know with some cars there was a way of turning on the ignition and then pressing some bottons and it used to reprogamme it.... help? :P
  2. hey, sorry i havent been on in a long time. Well, after a long time being away and messing around with other peoples cars, mine has decided to pack in... my keyfob only works if the batter is full.... otherwise it wont unlock the car, so i have to use the key, and that doesnt have central locking on the door lock. ive been into toyota and they have said that the fobs failing, so i need to book it in with them, and they take £41 off me (excluding vat) and then reprogramme it to my car.... if that doesnt work then im looking at a new key (which are £120.........) does anyone have any idea what i can do, as im not keen on spending £120 on a key.......
  3. basicaly as the it says, i have a spare japfest ticket if anyone wants it.. £13 off me, or £18 at the gate....
  4. 97k on a y reg rolla sr :-\ starting to have a few problems..... hoping there little niggles tho
  5. ive got 5W30 in mine, as i checked the charts out and thats what it said to run in it.. was think bout getting some completly syntetic, but decided against that.. id say go with the recommended stuff, and go for miller 5w30 (if they make it) as they have done tests, had the engine taken apart again, and there was still the original score marks on the inside of the bock that get put in on the production line.... thats how good it is :P
  6. interesting........ and i think this is appropriate for above :P Nevertheless, as you said "Interesting" this is true, so can you use that stuff on anything So it says on the tin ahh rite kwl kwl, mite buy some of that for wen i buy a pickup :)
  7. interesting........ and i think this is appropriate for above :P Nevertheless, as you said "Interesting" this is true, so can you use that stuff on anything???
  8. my uncle has a gear lock thats mental.... can't physicaly be removed unless you get an anglegrinder in the car.... the mount gets welded to the chaisis, and then there is a dlock that goes round the gear stick, meaning you put it in neutral, and then put the lock on it, and no1 can nick it. "simples" --- meercat voice and im sorry to hear that it got nicked mate, i hate some of the youth today (im 19..) there stuck up, cocky little C***TS.... hope that you have more luck with finding it, you been able to go out and have a look round all the back roads and stuff yourself??
  9. box it!!! ;) annnd, ive had to thred mine in the same way, and have my cold air feed comming out the same place, just its a bit of a sqize as i have to fit it between the back of the headlight and the...... (i cant for the life of me remember the name of the bar....!!!).. but yer anyway.. ive had to squish it slightly... i really want to re do it, and then have it comming out in the plastic right next to my fog light, but my main problem is the fact that theres a big chuffing crumple zone in my way :(
  10. interesting........ and i think this is appropriate for above :P
  11. noo, its just this £75k+ stuff from halfrauds, that was £5 a bottle...... and im keeping an eye on the oil to see if it is eating it, if it is, im going to take it to the local mechanic that i normally use (im currently at gf's) but the crud on the oil filler cab was realy old oil sludge :S and there was just burnt on oil on the dipstick, so i just cleaned the stuff off, to see if anything else is going to gater on there... and hopefully not replaceing the engine, as if it comes to that, it will be sold for spares/repair, and ill buy a l200, or hilux....... im getting one after x-mas anyways.... unfortunatly :-\
  12. thats what i thought well i took it into the garage yesterday, and they said, use engine flush, to clean out all the crud in the engine, and then chain the oil, and filter, and keep an eye o it, makine sure to see if it is leaking out anywer. so it took me a total of 4 hours, yes 4!!! to do the oil change yesterday (3 hours spent under the car trying to get the old oil filer off :( ) but it finally was done, so ill be keeping an eye on it... also clenaed the dipstick cus it had crud on it aswell. hope the engine flush has worked. ALSO does anyone know if the stuff that you can buy for your engine after it has done 75,000 miles works??? was looking at it yesyerday, when i was buying the engine flush.
  13. the head went on my last car, not badly, but it still ended up going...... and its a black gunge, not white... and it doesnt smell like oil tho, it does smell like coolent..... im going to the garage tomorrow morning to have it looked at.... ill let you know what they say :-\
  14. very nice, will have to see what it sounds like with the exhaust on it. shame it aint a stainless, but ah well, its wasnt tooo expensive :P you putting an interior in it, or kieeping stripped for the racer look?
  15. theres like a gunge rite in the top of the oil filler cap...... and the coolant is normal coloured, and just smells weird, not of oil, just werid :P could it be that its buring oil, like the piston rings have gone?
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