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  1. Not, unless the sensor's dead. It just measures the pressure and temperature of the tire (any tire).
  2. 45 l for sure! I recently got 916 km out of a tank and fuel was pretty low, At the gas station it took 41,2 liters,
  3. I assure you, the new Auris can store two sets of TPM sensors ;) I can bet my "pink slip" on it! :D
  4. Nicely done! Looks like professional job!
  5. There is no 1800 diesel engine and I guess White Auris is in Australia (the European petrol Auris is 1.4 or 1.6). Am I right, mate?
  6. This aftermarket unit is way cheaper, plus you can install any SATNAV software available - Sygic, iGO...you name it. Or... if you prefer the even cheaper way (like me), get a Galaxy S3 and install DriveLink.apk. Then you can mirror the phone on the HU and use Google Maps, Sygic, iGO, HERE...
  7. So do the already purchased vehicles get the new upgrade or only the newly produced? If the already sold ones will get the upgrade, are we going to hear from the dealers or should we call and inquire about the upgrade? Also, on another thread you said that the Touch 2 software new version was just for the Go and Go+ versions, however, from this passage sounds like all Touch 2 systems can benefit from the new menus:
  8. Good luck with that! The factory units are too expensive and on the top of that, maps are also way too expensive and not very accurate. Better off, get a Chinese double din with Android OS - could be bought for as low as $350 and maps are easily upgradable and there is plenty of navigation software - both paid and free.
  9. Where did you get the new ones and what's the price?
  10. Search the topic - I have given the part number twice, including in the last couple of pages. I don't have a picture.
  11. Well, if you can average a 5/10, this is pretty good. This is my all time average with the HSD.
  12. Instead of putting half of your car apart, just to plug it in the handbrake's jack, why don't you just short circuit it with a paperclip, fooling the HU this way that the HB is always applied, so you can have these features available at all times?
  13. I replaced the wheel cover with one, that has a CC hole as I wasn't very fond of the drilled/grinded DIY look.
  14. Congratulations! Enjoy you new ride! I would be interested in the gas mileage this 1.2T engine can achieve, so if you don't mind, why don't you register an account and place I link in your signature, so you can keep us posted with its everyday real life mileage?
  15. Reverse beep, how many times the blinkers blink during lane change, autolights sensitivity (does it come on when it is lighter or darker), delete ECU faults and so on and so forth... You can download a free trial - same menu - just won't let you change these settings, but ask to purchase the full version instead.
  16. and much bumpier ride... The fuel economy, achieved with higher tyre pressure would be nothing, compared to the cost of the busted suspension, tyres and wheels.
  17. Yes, I have (just like many others :) ). You can get the CC lever from ebay. The 2007 Auris with 1ZR-FE is really easy to install - it's plug and play.
  18. The fact there are no cameras on the road, doesn't mean there aren't in the navigation software as well :) Some people complained from camera inaccuracy, as well as traffic information inaccuracy.
  19. It has been discussed several times.
  20. Under the dashboard on the driver's side.
  21. No need for a new set then... I misunderstood you and thought nuts were worn. As Devon Aygo said, you could get a replacement key (though, its price could be just as much as a new set).
  22. You can't get replacement, so you need to buy a new set and yes, ebay is a good place to start looking. Bear in mind that there are several types of locking nuts. If you have original Toyota wheels, then you would need the flat-seated nuts with washers, else you would probably need the tapered-seat ones
  23. I have... Available options are 3, 5, 7. Read my post, regarding reverse beep - same OBDII adapter, same application, just another submenu. When buying an ELM OBD, go for the v. 1.5, not the 2.1
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