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  1. yehh iv had a chat with him and he basicly said the jobs are endless! as much fun it would be to create a car like that it sounds like im in over my head lol but thanks for the honesty people i might aswell buy a starlet gt and start from there :)
  2. ]hey guys i am putting money together to fund my project of puting a 4efte starlet engine in mt 52 yaris 1.0. what i really need to know is how hard and what parts are needed? basicly im worried about the electrical side because its not my strong point! im not expecting to tune the engine strate away i just want to get the lump in and get it driveable first. if anyone could help me id be verry thankfull . cheers guys!
  3. josheyboy006

    my yaris ( for sale)

    this is my pride and joy enjoyed making it what it is (y)
  4. Hey everyone I have a little 51 plate yaris and I want to plug my amp into the standerd cd player but I have no clue where to look or what kind to look for. Could anyone shed some light on this topic for me? Thankyou
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