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  1. Before assuming it is a wheel bearing, have your wheels & tyres balanced. I had what I thought was a wheel bearing gone, being very noisy. My mechanic also believed it was the passanger front wheel bearing gone. I decided to replace both bearings. So I bought both off Ebay. Then we had a lot of snow early last year & I decided to change my all weather tyres to winter tyres. Got the tyres, took them to get fitted & was shown I had a slightly buckled alloy from pothole damage on the front nearside wheel. The tyres were fitted & balanced. I drove away & there was no noise at all. I drove it for another 3 weeks with no noise in town driving. Once the snow had gone, I took it for a run & there was no bearing like noise. It had been the in balance in the wheel that caused the noise. I still have not had to replace the bearings.
  2. Hi, It could be as simple as your exhaust heat shield vibrating. I had this problem & once the heatshield was removed, the noise went with it. Marv
  3. Hi, It's so simple, you won't believe me. If you look at the top corner where the main light unit meets the indicator unit, there is a space or hole if you like. insert a screwdriver & press down on the plastic clip, but not too hard. As you do that pull out the indicator unit & it will easily come out. remove the lead & there you go. Reverse it to put it back in. Personally you can buy a new replacement off Ebay for £12. I just fitted one to a friends car & it fitted 100%. Link below http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/TOYOTA-AVENSIS-00-03-FRONT-INDICATOR-CLEAR-BRAND-NEW-/150513737208?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item230b515df8 Cheers, Marv
  4. Hi Rob, There are a few available on Ebay. Below is a link to one of them http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/TOYOTA-AVENSIS-OWNERS-MANUAL-HANDBOOK-1997-2003-/160488244332?pt=UK_CarParts_Vehicles_Manuals_Litterature_ET&hash=item255dd8446c Regards, Marv
  5. Hi, If you find this does not work for you, please advise & I can give you the procedure that worked for me. The above never worked, as I'm sure the procedure above is for cars up to 2000 only. Cheers, Marv
  6. I think they will fit. I was going to fit 18" 225 / 40 off my Alfa 156, but I would have needed to fit 10mm spacers, which I felt was sticking out too far, so stayed with the originals. So the worst case scenario is you would need to fit 5mm spacers, which are available off Ebay for about £20 for the 4. You will know when you fit the first wheel. Feel for the gap on the suspension arm & if it is 6mm+, then you will be ok. I had a VW Passat which I fitted 19" Oxigin 1 alloys with 235 / 35 Continental Sport Contact 2 tyres . The gap only had 4mm clearance & kept rubbing. So added 5mm spacers & everything was ok & they made the car look fantastic. With that size of wheel/tyre combo, they were bordering on being illegal due to the amount of rubber sticking out slightly past the arches. Marv
  7. Hi, Use the link below to work out the size required for your tyres. Enter the standard size on the left & then change the sizes till the new tyre sizes match or are less than 1% out. As to make of tyre, I stick with Continental & usually go with sport contact type. Link below: http://www.miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html Cheers, Marv
  8. Hi, 1, I would suggest having your aircon purged, cleaned & topped up at the likes of Kwik fit etc. for about £40. 2, The Above. Do you have good airflow coming from all vents in all positions? IF you don't check your pollen filter it could be blocked, chocked and or needing replaced. My car does steam up if I use re circulation button, so I don't use it in Winter or cold periods, but not a problem in the summer etc. 3, I don't know of a drain on the Avensis system, but it may be there. Hopefully someone else can advise. Cheers, Marv
  9. Hi, Sounds like a fault with the battery. If you get it going with a jump start, it has to be the battery. Whether it is a bad battery, bad connection or not getting charged enough with lights on, heater at full etc. you will need to discover. Cheers, Marv
  10. I agree, sounds like a battery issue, whether duff or a loose connection etc, hopefully the RAC has solved it now. Please post so we know. Hopefully you were not needing it to go watch the rugby tonight??? Cheers, Marv
  11. Hi, Have you changed the battery in the key fob recently? Do you have 1 key or 2? If 2, try the second key, as this was a problem with a friends Avensis, as the transponder needed re-programming. When he tried to get it to start it would just turn over, but appeared no fuel was getting through. After being in the garage, he was asked for his second key, he gave it to them & it started first time. There are plenty of posts with the procedure if you have 2 keys & the other key starts your car. It may not be this, but the simple things are often over looked. Marv
  12. marama32


    Hi, Try taking out the pollen filter & see if the air flow & temperature is ok. It may have nothing to do with the filter, but try it to eliminate it. Cheers, Marv
  13. Hi, I have always used Fully synthetic in all the cars I have had over the past 14 years. Fully synthetic oil does not burn the same as multigrade or semi-synthetic. But one of it's main advantages is it takes much higher temperatures before it breaks down. Which is always an advantage in an oil burner. t-spiritpete is correct again, with the spec of oil. Marv
  14. Hi, Your key fobs could need to be re-programmed. What model year is your D-4D? Marv
  15. Hi, I would suggest checking the sat nav unit & make sure there is a disc in the unit, or the unit has been taken out or disconnected. Marv
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