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  1. my gen5 celica for sale as a non runner seems to have been deleted?
  2. keep the comments coming. im wanting as much info as possible before we tackle this job
  3. at least ive got it back. means i can slowly piece it back together. thanks for the support peoples
  4. toyota say the bottom end crank bits broke. not 100per cent sure whats happend, but id broke at 100ish and suddenly all power went and a strange metallicy nosie. wouldnt start after that
  5. As you all know i recently suffered a disasterous engine blow up in the gen 5. well now the cars been sitting crying for attention for too long, the sunny season has given me the chance. what im after is a link to a .pdf file if anyone knows of one or a site, that explains the basics of how to dismantle and re build an engine. im planning on reading it and slowly taking it all to bits then slowly repairing it. if someone could be so kind to point me in the right direction.. thanks
  6. i''ll try and turn up to meet you guys for a gab
  7. would i be chased for turning up in the nissan?.. im still an owner... just doesnt work... ( at the moment )
  8. heres my two babies side by side. hoping to get a look tonite under the bonnet. would any pictures of anything help with a diagonstic of the engine problem?
  9. thanks... i got the celica back today and to be completely honest it looks like they have not even touched anything,m the battery is dead, so me cousin said charge the battery and let him try and start it at the weekend so he can hear the noise and investigate. its probably going to be a slow process. but i welcome all advice and ideas, as ill show him this thread when he comes round. he had a look today and cos of the active suspension etc, and all the lack of space its going to be a nitemare.. keep suggestions please
  10. mr toyota has told me to tell my cousin that its the bottom end and cracnkshaft that have gone., appears to be a big job. not sure whats happening, but the leather interior i think ( dont quote ) will be up for sale soon, and any other bits from the car, as the potential track car for next year mite appear
  11. hmmmm go for a generation 5 i currently have a skyline that is not as nice as the celica for everday use. ( can u lot tell i miss the baby? )
  12. another easy give away is jap writing on the sun visors or steering wheel housing
  13. right! im impressed and my little mind is ticking over and the thought that i have a bare shell of a celica ( practically ) and with a bit of engineering these things are possible. mite use this new engine jobby, as a project.
  14. no update yet lads. but ive been offered a very reasonable amount for the skyline that im considering. and a good 1 gee profit :-) but shhhhhhhhhh
  15. its jealousy, theirs so many ******s out their that hate people working and buying something nice that they want to damage it. i know how you feel. mine got scratched, they tried to pull a wing mirror off too.
  16. im back. mr toyota is transporting the car back to my mothers within the next few days. spoke to my cousin who is pretty good with motors. he has a few theorys, 1- maybe Mr T is looking for the most expensive option and it may not be as terminal as they say ( 1000+ labour charges ) 2- he is going to do the engine change for me over a few weeks if need be. what im needing to know from you guys in advance. how difficult is this going to be?. any tips ? anyone done this that can advise on problems that are going to happen? or just any pointers to remember before we start this job. i will keep u updated with pictures of "her" progress and hopefully rise from the grave
  17. lol wanna buy a glove box!!
  18. its only bout 6 screws if i remember rightly
  19. its got good boot space.
  20. i probably will re-join the group in time. not letting my baby go for buttons. worth far more to me
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