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  1. Happy Birthday billlllll!

  2. I'll post pics ASAP. Its rainy here in Greece so i have one dirty rolla I got it for 180Euro ONLY through ebay! A real bargain since it is an original Postert Bumper made from PU-rim and not from polyester. Unfortunately i got the last one for that price, now its raised to normal price again...
  3. I have this bumper and it looks really nice! The fitting is a bit difficult though, but an experienced guy can do the job. I can take some pictures if you want to see it on my rolla
  4. Hello iLLestJT! ( i tried sending you a PM but there seems to be a problem) Your rolla looks really nice with the xenon lights :thumbsup I'm interested in buying the HID kit from visionbulbs. I've read that you are very pleased with the product and i was wondering if everything is still ok and how can i get a discount code....? Thank you
  5. I've got the superstreet and i'm very pleased! EDFC is not available 4 our cars. (there's no room 4 it )...
  6. A friend of mine who had HID installed in his E12 used a relay to power it directly from the battery and had no problems at all. I'm think that's the solution to your problem. Similar problem on a Grand Cherokee was solved the same way. Please inform us since i'm also interested in buying cheap stuff for ebay :P
  7. I'm not sure but i think you can buy TOM's products through TTE. (from Greece) Send them an email asking, u might be lucky
  8. Also check this.... topic on
  9. Also check for the bumoers...
  10. I had problems with my diff but it was fixed under warranty (Greece)
  11. i forgot the tyres! i've now got 205/50 R16 toyo T1R quite good and cheap but i'll try michelin next time. If you have the stock rims try buying some 16inch so u can find more 'sport' tyres... If u stick to 195/60 i wouldnt recommend the yoko, had them for 1 year and was totally disapponted. Also check greek corolla club
  12. estamatis γεια σου φίλε. I've had the TTE springs for a year, now i've installed the tein superstreet. To be honest if you are not really a 'corner' ethousiast, in my opinion u shouldn't spend so much for shocks and springs.. As for the TTE springs. I had the stock shocks and to be honest i've seen some improvement in handling with less body roll (and better looks for sure ) but nothing special meaning no major improvement. The only thing thats for sure is that the car remained comfortable. go for used ones since toyota in greece wants about 250euro +100 at least for fitment! (i sold mine 130) If you dont want to spend too much money and like quite sporty ride go for koni+eibach springs the best solution i think... but the car will be quite stiffer (not very comfotable for the family :!Removed!: ) there are also some other solutions like KYB or SACHS for shocks (less sportier) and springs (vogtland, HR etc) search forums for opinions.. Now the tein superstreet and every adjustable suspension has the advantage that u can personalize it to your needs ;) My only concern about it is that i would prefer higher spring rates (no family-careful in Athens-no worries for harshness. Yeap i didnt check my english hope it makes sense!
  13. I've got the TTE quick shift and its really good! shifting has a better feeling now, but needs some practice to perfect 1st to 2nd change...
  14. Toyota changed mine since the chrome thing has started to wear off, that happened a year ago and now again the same thing with the new one .... :ffs: Nice quality..