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  1. Hi All, I am considering buying a Landcruiser as it is a vehicle that meats most of my needs the best, however I sometimes need to take my disabled mother with me. She has had a knee and hip replacement on the same side, neither of which function that well, and is also quite overweight. I have seen that you normally get side-steps on these vehicles I am wondering if one can get a fold-down extra low step like I have seen some motorhomes have that would improve the accessibility ? I dont particualrly want to buy one of these and find I have difficulty getting her in the vehicle. Are there any other extra accessories that might help that you can buy..? I have been looking at Colorados or possibly an earlier 80 series. My sister used to have a Colorado so I know what great vehicles they are.... its just this issue thats stopping me plnging in and getting one. Cheers David
  2. Hi I have an import (JDM) 2.0 GT (Auto) convertible. Its not used most of the year, as its a 2nd car that only comes out in the summer when I m off work. Keep it covered under cover rest of year. Recently been really sluggish, pickup is extremely poor, put foot on throttle hard and revs only climb slowly. At much higher revs 4000rpm upwards its much livelier, but on motorway inclines it really struggles and speed drops off to about 50mph. I put on a new Ditrib cap and thats made a bit of difference, and have plugs/HT leads on order. Any other suggestions to try ?? It has only done 100,000km (about 65,000 miles) and is otherwise immaculate, almost looks like new iunderneath. Cheers, David
  3. I have seen a car I am interested in at the Japanese Car Centre - Kingsbury N. London Anyone Used them and can relay their experiences good/bad ?? It is an Avensis Estate Auto T-Spirt, (2003) 102,000miles for £2995 - Do people think this is an acceptable price ? Do these vehicles have any particualr problems Ishould look out fr esp at this age/mileage ?
  4. Allyjon - What were the symptoms of the O2 sensor prob ? I've heard this is a prob on quite a few makes of cars..... Whats the cost of one of these ?
  5. Considering buying an Avensis estate automatic.. The ones I've seen advertised all seem to come with the 2.0 vvti engine (both late old and new shape) I wondered what peoples opinions were on the reiability of these engines ? In my price-range (lower end of the market) most of the cars seem to have done 100,000 + miles. I am looking at either an end-of-line old shape 2002 or first of new shape 2003 model. Are these 2.0vvti units good for big mileages, as I would intend to keep the car for a long time. I have heard of oil-burning being an issue with 1.8 vvtis - are the 2.0 vvtis also affected ? If so how common is this ? Does anyone know what the auto-box reliability is like too ? Are there any other big issues I should be looking for on these cars at this kinda mileage. ?? Seem to se alot of the old and new shape cars as taxis now.... is this a good sign ? WHich engine do they usually go for ?? thanks in advance.
  6. Hi I just bought a 2002 2.0vvti car and the head gasket appears to have failed. Its the old shape car (facelift version) 2002 and 125,000 miles Used lots of water (but not oil it seems) The dealer (small indepedndent) is getting it sorted out..... BUT - is this likely to happen to the car again if the job is done properly ?? The car has an excellent service history - I have all the invoices/stamps old MOTs etc in the book and the car is in otherwise excellent condition given the mileage - I don't believe its been clocked. I have not heard of this problem with these cars - does anyone else know if this is a "one-off" unlucky event or is this another "lemon" issue like the 1.8s vvti- drinking oil.. Is the car lilely to be OK to keep long-term (my intention) or should I be moving it on in a years or so time.... I had been lead to believe by the buyers guides on the web and my mechanic that these vehicles were bombproof (why so many minicabbers use them)
  7. I have a 1995 greyimport GT convertible, with 3s-GE engine and 4speed automatic box. the gearbox is reluctant to down change and holds on to too high a gear for too long, although it will kick down if I push hard and long on the throttle. If I switch to ECT-Pwr (power) mode it behaves more normally, and changes down much more easily and kicks down much more eagerly. In "normal " mode however the car feels very sluggish. I don't driv e it very often - its stored under a cover, and is only driven on long-runs on nice suny days, but I don't remember it being this sluggish in the past in "normal " mode. I have given the gearbox several changes of a quality Dexron III and the fluid level is on the Max. How do I go about diagnosing the problem, and are there any adjustments, tests I can make/do ?
  8. The rear washer pipe for my Corolla Liftback has split somewhere inside the car. The rear drivers-side footweel is filling with fluid (also some dampness in drivers footwell) Can anyone tell me the way the pipe is routed from the washer bottle thorugh the car. The pipe goes into the tailgate from the top of the hatch-opening - does the pipe go through under the headlining ? (Its not wet) I am just wondering if it could be draining down the pillar between the F & R doors Or does it go along the floor in the sill or beside the transmission tunnel. How do I get access to it - is this going to be a seats out and carpets out job ? If I find the leak is the easiest option to splice in a new section or to replace the whole pipe. How easy is it to pull through new pipe ?? IS the pipe easily available - whats the diameter (is it standard) and can I buy unions to join in the new section if necessary ? I am assuming if the rear washer does not work is this an MOT failure - Rear wiper work OK though ? (Front all working)
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