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  1. Jarod

    Auris Poland

    Polish people used to drive like crazy, now its better but still we are between Germany and Russia in driving style. Best thing is - if you drive 250km/h on 50km/h area, you are given 100 pounds ticket and some points - thats all.
  2. Had the same. The guy at workshop told me that he shortened pedal travel(?)(sry dont now the words for that). It was better instantly.
  3. Auris is so baad car so bad.... it becomes even more filthy than others, so bad
  4. This is DISC thickness, it has nothing to do with pads. Discs can wear 2-3mm and you need to change them. Fronts at 23mm, rears at 8mm
  5. Just fiil up again with ignition off. It is always like that when you tank with ignition on
  6. Jarod

    Auris Mpg

    I use http://www.motostat.eu/ and it is great
  7. Jarod

    Timing Belt

    You don't need to change, you don't have timing belt but chain. No changes - except something wrong is happening
  8. 41,6 possible but not fun to drive ehh. My record is 47 - but that was driving 50mph no cities no accelerating, no braking
  9. It is easy in Poland :) You can buy them in every garage or moto shop. Although not from the shelf. Polish price is about 15 pounds a piece.
  10. Jarod


    You can buy wiper arm with normal U shape - and then every wiper that you want, not only originals
  11. I just bought used steering wheel and change also the plastic cover. And now i have original hole in mine :) Steering wheel costed me about 35 pounds and now everything is like from a factory :D
  12. Jarod

    Trip Computer

    Just fill the tank again with ingition off. Everything will be fine :)
  13. It's very simple (look at cruise control topic) 2 screws and the airbag is of - you don't have to disconnect it - cable lenght will be enough. Then there is only one nut to unscrew and the steering wheel is of. Sorry for bad english
  14. I saw mountain bike in a seicento so dont worry it will fit :)
  15. Jarod

    Washer Jets

    They are non adjustable and toyota change them to me for free. Now it is much better but still when driving 100km/h and more it's to low