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  1. Hi Igor She has 87,436 miles on her. 2 owners from new Full service history Last service carried out just over 1000 miles ago using the correct grade oil, oil filter and air filter. She does not smoke at all, even when I give hard throttle I see no signs of smoke in my mirror. Both expansion cap and oil cap are very tight. When left overnight in my garage there are no signs of water or oil on the floor the nxst day, or even a few days if I dont use her. Even put white paper underneath the engine whilst she was in my garage for 4 days, not even a drop of water or oil on the paper.
  2. My 1998 Toyota Avensis 2.0 Turbo Diesel 2C-TE is using about half a litre of oil and about 1 litre of water every 1000 miles? Is this common on such engines or do I have something seriously wrong? I have no mayo in oil filler cap and no signs of oil in the water?
  3. This is a strange one!! My 1998 Toyota Avensis 2.0 Turbo Diesel (not D4D) is loosing water but there are no signs as in little puddles on the garge floor. There are 2 filling points. 1 is on the rad, this is always full. The other is the expansion bottle. I will fill the expansion bottle from Min to Max every 3-4 weeks and I do about 250-300 miles a week. Even when its on Min the rad is still full? Engine temp is fine, no mayo in oil, no puddles on floor etc.......cant understand Any ideas???? ps.... She has had 1 previous owner from new (elderly lady) and has 82,785 miles with full service history so engine has been well looked after :)
  4. In need of some advice here!! My wife has £4,000 and has been looking at BMW E36 323i, 325i and Audi A4's Today we noticed that for 4k we could buy a Lexus is200. As they are Toyota's really, does anyone have any experiance of them? Things we need to know.... Parts.....easy to source, expensive or medium priced Reliable Any gremlins known to this car?? Any help would be great
  5. Since owning my 1998 Avensis i'm so happy with it that I thought I will get a newer one. It has to be an estate due to my Bullmastiff & German Shepherd being taken everywhere in it! I was looking on Ebay at some of the D4D's, some are saying 110bhp, others 113bhp and there are some saying 148bhp although this says D4D 2.2. Which is the best all rounder, fuel, speed and creature comforts..... I would really like cruise control. Many thanks in advance
  6. I bought a Toyota Avensis 2.0 Turbo Diesel Estate 1998 about a month ago. She is not as good as I thought on Diesel, thought she would be ultra good, she is about the same as my old 1997 petrol Escort 1.6 16v Zetec Estate as in MPG. Since owning I have done an oil change using the correct grade oil, oil filter and air filter. Also used a bottle of Redex fuel additive and then some STP Diesel injector cleaner. I must be honest and say I dont hang about, but not as bad as I used to be, im 34 now so had to grow up......although I got 112mph out of her.....on private land of course Any ideas why she is not as good as I thought on Diesel, I have heard people say how they can do 500-600 miles between fill ups on some Diesels? The Autotrader guide gives a combined figure of 42.9mpg for my Avensis. The later Avensis D4D (2000 onwards) is 47.8mpg
  7. It'll last a lifetime like all old school Toyota engines, perhaps not quite as quick but a lot quieter and smoother than the later D4D, they don't seem to suffer the same problems that newer ones do either. Funny you should say that mate. A friend of mine could not believe it was a diesel due to how quiet it is! Its a bit noisey for the first few mins from cold though. I think I got a good deal.... 1998 2.0 Toyota Avensis GS Turbo Diesel Estate...... Elec windows, sunroof, mirrors, air-con, abs, central locking, alarm, CD player etc etc 2 lady owners from new Full service history, mostly Toyota 82,567 miles 1 years MOT 4 months Tax Excellent condition inside and out Original Toyota book with heaps of reciepts etc for all work carried out I paid £750 I think that was a good deal?
  8. All the good deals are so far away :( If you are ever near the Milton Keynes/Oxford/Aylesbury/Northampton areas please let me know......cash waiting :)
  9. Im not over keen on my interior, as in seats and door cards. She is a 1998 Estate. Would a hatchback seats and door cards fit mine, reason I ask is many hatches are being broken but not many estates.
  10. Here is a pic of my engine Is the 2C-TE a good one as in reliability, anything to watch for?
  11. Thank you all :) At last I know what my engine is called!! Because of it being mechanical can I do what a lot of people do with the 405/309/306 Turbo Diesel and put a bleed valve on and up the fueling thus giving a bit of extra power!! If this is the case I know where the bleed valve would go but where is the fuel screw?
  12. In need of some help guys!! I have a 1998 2.0 Turbo Diesel Avensis. Its not the D4D, anyone know what my engine code is? Also can it be chipped or tuned? So many company's offer chips and upgrades for the D4D but nothing for mine :( Any help on the above would be great :)
  13. Mastiff


    Forgot to say..... its mechanical injection so dont think it has an ECU?
  14. Mastiff


    I have a boost gauge for my Turbo Diesel Avensis. Im in need of help here as I dont have a clue where to put the vac pipe in the engine. I will obviously have to T piece it into another pipe.....but which on? Its a 1998 2.0 Turbo Diesel.....not the D4D Any help/ideas would be great :) Can put a pic up of my engine bay if that could help??
  15. I need a bit more power for my workhorse. She is an Avensis TD Estate 1998......not the D4D engine. Anyone got any ideas on how to give her a bit more power? She is 89bhp as standard. She has been given a complete service to help but I need more!! I was thinking of a bleed valve so I can up the boost a touch on the Turbo but been told this is a quick way to blow up the engine!? Any help/ideas on more power would be great.
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