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  1. 94 Camry LE automatic 104k miles. Just an FYI: Same problem for me...kinnda. In my case, cold car start is OK with RPM around 1100, then as it should begin to fall back below 1000 it jumps to nearly 2000 and holds there for several minutes. If I push accelerator, there is a big hesitation before the engine responds. If I try to shift into gear when revving 2000 RPM in park, car dies. Search the forum for Camry Stalls thread for more details on similar problem...all of which do not have a longterm solution yet.
  2. benisj

    Camry Stalling

    Discovery made 3/12... FYI, my mechanic was ready to cave and change the fuel pump/meter/filter but after 30+ minutes of running a fuel line (pressure?) test on the 94 Camry and things coming back normal, he just wasn't ready to take it apart yet. So he quit for a day or two... Friday he took apart the throttle body again. Put it back together, still no improvement, but noticed an irregularity with air intake. I don't know how exactly to describe what he did, as I only talked to him on the phone, but he first verified there was no clog in the air intake leading to the air filter and leading
  3. benisj

    Engine Dies

    I am beginning to think we should all drive (or tow, depending on our success) our Camry's to the Toyota headquarters... An update on my stalling Camry. It has gotten MUCH WORSE. To date we have done the following in the following order: -Tuneup (plugs, wires, air filter, yada yada yada) -Throttle body cleaning -EGR disconnected -TPS replaced -Distributor replaced -Oxygen sensor (don't know which or both) replaced None of these things have done anything to improve the situation. The problem has gone from intermittent to reproducible right down to the first intersection it will stall at! Ca
  4. benisj

    Camry Stalling

    For ToyotaTom... You finally broke down and took it to the dealer and they said EGR... Well what do you know. That must be the STANDARD answer as one of our local Toyota dealers said the EXACT SAME THING. In fact, the whole story went like this: Dealer Mechanic: "Mr Banik, we think we have found your problem. Your engine has a lot of carbon build-up, especially in the throttle body and the EGR valve. We cleaned the throttle body and that didn't seem to improve the car all that much. I've got the EGR system disassembled right now and I can see a lot of carbon--like strands of it, kind of
  5. benisj

    Camry Stalling

    The saga continues... We, as of Friday January 9, have discovered a bad TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) and bad MAP (Manifold Air? Pressure) sensor on my regularly but randomly stalling, fluctuating RPM at idle, 104,000 mile, 1994 Camry. Hope to have both replaced next week. No idea what the parts cost, though. Anyone paid for a TPS or MAP? Looking for estimates on parts cost. Thanks.
  6. benisj

    Camry Stalling

    Alas, I spoke too soon. The stalling and high revving in park is back...and the car is back in the shop after 4-5 days of perfect running. Next thing to look at is the distributor (ignition coils?--I am pretty ignorant on this) according to my mechanic who has ruled out the EGR thanks the to problem coming back AFTER we disconnected the EGR. We also noticed very little dirt on a now 4 month old air filter making ME wonder if there is a problem with general air-flow in the engine. Nothing clogging the intake leading to the filter, but man that filter is as clean as the day we took it out of
  7. Via GOOGLE search for "camry engine stalls dies"
  8. benisj

    Engine Dies

    Found a mechanic who actually TROUBLESHOT my problem!!! (Other mechanics wanted to change timing belts, upgrade to platinum plugs, replace distributor, water pump, etc without being remotely possitive any of those things would fix the problem.) He "disconnected" the EGR system effectively taking it out of the mix for a few days. The car can be driven without the EGR system active (might experience some engine knocking noise when EGR is bypassed) to rule out (or in) the EGR system. We also cleaned the throttle body which was gummed up but did not solve the car stalling and idling HIGH (2000
  9. benisj

    Camry Stalling

    I have a 1994 Camry stalling with no warning and under similar (but also broader) situations. After 2 months of mechanics, I finally got one to disconnect the EGR system (bypassing the EGR valve) and we appear to have "fixed" the stalling problem (would stall on hard break, sometimes while idling at a stoplight or accelerating from a complete stop at a sign). You don't "need" the EGR to drive the car, so its something that can be dissengaged for a few days to troubleshoot your problem.
  10. benisj

    Engine Dies

    Add me to the list of '94 vintage Camry (4-cylinder, 140k miles, automatic) owners perplexed by the "stalling engine" problem. Our mechanic (non-Toyota) initially could not recreate the problem. In the infant stages, the engine stall was very difficult to replicate. Plugs, wires, etc were replaced as part of a standard "tune-up" as the starting point of troubleshooting. After stalling on route to a shopping mall, we had the car towed. Of course, 1 hour passed from the time the car stalled and the time they came out to pick it up. To our shock, the car had started with no problem (made me
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