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  1. Go by the mileage intervals, per the service book/manual. Remeber to check the oil level regularly between services - once monthly as a minimum. DON'T wait for the oil light to come on before checking the oil level!
  2. It does, thank you. I could live with it if it wasn't getting slightly worse. I'll look at the EGR valve, as suggested by cabcurtains and tunasteak. Thanks chaps. Stu
  3. Thanks for the link to Mixton. I'll email them. Got a reply from Canadian Tire, who no longer do any mail order at all.
  4. Yup, appreciate what you mean. I've not yet managed to narrow it down to a definite set of circumstances yet. It's primarily the missus' car, so I don't drive it daily. However, now she's on maternity leave, I'll drive it more and see what I can find out. Driven it a 40 mile round trip today and it was fine. Fuel consumption seems OK, power feels OK. Idles fine, generally drives nicely. Apart from this. Maybe it's Morrison's diesel, even. I don't know if this car has ever had the infamous ECU reflash at service time or not, if it has, it would have been before its time with us.
  5. Found this, via the 3rd link you provided: http://tinyurl.com/dmnyvl Will need to look into it more, but $40 Canadian is roughly 20 quid, plus shipping, so not too bad. Still thinking of using the front fogs as DRLs, but without any other lights switched on, though. Of course, I can ask Toyota if there is a way of enabling them through the body computer - though I suspect the Verso may not be of sufficiently up to date design to have such a "menu" system built in. Thanks for the pointers, though ;)
  6. Hi, Have read the other recent posts about running/performance issues but my problem seems slightly different. Have a 2.2 diesel (not the T180) and I've recently noticed a kind of hesitation. It has only recently developed and it is getting noticably worse, the car having done just over 30k miles, 2006 model TR. Seems to occur when neither fully off the accelerator, but not actually accelerating either. A very slight pressure on the accelerator in this situation reveals what feels like a kind of "misfire" or some kind of fuelling issue. The engine feels to slightly bog down. Either a very slight lift of the pedal or a very slight pressure and everything is fine, but at this one point, something isn't quite as it should be. I suspect ultimately it will be a dealer visit and a diagnostics check or ECU reflash, perhaps. Just wondered if there was any known issue - it could be a sensor fault, wiring connection problem, etc, etc but seeing as I never noticed it when we got the car and it has developed, suggests that it is more than just a "feature" of the ECU mapping. Thanks in advance, Stu 2006 '06 Verso 2.2 TR
  7. Sorry for the delay, and thanks for the tip. I did find some DRL control units for aftermarket fitting, in the US, via a similar thread on the Toyota Tundra forum over there. Likely to cost upwards of 60 quid by the time shipping has been added but could work OK. Stu
  8. It would likely still be the same. What I am considering doing is wiring the front fog lights so that they are on with the ignition and go off when you turn the sidelights or dipped headlights on. Not technically legal but probably OK to get away with, except at MOT time. Make the wiring easy to reachand easy to reverse for the MOT, and that should do it. I hope...!
  9. Been doing a bit of digging around and another idea I now have is to use the existing front foglights as DRLs, with LED bulbs. Depends if I can get the correct fitting LEDs. I'll need to check the handbook but I have already found H1 and H3 LED foglight bulbs. personally I find the front fogs all but useless anyway, so the thought now is to wire them up as DRLs, coming on with the ignition and going off when the sidelights are turned on. Probably not going to pass an MOT, so it'd have to be made easily reversible, but that shouldn't be a problem. Autobulbsdirect.com have a decent range of LEDs available and the prices are sensible (some good offers on Osram bulbs too at the moment). Intending to replace the brakelights with 360 degree LED bulbs for a faster response time and brighter light, too.
  10. I'd get it booked in with the dealer, let them sort it under warranty.
  11. Hi, Currently I drive with dipped headlights on all the time - personal preference and in my opinion if someone sees me sooner, then all the better. However, in the Verso it is a bit of a pain as you have to manually switch on the lights, whereas in my Grande Punto, the light switch can stay in the on position and the lights will come on and off with the ignition, which is great. I was looking at fitting some Ring DRLs, which would be on with the ignition and then go off when you put the lights on at lighting up time, but another thought was to see how easy it may be (or not!) to fit a DRL module/relay - I assume that for some markets in Europe there must be such a facility. Tried a web search without much luck. Any suggestions? Thanks Stu
  12. Ah ha! Thanks very much - and yes, you are right -I should have read the handbook a little more closely... Thanks for the help - especially the photo. Stu
  13. I think you will find that the key required is the IGNITION key. I know it was on my last Corolla. Hi! No, not the ignition key, the Verso doesn't have a standard ignition key - you insert the remote fob into the dash and push the start button. But there must be a key which operates the driver's door lock and the airbag switch in the side of the dash. I'll give Lister's a call tomorrow.
  14. Hi all, Got our 06 diesel TR last week and so far we're chuffed to bits with it. We bought from a friend who is emigrating. We got the two remote, insertable "keys" but I note that there is a key-operated lock in the driver's door, presumably for emergency locking and unlocking and also the passenger airbag deactivation switch needs a key. The handbook refers to the key also. However, our friend didn't supply the key, despite giving us everything else, including all bills, books, etc. Have checked with him and he says he doesn't recall ever having one. He bought it as an ex-demo from Lister's of Coventry when it was only a few months old. Any ideas where I could get a new key without resorting to main dealer prices? I assume there is no electronics involved, as it is only to lock/umlock in an emergency and to turn the switch for the airbag. Even a basic metal key blank would do. I have the little metal tag on the spare key, with the key number, so should be able to get one cut. I've tried Ebay, with no luck so far. Thanks Stu '06 06 Verso 2.2 D-4D TR
  15. You will almost certainly need to go via a dealer and you will need proof of ownership and ID, etc. And they will charge main delaer prices as well, of course...
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