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  1. It is, Entune3 v Touch2 - hardware & software are different.
  2. I had similar thoughts. Strange that a Japanese company should not be considering the needs of an aging population more as generally they are way ahead of us re. the elderly.
  3. If they read their manual (after spending £20k +) they would know that the facilities exist. I am not saying that wishing to use a keyless entry system is lazy but if, knowing the facilities exist, they don't use them (just 2 button pushes on the fob iirc after you have locked the door) is. As I have already linked there is an improvement coming in that the forthcoming fobs will go to sleep when static - this will not cover the walk from the car to the house & hanging up your coat that you mentioned etc. but the key press sequence will.
  4. Hi Luka, welcome to TOC 🙂 If that is what I think it is (HIR2) that lamp comes like that with the plastic 90 degree mount.
  5. Toyota usually are 1 of the best of the mass manufacturers at standing behind their warranty. Typically they allow you 1 month or 1,000 miles leeway for a service. At 90k it should have had a minimum of 7 services yet has had only 5 ...
  6. Interesting, if true. I had an Avensis TS with pan roof & roof bars.
  7. In my experience Toyota range remaining typically counts down to reserve rather than empty. I don't find it an issue once you are aware of it. It is typical Toyota caution as from what I understand restarting a fuel-exhausted hybrid is not an easy "just add fuel" operation.
  8. Just so long as he is aware of possible ramifications. Small chance I know but if he were to have a crash in the meantime & they examined his vehiclle, discovered it then his insurance would be null & void & he would then be done for driving without insurance ... Actually, for those that they are required to they do. The military is not exempt from environmental legislation.
  9. I susppect that it is technically illegal to use on the road though.
  10. 14.20.019 is available
  11. I disagree, the current implementation is fine for most people if they are actually aware of /use it - the problem is that people either don't read their manuals & know that the facilities exist or are too lazy to use them.
  12. the latest version of TIS is at https://www.toyota-tech.eu/GTS/Wizard/step2-intro.aspx The software download itself is free but you will require an activation licence - from €5 for a day.
  13. the latest is here https://www.toyota-tech.eu/GTS/Wizard/step2-intro.aspx but it won't be a cracked version so you would need to pay the activation licence for the required period.
  14. Toyota are not prescient (they certainly didn't foresee people using industrial grinders to just cut them off) & cat thefts were not an issue when the car was designed.
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