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  1. you should also inform your insurance company of the modifications. Depending upon the company they may or may not charge.
  2. 1st generation 2006-12, 2nd generation 2012-18 is E180
  3. No doubt it is Toyota covering themselves legally.
  4. It's not just manufacturing cost though - there is the R&D, cost of holding stock/ distribution etc. for years &, of course, not forgetting a profit margin for OE supplier, Toyota & for dealer ...
  5. The latest version is 6.13.0WL. Do you have a MyToyota account? Yes, you can install it if you buy it - you will get an unique activation code for your specific head unit. For that generation of Touch 2 with Go afaik the updates & new maps are integrated together.
  6. afaik should be but your speedo will read ~3.8% lower than it would with the 205/55 r16 that I believe were the tyre for a 2003-2006
  7. Basically a new engine for the fix under the Toyota customer service campaign for the AD series issues for pre-2012 production. Toyota say that these engines should not be skimmed. If this doesn't have block/head damage it could be much less but you would incur costs getting to the stage where you would actually know what is needed.
  8. If it is a TNS700 it is behind the screen (it folds down) & is a DVD.
  9. Just fyi be aware that this isn't actually direct from Toyota but hosted by https://www.epc-data.com (you will also see a no. of other car manufacturers parts catalogues linked).
  10. Hi John, welcome to TOC 🙂 afaik fitments for saloon/hatch/estate of the same engine are the same however they do vary between engines. 2.2 D4D & 2.4 petrol use 5x114.3 PCD, all others 5x100
  11. That sounds like the typical timescale for the Autumn maps update. However, Devon Aygo has previously said that they have now separated the software & mapping updates so that they could speed up fixes ...
  12. Hi Kayleigh, welcome to TOC 🙂 You really need to get it code read as there are so many interlinked things these days that warnings can be triggered by something that you would not expect. P.S. it is worth putting engine/transmission details in your profile - it helps people to help you.
  13. are you inputting the space? what version maps/firmware is it running? Assuming that it is a TNS700 it is certainly capable of 6 fig post code.
  14. Interesting if they have moved from Harman.