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  1. Heidfirst

    Oil maintenance required

    when you say "plenty", was it by any chance over the full mark? (this could be caused by diesel getting into the oil via DPF if fitted)
  2. Heidfirst

    Reverse sensors

    Assuming that they are oem you should be able to find the fitting instructions on toyota-tech.eu e.g. https://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/{92690725-7668-3B01-823B-580E55787668}/TPA400 PZ464-X0422-00 AIM 000 525-4.pdf I wouldn't think that they sound through the radio (what happens if audio off?) but I have never had a RAV.
  3. was the replacement new or s/h? Probably the gasket that has gone - common issue.
  4. Heidfirst

    1.6 Business edition plus

    In the UK a 1.6l Business Edition Plus with the features that you mention will be a 2015 > facelift with the 112bhp diesel (the BMW N47-derived one). As far as I know not available with an auto transmission.
  5. did you read the reply I left on 1 of your other posts? (btw it is not considered polite to multi-post the same thing)
  6. Heidfirst

    12v battery

    Hi Kamel, if your car hasn't had it's maps updated in a while just buy a cheap (probably counterfeit) map update SD card from ebay - that will solve your problem & also you will have up to date maps.
  7. Heidfirst

    Headlights - Main beam issue

    Hi Kam, Does your car have TSS auto high beam? If so do you have the lights in the auto position?
  8. more likely sales volumes, spec. differences & taxes imo. Compare European cars sold in the US - they are cheaper than here despite the extra shipping.
  9. Heidfirst

    RAV4 wheels for winter tyres?

    Hi Dave welcome to TOC 🙂 They won't have to be Toyota specific but they will need to have the appropriate bore, PCD & offset for your RAV. It used to be that you typically went down a wheel size for Winter tyres but I believe that the tyre industry says that is no longer necessary with modern Winter tyres.
  10. Heidfirst

    Where to buy reasonably priced Avensis mud flaps

    https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/profile/34014-parts-king/ send him a PM
  11. Heidfirst

    Windshield washer hose valve

    because Toyota GB decided for marketing purposes to bear the cost of the extension to the standard EU warranty. Toyota EU standard warranty is 3 years/100,000km - UK is 5 years/100,000 miles.
  12. Heidfirst

    Where to buy reasonably priced Avensis mud flaps

    or you could try contacting Parts-king on this forum (Lindop Toyota parts dept.) - he usually does a small discount for forum members.
  13. Heidfirst

    2019 Toyota RAV4: UK grade structure and pricing

    North America gets Entune 3, it is not Touch 3. Entune is a different system & would be no use in Europe. The press release for new Corolla suggests that Touch 2 gets a hardware upgrade (so hopefully less lag) & a pinch-to-zoom interface which I would expect the new RAV to get too. Out of interest are you using traffic updates via TMC (which doesn't work on DAB in the UK) or via internet (provided by Tomtom)? I agree that it is disappointing that the new models will ship with Touch 2 but as I mentioned above it would appear that there will have been upgrades.
  14. Heidfirst

    2019 Toyota Corolla to compete in BTCC

    afaik the hatch, sedan & TS will all be available in hybrid form so that shouldn't come into it. Hybrid powertrains are mandatory for the series from start of 2022 season. tbh I suspect that we will see a controlled/standardised BTCC powertrain (or parts thereof) offered as currently to keep development costs down for teams.
  15. Heidfirst

    2019 Toyota RAV4: UK grade structure and pricing

    £2.5k? Not seeing it. 2018 Excel 2.5 Hybrid AWD £35,275 https://www.toyota.co.uk/new-cars/rav4/index/prices 2019 Excel 2.5 Hybrid AWD £35,850 https://blog.toyota.co.uk/2019-toyota-rav4-uk-grade-structure-and-pricing Everything that I have read says that it is a much improved car though. Plus it has to be imported & no doubt they are figuring for Brexit impact ...