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  1. Heidfirst

    Park sensors for a Verso

    you probably have separate switches for front & rear sensors. Were you to tow you would want the ability to switch the rears off. https://www.radioandtvhelp.co.uk/interference/rtis_radio/DABmuxes_DABradio Do you have the full manuals for your car, not just the quick start? You can download them free at https://www.toyota.co.uk/tme#/my-toyota/eManual If you don't know your VIN just do a generic search by model, year etc.
  2. You need to have the engine running whilst updating (if you had the ignition on in acc. & the head unit shut down for battery saving mid-updates you would have a corrupted head unit) & if doing the full update it may take something like an hour.
  3. Heidfirst

    Arriving Early March

    Hi Philip, welcome to TOC 🙂 Yes, it is an all new model. The sat nav will be different from that in a 2013.
  4. Heidfirst

    Park sensors for a Verso

    It should be there but possibly on a different multiplex than you are tuned to. p.s. welcome to TOC, Dave 🙂
  5. Just discovered that if I go the the estore page without being logged in then it shows that. Once I log in it is no longer offered (presumably as not apllicable for my system) . You really want to be getting 6.12.0L as I believe that the one that you have downloaded will just let you configure your existing maps (i.e. which countries you want loaded rather than all - this does make updating future maps quicker though). If you are logged into MyToyota & go the estore are you not offered 6.12.0 (probably with a price against it but click through)? The activation code is separate, it is the line (XXXed out) below the Device ID line in my 2nd screenshot - it is not included in the download file (you can see in my screenshot also an option to print it).
  6. I am intrigued as to why (as per your 2nd screenshot) you seem to be being offered 4.3.0H when you say that your system has 6.6.0L? Have you registered your device ID to your account? What version map is it that you actually downloaded?
  7. In the UK, yes, free updates for the first 3 years. In Eire I don't know. Does your estore say free with Mapcare (see screenprint attached)? There is an activation code specific to your unit ID.
  8. Heidfirst

    Success with Techstream?

    surely a 150D is a 2.2 so a 2AD?
  9. Heidfirst

    2019 Rav4 Dynamic 4wd

    those do appear odd especially as the Dynamic is dearer - could be typos or omissions when they were still settling on specs. Worth checking though. The Toyota.co.uk website conflicts a bit with https://blog.toyota.co.uk/2019-toyota-rav4-uk-grade-structure-and-pricing
  10. Heidfirst

    2019 Rav4 Dynamic 4wd

    Not sure that AWDs are in the showrooms yet - thought May? If you really must have " Black 18-inch alloy wheels, heated front sports seats, bi-tone metallic paint, black interior headlining" over an Excel, no.
  11. Heidfirst

    T25 satnav options

    well, OX1 would be a good guess... 😛 However, amongst others you can actually do it just by touching the map. If you haven't got the manual for it. www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/%7BAD697D9D.../01941_TNS700_EN_Vol.pdf
  12. Heidfirst

    Replacement Smart Key Fob

    try Timpsons (not all - they have stores that specialise in auto)
  13. Heidfirst

    Rally Sweden 2019

    Results: Tanak #1 😄 , Meeke #6 & Latvala #21 (Latvala crashed on Friday losing 24 minutes -Toyota elected to retire Latvala's car for a return under Rally2 regulations on Saturday, effectively reducing that time loss to only seven minutes.). https://www.wrc.com/en/wrc/results/sweden/stage-times/page/326-227---.html https://www.autosport.com/wrc/news/141567/tanak-into-wrc-points-lead-with-sweden-win
  14. An Auris TS wouldn't be much of a downsize (although I would think that you will notice the difference - the Avensis just feels like a bigger, more solid car & as I have said before whilst in theory the Auris TS has more load space than the Avensis TS, to me at least, the Avensis has the more usable space). Or you could wait until s/h Corolla TS start showing up on the market as they have the same wheelbase as your Avensis TS so not a downsize at all 😛.
  15. Heidfirst

    help verso 06

    you may find what you want on https://www.toyota-tech.eu/Menu/Repair (possibly the Repair Manual). Some access is free, some is chargeable (but you can download .pdfs).