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  1. the battery life is typically 5-6 years hence if 1 goes the others probably wont last much longer. iirc the Toyota oem sensors are listed at £180 each at a dealer ... A working TPMS system is part of the MOT for all cars first registered new after November 2014.
  2. do you have an adblocker on your phone/PC?
  3. That should help but you might want to check what emissions rating you may need for certain cities etc. & that should cut down the models to look at. Also, have a look on HonestJohn's site for reviews & particularly the known issues (e.g. VAG DSG transmissions) https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar?/ Whilst there also check RealMPG figures. Which Avensis, there are 3 basic models (T22, T25 & T27) plus intermediate facelifts? For diesel autos I think that we only got 2.2 D-CAT Autos which will be relatively thirsty - you would be lucky to average 40mpg overall.
  4. This sounds like a 3rd party solution rather than a Toyota oem one?
  5. white smoke could be DPF regenerating (or at least trying). How many miles on the car?
  6. Top right below the header image is a rounded box that says "search" & has a magnifying glass icon.
  7. enjoy! Will be interested in your feedback once you've had it long enough to form a reasonable opinion of it over various typical scenarios.
  8. Hi, Patrick, welcome to TOC! 🙂 Did you search this forum? If you did you should have found a no. of posts/threads incl. several by Konrad such as
  9. You say that you want this but from the sounds of things you quite possibly aren't doing enough mileage for a diesel to be the best choice. What do you think that your annual mileage will be & is that composed mostly of short journeys or long? Modern, emission-equipped common rail turbodiesels are not as reliable as the simple diesels of old because they are a lot more complicated & also a lot of people have bought them for usage to which they are not really suited. When they do go wrong the bills are typically large ... If you are doing only small annual mileage all your savings from fuel & more could be spent on repairs.
  10. Hi Adam, what Michael is referring to is largely found within this long thread below. Toyota's Customer Service Campaign for the small % of AD series engines that developed the issue was for 7 years or 111k, whichever came first. As a 2007 your car went outwith that 6 years ago.
  11. The latest TIS is available for free from Toyota. https://www.toyota-tech.eu/GTS/Wizard/Step5-Software.aspx The licence isn't free though ... but €5/day or 10 for a week isn't too bad.
  12. That & if you have kept it serviced in the dealer network they are probably also applying "goodwill".
  13. Are you sure that the hybrid gets that (the 2.0 ICE only Corolla automatic does in the USA but that isn't offered for sale in the UK at least)? This video doesn't appear to show that. My car is in for a service this week so hopefully I can get a good look at both the new Corolla & RAV4 whilst I wait for it being done. If I remember I'll ask about the 2.0 hybrid's transmission.
  14. I think that the dealer has to notify them that it has been delivered & Toyota process that.