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  1. Imo the Prius will give better mpg (unless you are driving everywhere at 150kph) & be more reliable over time. Have you tried driving a Prius & an E220D as I would imagine that there is a a somewhat different ambience/experience?
  2. My Climairs on my current Avensis don't use sticky strips ... plus they are quite different from the "official Toyota" wind deflectors on my previous Avensis T27 (which did). Of course, Toyota may use different accessory suppliers for different models.
  3. That is what I would have guessed from your original post. The Valvematic has very little torque at low revs & in the Avensis has quite a high clutch imo - the combination regularly sees people stalling it until you adapt to it. Most people don't take 15 years to do that though! 😄 Btw the electronic accelerator should actually be faster than a mechanical linkage as it is tied into the ECU. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-features/what-is-electronic-throttle-control-ph-explains/38558
  4. I think that you will need to give a better description of the alleged fault & some more info of the car ...
  5. Hi John, welcome to TOC. It is really impossible for anybody on a forum to be sure without experiencing the vehicle themselves. However, the Valvematic petrol engine has very little torque at low revs compared to a diesel - it will never seem as smooth as a diesel if idling along at low revs. Having said that I would have thought that the CVT would ameliorate that to some extent. It has done only 20,000 in 7 years so less than 3,000 p.a. - maybe it needs a good high-speed run or 2 to blow the cobwebs out? 😉 Did it have it's sparkplugs changed at the recommended service (5 years iirc)?
  6. The WLTP figures are still laboratory derived just that the test parameters are closer to normal driving than the old NEDC. I could match & even beat the NEDC results too under road conditions that closely matched the test parameters (e.g. a warm start rather than from cold).
  7. Hi, welcome to TOC 🙂 Oil is a lubricant so without it (if it really was that bad) you will have extra friction. How do you know that you only managed 30km for 1/2 of your £20? The fuel gauge in the Aygo is not linear (& like most Toyotas has a Reserve).
  8. which engine (although I suspect I know already)?
  9. does your have touch to start/smart entry or good old-fashioned key ignition? you can disable the interior ultrasonic sensor by the button on the roof.
  10. I have 3 year mapcare & connected services (£199). 5GB for my system.
  11. I am currently downloading (slowly) from Toyota server ... For my system it is 6.18.0L p.s. remember to back up your contacts/locations etc. before installing - just in case 😉
  12. This. Find a dealer that you trust & build up a relationship with the staff. That is partly why I go to Bishopbriggs rather than Linwood although equidistant from both - Bishopbriggs is a smaller dealership which makes that easier. I had a great relationship with their service manager for many years but he moved on eventually 😞 & Covid hasn't made it easy to speak to the guys actually working on the car.
  13. Obviously I have had different experience (albeit it may come down to who you speak to but that is also true elsewhere). The thing is that an AC service plan is 2/3 the price of the official Toyota one & Toyota are OK with them (I did check with them that an AC service plan was warranty compliant).
  14. Hi Iain, welcome to TOC 🙂 Always nice to see another Scottish owner. Perhaps when things improve we can maybe think about having a Scottish members meet again ....
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