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  1. Heidfirst

    tyre preference

    That's probably par for the course for the fronts on a T27 Avensis but would be very low for rears.
  2. Heidfirst

    Cruise control too agressive!

    is it an oem cruise control or an aftermarket one? The car will have been built in the UK (the engine built in Poland).
  3. Heidfirst


    Do you have a link for this as I can't find it (& my Google-fu usually isn't bad)? I would have thought that the "weight on wheels" switch as used by many military aircraft for e.g. inhibiting gear retraction or weapons was a simpler way. Or have you perhaps misremembered quite a lot of the details? I can fin this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lufthansa_Flight_2904 but it's a later Airbus, it isn't Dusseldorf & tbh it's largely pilot errors that led to it. On the other hand Lauda Air lost a B767 when a thrust reverser operated in flight ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lauda_Air_Flight_004
  4. Heidfirst

    tyre preference

    I know that you probably don't have the weather down there to need the winter grip part of it's makeup but the Michelin Crossclimate is also meant to have a good ride.
  5. Heidfirst

    Cruise control too agressive!

    Interesting as I am not aware of even a 2018 Avensis having an option of adaptive CC (at least in the UK) let alone a 2011 (& I had a 2012 2.2 T-Spirit - the highest UK trim level).
  6. Heidfirst

    Car mats

    Hi Darren, welcome to TOC. ☺️ If they have to be genuine Toyota parts then I suspect that it has to be genuine T dealer .... You could try Parts-king on this forum - he is Lindop Toyota parts dept. & usually gives members here a small discount.
  7. Heidfirst

    Which Toyota Go system do I have?

    Hi Chris, you definitely have Touch 2 with Go then, the "low" version. As to whether you qualify for the 3 years free updates depends upon when exactly the car was registered iirc. If you had the "high" version you definitely would but iirc the "low" version only gained the 3 years free entitlement mid-summer 2016. Have you signed up for MyToyota yet as going to the e-store from that will probably tell you (there is a chance that it will show a charge until you go right through until the end even if you have a free entitlement)? If you don't have a free entitlement & are thinking about keeping the car for a no. of years you can get 3 years maps & connected services for £199.
  8. Heidfirst

    Cruise control too agressive!

    Being pedantic I know, but fyi a 2011 Avensis doesn't have adaptive cruise control. I didn't seem to have the issue that you mention on my 2012 manual 2012 so maybe it is linked to the transmission & perhaps kickdown? What kind of geography is there where you drive (cc works best on the flat)?
  9. Heidfirst

    Rear tow eye location T25 estate

    yup, that is what I was thinking but so long since I had a T25 ... 🤔
  10. Heidfirst

    Touch & Go 2 Directions setting

    the sad truth these days is that the chance that your salesman will still be there come your next purchase is pretty small. Once I have bought a car I pretty much always try to do anything else via service dept. - you have a far better chance of building up a relationship with staff.
  11. Heidfirst

    Which Toyota Go system do I have?

    Given the 2016 date I would suspect Touch 2 with Go (assuming that you have satnav). The system info should help nail it - what version does it say it is running?
  12. Heidfirst

    L975epb Gt4...is This Your Car Reg?

    welcome to TOC, meirion ☺️ Good luck with getting her back to showroom condition.
  13. Heidfirst

    Touch & Go 2 Directions setting

    Sorry to hear about your problems but you have to hand it to Toyota GB's CS as that isn't a cheap part. VW etc. probably would have left you hanging to slug it out with your dealer for liability/fix.
  14. N.B. They tested H7s which I am not sure that any current UK Toyotas use (but older e.g. Avensis T25 did)? Quite possibly a fair reflection across to other fittings though as the usual suspects (Philips, Osram & Ring) are all up there. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/accessories-tyres/76760/best-car-headlight-bulbs-to-buy-2018 P.S. wasn't sure which forum to put this in so Frosty please feel free to move ☺️
  15. Heidfirst

    LED Headlight Bulbs

    Never said that they were but they are still incompatible/illegal for use with lamp units that are not approved/designed for LED (unless the bulb is E-marked & if OSRAM, Philips etc. haven't yet managed that for a straight swap replacement it is highly unlikely that a smaller company has).