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  1. Have you mentioned this before? If so can you remind us of your issue? (again there will be a full manual for the infotainment available to download foc)
  2. do you have the full manual https://d24bc9lyrt5en5.cloudfront.net/Customer-Portal-Admin/emanuals/TOYOTA/OM64596E.pdf ? Check page 57.
  3. 17s won't help with roll as that's a suspension function. What does the manual give as options? I would expect 17s with a lower profile to keep the same rolling radius should fit though it will make the ride harder.
  4. I've tried it with a full 64GB USB stick ... It works but it's a bit laggy - noticeably more so than e.g. on a 16GB (btw for T2 wG 8GB is definitely not the max - indeed iirc that's the minimum that Toyota recommend for when updating maps).
  5. afaik your car's ECU doesn't support CC. You would have to go with a 3rd party additional unit.
  6. www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Avensis-09-onwards-Pioneer-17cm-Front-Door-Speaker-Upgrade-Kit-240W/331566803473
  7. I change the wheels+tyres on my Avensis over the Winter but didn't want the expense of 4 extra TPMS sensors for my Winter wheels - running without TPMS isn't a problem although a warning light shows. Of course it helps that once it reaches MOTable age it will be due in the summer when it will be on wheels with TPMS anyway (tbh by then I may well be running all year round on Michelin CrossClimate + or similar).
  8. Hi Benjamin, welcome to TOC 🙂 Here in the UK afaik we didn't get the option of JBL, however, according to grade, you got a 6 or 9 speaker system. Tbh neither will astound you. It's more expensive to replace ones that are also built-in satnav.
  9. Hi Nick, welcome to TOC 🙂 Try deleting the pairing & then re-pairing - watch out for anything requesting permissions as often not giving those can cause issues ...
  10. I have no idea how good/bad these are https://m.spaccer.com/en_GB/bestellen.html
  11. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/motor-shows-shanghai-auto-show/toyota-iq-city-car-reborn-china-only-singulato-ic3-ev
  12. & Autocar www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/toyota/camry/first-drives/toyota-camry-2019-review
  13. Don't know why it is expensive for you - my 2017 1.8 estate costs me under £200 p.a. fully comp. incl. legal assistance, protected ncd etc. etc.with the car parked on the street in Glasgow (& not a posh neighbourhood either). The £75 to switch may just be an admin fee?
  14. I believe that they also don't get paid much by Toyota for this sort of work - much less than retail rates.