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  1. Hi Gary, welcome to TOC 🙂 https://www.toyota-tech.eu online access will be payable, amount varying upon how long you want but you can download information for later use.
  2. Hi Taz, welcome to TOC. 🙂 This is it on the TS this was the prev. generation on an Auris hatch
  3. My 17 plate is due in for a service in ~1 month when I should get an idea if rear pad life on this car is worse than on my 12 plate (which was fine). I do, however, release the EPB manually.
  4. saw my first new Z4 in a car park today 🙂 waiting for my first new Supra ...
  5. Hi John, welcome to TOC 🙂 I have a suspicion from your description that they may be sending mats with the wrong fixing but never having owned an Aygo I am not sure when they swapped over the style of fixings. Assuming that they are similar to Avensis etc. the older ones are just pegs that holes in the mat slip over but the later ones have a rotating capsule-shape that you fit the mat over & then swivel it 90 degrees so that they can't lift. a photo of what your car is fitted with would probably help. 😉
  6. it's a 13.2 gallon tank so x48.8=650miles. I wish that I could average 48mpg in mine but my usual driving/journey profile doesn't promote it.
  7. the depreciation on any brand new car in that class will be more in it's 1st year than an Auris in it's 4th. I personally would probably wait a year & buy an ex-dem or pre-reg but as Frosty says it's up to you as it is your money.
  8. Don't know but I would imagine production/demand/marketing. 4WD Prius became available in the Japanese market only in 2015. It became available in N. America in 2018.
  9. there are so many interconected systems/sensors that a fault on one can have knock-on effects onto others causing apparently unconnected warning lights/messages
  10. Assuming that we are talking about infotainment & given that the Australian vehicles seem to be using the US (so lhd) Entune infotainment system it could be that they are being lazy about changing those for the Australian market ...
  11. There are both 2wd & 4wd versions of Prius (but 4wd Prius not yet available in the UK). You can buy a 4wd RAV4 Hybrid though in the UK - delivery might be a few months atm. 🙂
  12. & to pprove that it is personal, I disagree with you ... I don't like the C1 & I would say that the 108 is the most "normal" looking of the 3. I genuinely liked the X front of the Mk II Aygo (better than the latest restyle which imo dilutes it) & it would seem that a lot of people agreed as it went iirc from being the lowest annual production version of the 3 to the highest.
  13. OK, I have heard from someone that is involved with app development (not at Toyota so it is possible that this may not be Toyota's issue) that has recently had a similar issue with their environmental recording apps "the map problem has been caused by Google maps changing its terms of use and asking organisations to pay for using it now, whereas it was free in the past."
  14. Apparently Oz get an Entune variant . As for September> I said in another thread that there is a major makeover of Android Auto coming from Google & I wondered if Toyota were aiming to support that rather than what was about to be made obsolete ...
  15. That's true of most manufacturers as they seek to improve the tyres over the model's production lifespan.
  16. but what infotainment system do Australian Toyotas use - Entune, Touch 2 or perhaps yet another system? edit: some quick Googling suggests Entune
  17. That'll be a Mazda 2 then ... 😛
  18. Unless it has more than 4 wheels then 4WD & AWD will be the same thing ... 😛 p.s. welcome to TOC 🙂
  19. Are there Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 or Continental AllSeasonContacts available in the size that you want?
  20. Having read reviews of quite a few car manufacturers' infotainment/satnavs it seems to be middle-ground - better than some but not as good as others (the best seems to be generally regarded as BMW). It's also middling price though for an oem installation. As you say it does the job particularly if people take the time to actually explore it & learn where things are/how to use it.
  21. I suspect that the dealer doesn't realise that they come as pairs ... You can always ask Parts-King for a quote or https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Toyota-Auris-CHR-HIR2-Optiwhite-60-Legal-Upgrade-Headlight-Bulb-x2-Kit/112758238369. Snows are a Toyota dealer.
  22. Hi Michael, welcome to TOC 🙂 Have you considered the possibility that it isn't the fobs but a servo/actuator in the central locking system of the car?
  23. I have only done some quick Googling but I haven't found anything that says that Entune has/had that facility.
  24. It would probably be more relevant to check with others in the EU (although I suspect that it is an Europe-wide decision) as Toyta uses a different infotainment system in N. America than Europe (hence why they now have CarPlay available on new cars when not in Europe).
  25. It is not unknown for hybrids to need replacement rear discs more often than normal cars due to corrosion as they do so little friction braking that they don't clean surface rust from the rear discs as a normal car would & it gets a firmer hold on the disc. & of course, when you replace discs you should also fit new pads.