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  1. My guess is that it's a TNS700/B9010 & it is saying "a program cannot be read". If so it needs to have the mapping disc in the appropriate drive so that the system can read it to then boot.
  2. Hi Gordon, welcome to TOC 🙂 This is largely an UK/European based club & we certainly don't get the option of a V6 RAV4 here so I don't know that anybody can really answer you knowledgeably.
  3. My guesses (so quite possibly wrong! 😝 ) mirror auto-fold - not without adding extra hardware (I believe under £25 from alibaba or such). I suspect not - imo the important date would actually be when it was manufactured not registered & typically new legislation comes in earlier on new models being homologated with existing models already in production given a year or so to come into line for new production.
  4. I believe that there are 2 different drivetrains for the hybrid AWD versions of the latest RAV4?
  5. It varies by age, mileage, useage & market. You should check locally. p.s. in another post you say that you have a 2016 Corolla, your profile photo tends to agree with that yet your profile says 2008?
  6. Bulb life tends to go down as output goes up & the standard HIR2 is already iirc 70% brighter than a "conventional" halogen. & of course as it is used for both dip & high beam & is always at full power whilst your lights are on with no break ...
  7. afaik the fire brigade (usually the ones that cut cars to bits) have hazard details for pretty much every car so that they can makesafe things like airbags etc.
  8. Hi William, welcome to TOC. 🙂 I think that you will find that is standard practice across the automobile industry. Runout models tend to be loaded to keep an old platform selling & newer, hopefully better platforms don't need that to sell especially when in early days demand is probably outstripping supply.
  9. I think that you will find that this is another website mistake rather than Toyota GB reducing the contents of the pack.
  10. No, both versions were made since 2005. Iirc there was also a 134?bhp version in a RAV model. How many miles are on your vehicle - is it possible that the DPF is full & end of life (it is a consumable)?
  11. all I can say is that it worked fine in my Avensis for both a Lenovo & a Sony (running Pie).
  12. i wish you many years of reliable & enjoyable motoring when it comes.
  13. Hi William, welcome to TOC. 🙂 Youn need to differentiate in your post between the Toyota dealer & Toyota GB as the UK importer/manufacturer. Which said none of it was covered under warranty? Did the dealer check with Toyota GB? If you are unhappy you can always take it up with Toyota GB's cs yourself.
  14. So you don't want Touch 2 with Go then, you just want Touch 2 (Go is the Satnav bit & is a separate module that plugs into the head unit).
  15. On the price list https://www.toyota.co.uk/download/cms/gben/All New RAV4 December Pricelist_tcm-3060-1537852.pdf the Protection Pack includes scuff plates so there is definitely a disconnect/error across platforms.
  16. This is the screen that you previously would have got. As you can see it has e-store, Purchases, Basket, & Payment History tabs.
  17. Toyota say that you shouldn't skim these although we know of a few people that have.
  18. Hi Barry, welcome to TOC 🙂 It could be regeneration especially if the previous owner only did 2000 mpa - presumably mostly v. short journeys? There will be no warning on the dash re. regeneration (I don't think that any car manufacturer does). However, you should also be aware that this AD series of engines had the potential for a small % of them to develop head/headgasket issues that to fix to Toyota-approved standards would now cost more than the car is worth (they had an foc remedial programme for 7 years but that is now well past).
  19. Toyota #2, 5, 8 https://www.wrc.com/en/wrc/news/march-2019/mexico-breaking/page/6178--12-12-.html
  20. for some reason I was thinking that the OP had a Prius ... 😖 Just noticed it's an Auris. If it has LED headlights then my previous advice should still stand, if it is HIR2s then it uses a shutter mechanism in front of the bulb for dip/high beam & I am not sure if that requires deflectors. This suggests not https://blog.toyota.co.uk/new-toyota-auris-your-questions-answered/comment-page-1#comment-1066203
  21. You shouldn't need them on a new Prius with LEDs - it's an up/down dip rather than to the side.
  22. There normally is a "My/previous purchases" section so that you can. It's quite possible that they are doing maintenance/changes so maybe try again tomorrow. If we are lucky maybe they are uploading a Spring Update 😛 Tbh whilst these days I consider myself only mildly techie I don't find updating a problem (cue pride coming before a fall ... :P). p.s. if you have a "low" system I can supply you the file but I can't give you the activation code for the update on your system if you don't have a note of it.
  23. They didn't. I would say fine, don't buy 1 but it's basically sold out for the next 2 years already ... 😛
  24. Correct - new, tight engine etc. won't give the best figures.