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  1. Heidfirst

    C-HR Hybrid question

    & the Corolla TS - a large chunk of Avensis sales were estates & the Europe-only Corolla TS has grown to fill the gap (like the sedan it also has a longer wheelbase than the hatchback).
  2. Heidfirst

    Wheel alignment, how often?

    I always get one when having new tyres fitted. A check is free & potentially could save wear.
  3. Heidfirst

    more auris problems

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Toyota-Spare-Wheel-Carrier-Auris-Hybrid-Avensis-5193105030-/321817170236 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Toyota-Spare-Wheel-Carrier-Auris-Hybrid-Verso-5193102020-/221838368836 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Toyota-Spare-Wheel-Carrier-Auris-Hybrid-Avensis-5193133060-/221837785414 £2.04, £4.08 or £5.64 for the part & £4.99 postage from Toyota UK. It does seem that you get ripped in Eire.
  4. Heidfirst

    Wheel alignment, how often?

    do your tyres look like it needs it?
  5. Heidfirst

    C-HR Hybrid question

    The Touch 2 with Go satnav uses onboard memory. To update it you download a file from the internet, expand that file to an USB memory stick which you then plug into the car & upload from that to the unit (thereafter you can unplug the USB memory stick). New Corolla & RAV4 Hybrids coming soon (March for Corolla) & there has been a suggestion that their Touch 2 with Go systems may have had a hardware upgrade/new UI.
  6. Heidfirst

    Warning Light

    because in normal use you shouldn't need it so it is reasonable to put it somewhere that is not accessible by mistake.
  7. Heidfirst

    Poor headlights using HIR2 bulbs confirmed?

    it is possible to retrofit HIDs to a car to standards that would comply but it could be very expensive (depending upon what light units were already fitted, & if levelling & headlamp wash already were). HIDs are legal for offroad use. 2 ( I didn't bother to check more) of the largest suppliers (powerbulbs & HIDS4U) of aftermarket HIDs also say on their websites (although you have to go looking ...) that they aren't road legal. The problem with these laws (as in many cases) is enforcement of existing legislation.
  8. Heidfirst

    No generation 4 Verso?

    Arnold Clark supplied a pile to the European Championships in Glasgow in summer 2018 as VIP Transport (along with a pile of VX Zafiras) - most only had a few thousand miles on them after the event & they aren't the most popular of vehicles so there should be some 2018 cars kicking around in the trade if you fancied an update. 🙂
  9. Heidfirst

    High fuel consumption

    The low fuel warning light will come on with ~10l still in the tank so yes, ~33mpg assuming that it was full to start with (but you really should do brim to brim top up). Tbh that is only slightly less than I have been getting in winter with my usage ( quite a high % of urban, often barely warming up) . Is yours a manual or CVT, saloon or estate? As already mentioned check tyres - not only pressures but what size/type they are (e.g. I am now on my winter tyres so don't expect the same fuel economy as on my summers) & that no brakes are binding. Lots of little things add up.
  10. Heidfirst

    New member

    Hi Adam,welcome to TOC 🙂
  11. Heidfirst

    Hybrid oil grade

    not what the Prius people on here say & the Auris pretty much uses the Prius running gear.
  12. Heidfirst

    Number plate bulb

    I don't know how far you are from your dealer but if not too far I would have a word - a) you shouldn't need 1 yet & b) iirc Toyota will fit bulbs foc if you buy the bulb from them
  13. Heidfirst

    2013 Auris - Lost Smartkey :( replacement?

    Glad that you found your key! 🙂
  14. Heidfirst

    Poor headlights using HIR2 bulbs confirmed?

    if all that you have done is fit HID bulbs/conversion kit to a non-HID approved/marked lamp unit then it is illegal for road use hence why it should also fail the revised MOT if so presented. Perhaps DAN@ADRIAN FLUX would care to comment?
  15. Heidfirst

    2013 Auris - Lost Smartkey :( replacement?

    Where do you think that you lost it? I would be concerned about somebody finding the lost one & being able to access/take your car so I would investigate whether the transponder code can be changed ( I assume that you wouldn't go as far as also changing the door lock but if you were paranoid about it you would).
  16. Heidfirst

    Number plate bulb

    Hi Mark, welcome to TOC 🙂 Isn't it in your manual? If you don't have the full manual (not just the quick start) you can download it for free from https://www.toyota.co.uk/tme#/my-toyota/eManual Although you shouldn't need to replace the bulb on a 2018.
  17. Heidfirst

    Poor headlights using HIR2 bulbs confirmed?

    you actually declared to your insurer that you have fitted an illegal modification & they were happy? which insurer?
  18. Heidfirst

    Poor headlights using HIR2 bulbs confirmed?

    Not legally for road use unless the lamp unit is marked as suitable for HID ... If it isn't the car should fail it's next MOT if you take it for testing so-equipped. & then there is the levelling/headlight wash situation.
  19. Heidfirst

    Parking Brake Overheating message on dash.

    It may well be dreaded by all but I think that you will find that very, very few (in comparison to the no. of cars) actually develop an actuator problem. Sadly, earlier cars do seem more likeley to develop it than later ones - no doubt improvements due to experience gained over production life.
  20. Heidfirst

    Rear bumper for 2009 estate

    for a new bumper obviously a Toyota dealer. For an used one a scrappy or somebody breaking a complete car e.g. www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-AVENSIS-BREAKING-2010-2011-2012-ESTATE-DIESEL/223160760762. Depending upon your standards there may be something on ebay (e.g. there is a white one on ebay atm with relatively minor surface damage apparent www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-AVENSIS-2009-2012-T27-ESTATE-AVANT-GENUINE-REAR-BUMPER-WHITE/264091054629), Gumtree etc. & obviously in all but new you need to be lucky or allow for the cost of painting to match your car.
  21. Heidfirst

    Troll on the site.

    Konrad, if you look top right of the box for a post there is an icon for sharing a post. However, if you move your cursor near that a "report post" option will show up to the left of that. That is what I use to report suspect posts to forum admin.
  22. Heidfirst

    hooray! - yaris gr-sport now on toyota uk configurator

    demand for 3 dr cars has fallen off a cliff. I think that you will find many car manufacturers have dropped their 3 dr options as not worth engineering/stocking cost.
  23. Heidfirst


    don't know which cable you mean but does page 6 of this help at all? https://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/{4DC3ED24-FB59-EDEF-D0DD-9CC5112DFB59}/IQ_TNS_510_RHD_PZ445_00333_00_AIM_001_388_2.pdf