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  1. Aye, i have a 1.3 corolla se and it is sore on petrol too! but its a great engine! and definately not slow for all the size of it! my mate has a 2001 1.4vvti corolla and it is a we bit slower and it is always breaking.. and its no better on petrol.. whereas my car has taken 2 years of solid abuse and i havent spent a penny on it :) you should get a 1999 1.6 if anything hi
  2. CavanG


  3. CavanG

    da yote

    sum fotys of the toy =P
  4. av had no bovr in the snow lad.. onli sidewayz action!!! :D haha!
  5. wel i duno of any, but i am making an exhaust for my rolla. am getten jetex bits, u get straight lengths and angles an al, they jus clamp together, but il get a freind t weld them anyway. and am also getten a magnex 4" backbox thats universal. will def luk an sound the part :) its worth a look anyway hi. am getten them of demontweeks motorsport.
  6. CavanG

    Tte Front Bumper

    anyone got a tte wrc front bumper for a e11 corolla? tryin to find one near hand so i can pick it up. der getn hard t find. can get them on the internet but its the hassle of gettin it posted over.
  7. does anyone know where to get twin headlights for the corolla e11? i seen them on one before and looked class, would buy a set if i knew where to get. cant find them anywhere??? :ffs: thanx in advance...
  8. yep, prob the cleanest iv seen. few jobs to do to it yet tho! o i bought the ind. kit of a freind mr corolla-4e-fe
  9. mines has black interior so id look for a smashed one and take its interior.
  10. hold on a minute, my rolla is a 1999 1.3 16v Sportif with some minor modifications and can hold her own with d turbos etc and also a civic type s. think the GS model is similar so corsas and that kinda ***** aint gona be a problem hi! also burnouts no bother! :) Getting mine turboed! :D congrats on your first car. health to enjoy!
  11. i jus put an induction kit in mine. i just removed the top of the airbox and clamped the filter onto the induction pipe. easy! i just put a cheap one on i had for the stock car, but il prob change it in a wile when i get some over things sorted first. heres a foty of mine: http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...si&img=5524 hope this helps
  12. will any of these springs fit my 99 corolla e11? and if so will they lower her any?
  13. CavanG

    Wheels Time

    goin for black i see, very nice. altho there all a bit too complicated looking for my liking, i like the 3rd ones best tho, wot size r u goin for? id go for 19s on the t sport. inovit STVIs r nice too, i was gonna get a set of them meself for the e11, i got white 17in arcastings instead tho :) http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/upl..._795_295265.jpg
  14. Hi Ian, keeping an eye on this topic as i am also definetely gonna lower my corolla, it is a 1999 e11. i would go for 40mm myself, i would appreciate any helpful info.
  15. i am intending to change the bulbs behind the dials in my e11 corolla to blue LEDs. but when i tried to remove the dials they came about half way out and were held back by the wires or something, and i still couldnt get behind them to remove the bulbs. i didnt pull at them any harder in case i ripped them out wires an all! has anyone done this before? is there any handy way to change the bulbs? i might try to get at them by removing the head unit and trying to get them out from there, but do not think thhat there is enough room.
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