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  1. Great info thank you, now I need to decern what I need from each harness to make the ECU work... Cheers!
  2. Ok a big concern I have now about this project is the ECU. BYP wants to charge 450.00 to make a wiring harness, I feel that is a bit rediculous. Anyone have a diagram on what is required to make this fly? I really don't want to ***** the wife too much more with creeping expenses. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the heads up! I forgot to mention the Engine and ECU are coming together, hopefully it isn't going to be a headache.
  4. You can try the low end body kits as seen on the riceboys page. 4-5 cardboard boxes and you are set! j/k :) Why not try the cheapo coilovers and just slightly crank them down a few mm's As long as you don't slam it the car should not do the riceboy teeter totter as it bumps down the road. They are cheap too, 50.00 US, nothin to you guys over there.
  5. Robert Brockman 41 years, very old... I live in Gig Harbor Washington USA I am a support director for a video card company in Redmond Wa. Been in and around cars since before most of you were born :) I became an auto tech in the mid 80's and started out with a few clunker American cars. I then went into the military and my interest in muscle cars bloomed. I had a 1970 Cuda 440 6 pack car that I rebuilt from the ground up over 5 years. It dynoed at 627WHP and almost caused a divorce... I obtained a rare 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury that had the original 383 Ci motor and floor shifter (What a beauty of a car that was...) Then my taste's changed and for some reason I moved onto VW bugs, my pride and joy's being a 59' non-oval window car and then a 1971 show car with a jugged 1960cc 145HP motor. After having 20+ Beetles I moved to Scooby's and had them exclusively for many years. At last count I think I have owned 50+ cars in the 26+ years I have been driving not to mention the 10 or so bikes including a 1985 Yamaha VMAX My wife and I wanted to get 2 newer cars and after haggling for hours on my new 200sx for commuting, bought it and drove it home. On the way home I spotted a tidy little red sporty car for my very practical wife. We test drove the 92 Seo and with 2 other people in line waiting to drive it I didn't haggle and bought it on the spot for the Mrs. We got both new cars home at the same time and the first thing my wife does is put her portable physical therapy table in the trunk of each car. Guess which one the table DIDN'T fit in? :) Hence I defaulted to the Seo as my commuter and te rest is history. I can never leave anything alone so I started tuning the Seo. That was 9 months or so now...
  6. Hello all, I am about to make the call to order the 4E-FTE for my US model 92 Seo. A few questions come to mind before I start: What mods will I need to make for the conversion? Should I order a special clutch pack or get the stock 5EFE clutch? How do I go about getting the specs and needed parts list for this motor? This engine was never on a US model car... Any wagers on how fast a 41 year old !Removed! can solo change this motor from start to finish? (I was a japanese journeyman mechanic 9 years ago before a bad injury) Anyone have any comments about this swap before I make the call? Thanks all!
  7. Here in the good old US we have the Italian made FIAMM horns. The 2 together make unsuspecting people all but pee their pants and sound very much like a large Mercedes type horn. I had a pair on My Yamaha VMAX, no one missed the sound of the horns. Both of my early Subaru's and soon my Seo will have these. The only problem is wiring as they are set up to have their own ground as alot of German made cars have. Most other horns I have seen use a chassis ground through the actual mount. You need to isolate the mount on these to keep the horn chassis from grounding for proper functionality (a rubber or plastic strap will work nicely).
  8. Unfortunately the 1650.00 price was just the motor and harness. The clutch, trans etc was extra. I get the same kind of warranty from the other importer and they include the CPU for the 4E-FTE.
  9. I found an importer that will guarentee a 4E-4tE for 1200.00 US+ shipping 1st of all this does beat the BYP 1650.00 price but is this really a good deal? The stock motor locally here would cost me 400.00US with no shipping charges. My current Seo motor is consuming way more oil than I am comfortable with. If I do convince the wife to take a plunge into debt, what will it take to push the 1.3 turbo to near or above 200HP? I am an old school tuner so hacking the ECU is still new to me, I am very proficient with mechanical but a little apprehensive to start this project. Opinions?
  10. Hello All, Couple of things, I am from Seattle Washington, 41 so not a "kid" and got a quote finally on the 4E-FTE BYP was the only place to finally return my calls with any info and they want 1650.00 for the engine and 275.00 for the disc conversion... Since I paid 2000 for the car, the mods will happen when hell freezes over. Looks like there will be another Seo for sale soon... sigh
  11. Been trying for days to locate parts for the ol' Seo All of these sites on the internet saying they have and can get JDM motors and such, I ask for a 4E-FTE and all I hear is crickets chirping... The local boys here barely know which end of the phone to use so that is out. Consider yourself fortunate M8's, unless you own a Hon** sorry for the profanity you can't get performance parts it seems. Been searching for a rear disc conversion or rearend swap for a while too but no bones... Sorry for the rant, getting tired of people giggling when I use performance and Paseo in the same sentance. Yes I know it is a sporty econo-box but that can change...
  12. Here are pics of my 92 Seo, white gauges, wheels and intake. Cheers!
  13. Hey all, Anyone interested in trading the US "Paseo" badge for a Cynos badge? Or... anyone have the Cynos letters from the rear of the car they want to sell? Also anyone have the 1st gen Paseo headlight assemblies for sale? I want to change the look of my blah old Seo even if only slightly. I am aware of the headlight aiming issue and can compensate. Cheers!
  14. Fair enuogh, Let me know if you cannot get the gauges. I can buy them here and ship them to a M8 in London for you. I have an extra controller so all you would need is the gauges them selves.
  15. Here are the dials on my 92 Seo. Very inexpensive and easy to install.